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  1. There is no theory, but there is evidence. http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2012/08/neutrinos-and-solar-storms Also some normally unstable particles were stopped indefinitely from decaying when properly isolated in magnetic traps.
  2. We have it for $0.1493 per kg ($149.3 per tonne). (The first link from google) But in mountains there is CaCO3. You need to heat it (in furnace), spending money on coal/oil to heat it. Each "processed" 1 kg of CaCO3 will produce 439 grams of CO2 to environment.. After releasing energy by CaO + H2O you would need to convert that energy to electricity. Typical method is heating water to level it's changed to vapor, which is then used to move turbines. Try making such device, and you will have electricity for free. Vietnam has large amount of rainfall? I read on the net about between 50% to 400% higher rainfall in Vietnam than here in a year. If I were you, I would concentrate on this source of power.
  3. Do you know how CaO has been created? By heating Ca(OH)2 at >500 C, it breaks up to CaO + H2O. Or CaCO3 -> CaO + CO2 >900 C. You're just reversing this operation. If you're thinking about using it as replacement fuel for petroleum and natural gas, it's not gonna happen. You have to first spend energy to create CaO. Unlike petroleum, which was created millions years ago from vegetables and animals.
  4. One rotation around galaxy center takes Sun 225-250 million years. Sun has velocity ~220 km/s. Distance to galaxy is average ~2.7*10^17 km. Circle has length 2*PI*r = 2*3.14159265*2.7*10^17 = ~1.7*10^18 km 1.7*10^18 km / 220 km/s = 7.71*10^15 s / ( 60*60*24*365.25 ) = 244,352,611 = 244.4 mln years (within 225-250 mln years range). For elliptical orbit we would need to know min-max distance to galaxy center.
  5. Don't you think so that suggesting getting rid of particle accelerators and replacing them by "5 kg mass on rope" is kinda ridiculous.. ? It shows your misunderstanding what these devices are even doing.. What else these fast computers would be doing? Do you prefer to calculate nuclear explosions simulations on them, instead of doing something for science.. ?
  6. How about learning some real physics, for instance learning how to calculate decay energy, or energy produced by fusion.. ? http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/83451-radioactive-decay-and-information-split-from-what-is-real-in-physics/?p=808149 Electron doesn't change to positron, nor positron doesn't change to electron in time, like you showed on picture in post #22. If you want to see traces leaved by electrons or positrons, simply build cloud chamber for $20. Electric charge of particles is conserved quantity.
  7. Computers are not stupid. They just do what programmer told them to do. In this case programmer that made SFN forum script made predefined array of symbols that are automatically converted to html entities. I am able to enter (c) (select "c" then pick up font size 14). Procedure searching for shortcuts won't be able to find it and convert.
  8. See how easy is to introduce error. Check Zn-64 on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotopes_of_zinc They say it's "observatory stable" with possible double beta decay+ But calculate decay energy, and it'll be obvious it cannot happen. Simply sum of nucleus of Ni-64 + 2e+ have higher mass-energy than nucleus Zn-64. They had to use D.E.=(mparent-mchild)*931.494 MeV=73.6 keV This error is repeated over and over again in many elements. I have checked three elements, and all three wrong. Ni-58 another example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotopes_of_nickel
  9. If I am not mistaken you're calculating per hour output from single ozone generator to be just 0.3 grams. The first one generator (for $200 retail) that I found on net has output... 7 grams per hour (7000mg/hr). http://www.a2zozone.com/collections/featured-products/products/a7k-air-ozone-generator That's 23 times more than yours calculations. If I would be producing ozone at Earth's surface level, I would try to use electrolysis of water to have high concentration of oxygen 100%. Then make ozone from it. Instead of relying on air oxygen. Such production can be additional in normal commercial production of Hydrogen in factories.
  10. No. Everybody can vote yea/nay. That's against democracy. You want to create privileged group. Who is to decide who is expert and who is not? Resident experts were normal users couple years ago. ps. What disgust me is giving positive votes for banning somebody, suspending somebody, which is notorious in http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/29763-bannedsuspended-users/page-17#entry809457 Positive votes should be result of valuable knowledge..
  11. It's calling itself with post method... And changing behavior depending on HTTP request method - GET is showing website like normal, POST - doing search.. Do you know how to create post request? Check this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5647461/how-do-i-send-a-post-request-with-php You will need to analyze the all post variables it's sending (use some packet traffic viewer f.e. good firewall), and then prepare such request by yourself. Better make experiments with your own server, your own website that's using form post method, to see what you will need to do to mimics web browser sending such request. If you won't fool your own code, you won't do it with 3rd party website either. BTW, they are updating database often - if you will duplicate their db somehow on your own disk, you won't know about updates anymore.. You potentially risk loosing some valuable data.
  12. Whenever I am turning on my Cockcroft-Walton high voltage 40 kV generator I am producing ozone that's immediately detectable (by smelt). Especially when there is coronal discharge. The same happens during storm thunderbolt. So, we would need a lot of durable balloons filled by Hydrogen which have solar panels (might be whole surface of balloon?) and turning Sun photons energy to high voltage, and producing ozone for years. They would be already in atmosphere, and using natural source of energy, so problems of transportation and electricity costs wouldn't exist. Production section of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozone "Corona discharge method This is the most common type of ozone generator for most industrial and personal uses. While variations of the "hot spark" coronal discharge method of ozone production exist, including medical grade and industrial grade ozone generators, these units usually work by means of a corona discharge tube." That's whole problem - humans won't do anything if nobody will pay them to do it. That must be changed. People need to do what is good for all of them, not what is good only for their own wallets. This reminds me Marie Curie-Sklodowska, who gave procedure of production of Radium for free. And then couldn't afford to buy Uranium ores anymore, after everybody started using it, and price increased to ridiculous high levels.
  13. Show website url that you want to get data from. It might be hidden by using frames, iframes, ajax, or using $_POST[] instead of $_GET[]. Sending post args is harder but not impossible.
  14. He wants to automate this process.. How these websites are receiving data? If they're send in URL (like index.php?long=123&lat=45), it should be possible to write script and run it. Do you know how to write script or program C/C++? I have spend whole day writing such script that downloaded data for me for >3000 entries of data
  15. Nickel or Iron that are in Earth's Core are not available for us. In crust it's 24. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abundance_of_elements_in_Earth%27s_crust Production of Nickel is 2.1 mln tonnes per year. That's 2% of Iron production per year. That guy is talking about the same as I said in post #24. "The key is a way of production of neutrons". He needs neutrons to bombard Nickel to start reaction.. Bombarding some isotope by neutrons is normal mainstream physics. It works at room temperature. Decay of Ni-63 produces very little energy, just 67 kev. Ni-63 → Cu-63 + e- + Ve + 67 keV
  16. Photons are described by their properties: energy, momentum, frequency, wavelength. They are all depending on another. frequency = c/wavelength so wavelength = c/frequency (h- Planck constant) E=h*frequency E=h*c/wavelength p=E/c E=p*c Yet another is photon polarization. If we see light, photon has been absorbed by our eye receptors. It disappeared from environment. If photon is absorbed by some material it can't be absorbed by other. Material is heated, accelerated, or other way storing additional energy that photon gave it. Black color is lack of photons in visible spectrum (wavelengths between 380 nm to 700 nm). However they can be in other range. f.e. infra red. White color is photons with at least red, green and blue visible spectrum. Television, monitors use three diodes RGB. If they have equal power, our eye see mixture of them, white color. See Newton's Color Wheel http://www.scitechantiques.com/newtons-color-wheel/
  17. Show website url that you want to get data from. I have been scanning many websites for data. And the most appropriate solution always depends on website structure. The easiest are f.e. http://website/[article number].html just make for() loop. Many times there is no need to look for direct links to know where are data. Google crawlers can't be adjusted to every website on the world, simply too many websites. So search engine bots must rely on links. Proprietary tool not necessarily. Today I will be gathering data from wikipedia. I have database of names of elements. Script will be downloading pages http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotopes_of_[name of element from mine database] and then searching for data in them (isotopes data) such as protons, neutrons, mass etc. and writing this to CSV.
  18. rand() function will give you always the same results each time program is run, if you dont use srand(). You should use srand(time(NULL)); before the first execution. Two rand() in row print rand(); print rand(); will always give the same value of second rand(). Malus was living in XVIII-XIX century, when there was no QM yet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89tienne-Louis_Malus If you would have linear polarized photons, and correctly adjusted polarization filter, you would see 100% of photons passing through. And 0% passing through after rotating polarization filter by 90 degree. I have made photos and showed in this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/80366-particle-location/?p=783255
  19. How do you know that Nickel and Hydrogen are the most powerful? Searching for all possibilities by hand would take a lot of time. There is 118 elements to check. Some have dozen of isotopes. That's plenty of work. Have you done so? Anyway I have already did theoretical calculations with Nickel and Hydrogen and posted in #24 http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/83658-low-energy-nuclear-reactions-cold-fusion-thread-split/page-2#entry810423 Where I showed that reaction that Rossi is using, can have also more mainstream physics explanation. If Ni-62 is hit by neutron, it's changing to Ni-63 (and releasing energy). Ni-63 is unstable and is decaying to Cu-63 (and releasing energy). And we don't have Coulomb's Barrier in this reaction to worry about. And that's why perhaps Rossi device requires a lot of input energy. Output is higher because of decay energy is higher than energy needed to create neutron. Also what is important is that Ni-62 has just 3.63% abundance in nature! If you will buy 1 kg Nickel in the shop for $13, just 36.3 grams of it will be good for this reaction. Does Rossi clean up raw Nickel to clean isotope or not? That's important question that I asked already and was ignored by all of you.. Sockpuppets?
  20. From what Swansont said it was clear that he meant that no 100% gamma photons can be absorbed, and some will have to escape device, and being detected around it. No shield, no filter has perfect accuracy. Anyway, during performing official Rossi device tests, according to article on his website, there was no used device capable to detect any radiation.. They mention just IR camera, and power analyzer. Lack of neutrons and detected existence of tritium (that was not there in water before) are quite contradictions.. p+ + n0 -> D+ + 2.22 MeV D+ + n0 -> T+ + 6.26 MeV T+ -> He-3 + e- + Ve + 18.6 keV That sounds like normal pair production, that is known since early years of XX century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_production
  21. Cu-65 that absorbed neutron would decay through electron emission to Zn-66. Cu-63 + n0 -> Cu-64 + 7.916 MeV (quite plausible) Cu-64 -> Ni-64 + e+ + Ve (unstable isotope) 61% Cu-64 -> Zn-64 + e- + Ve (unstable isotope) 39% Cu-63 abundance is 69% Cu-65 abundance is 31% We don't need Rossi device to verify this. Just Nickel and Copper and beam of neutrons.
  22. Swansont, exactly reverse... According to Rossi: Ni-62 + p+ -> Cu-63 + 6.12 MeV I have checked it, from energy point of view, correct. So the only problem is repelling of proton with Nickel. Here are mine calculations: But Ni-62 has just 3.63% abundance. See last line: Ni-62 + n0 -> Ni-63 + 6.84 MeV (possible from energy point of view, and has no problem with repelling charges) But Ni-63 is unstable isotope. And will decay to.. Cu-63 Ni-63 -> Cu-63 + e- + Ve So basically what Rossi takes as fusion with proton, might be multiple stages reaction, and possible in mainstream physics.
  23. Can nuclear reaction occur at room temperature? Yes, it can. It's well known. And it's used all the time by neutron detectors and neutrino detectors. Deuterium bombarded by free neutrons (from neutron decaying radioactive isotope) is changing to Tritium, and Tritium is decaying after a while to Helium-3 emitting electron and anti neutrino. Chlorine-37 that absorbed neutrino with energy higher than 0.814 MeV is changing to Argon-37 and emitting electron. Argon-37 is unstable isotope, and will capture electron, and will be back Chlorine-37. Annihilation of electron and positron will be detected by device. You're keeping saying LENR this, LENR that. IMHO you should always specify which reaction you have in mind. But this would require to have some real knowledge..
  24. Metal piece can be heated from long distance many ways. I would not fully trust tests performed inside of company building. Especially if they would refuse moving it outside of building. In this test they're using two, just two, measuring devices, IR camera and Power analyzer.. http://ecat.com/news/ecat-ht-validated-by-top-physicists C'mon! Where is Geiger counter? Where are shields protecting measured item from all sides against external radiation..? etc. etc. What isotope is used in ecat? ps. How much does ecat company pays you.. ? ps2. Natural abundance of isotope used by ecat device is 3.63%. Does ecat company will take care of providing 100% clean isotope by them self.. ? Provide fuel to their device?
  25. Investigation would require free access to ecat or other such device.. Reading somebody articles about them, is not enough.
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