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  1. You are making me laugh now Excerpt from your link." A survey of all peer-reviewed abstracts on the subject 'global climate change' published between 1993 and 2003". Now here is a excerpt from the link im about to provide. “oth poles have expanding ice, with the Antarctic breaking all time records, global temperatures have failed to rise for 15 plus years, global cooling has occurred since 2002, polar bear numbers are increasing, wildfire’s are well below normal, sea level rise is failing to accelerate, tornadoes are at record lows, hurricanes are at record low activity. " Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/09/27/u-n-climate-report-glosses-over-15-years-without-global-warming/#ixzz2g9vztyCu Are these anomolies? I think not! Really we could use some global warming. Lots of growth, water, food, warm temperatures, can keep a tan. Sounds much better than the"reality" and emprical evidence showing otherwise to your consensus. I will stick to observable recorded evidence than Global Warming Theory. As actual is observable. While some scientists agreeing to a view based off of faulty computer models is definitely debatable! Good Luck trying to get some believers!
  2. Heh, talk about a twist of fate. You should find this interesting.http://www.thegwpf.org/ipcc-fails-clean-global-temperature-standstill/ Going to follow this subject! Seems like the issue is serously divided among the science community.
  3. I have been watching all the pros and cons of everything going on with the Affordable Health Care Act. Really, I see this as a design. We will have this mess for the next couple of years. Then we will be left with a government run single payer healthcare system. Which was what our president wanted in the first place. Interesting to watch it play out. My hope is it will be a decent system when it finally plays to end game.
  4. I know its possible that our universe can exert energy into what would be a alternate universe via a membrane. That has me thinking. What about this alternate universe having a membrane here in this universe. Could our universe been created by a alternate universe where the matter of the alt universe flows into ours? Could a Big Bang event be caused by such? If such is possible. How many universes could there be.
  5. Well you have two theories you are wanting to work together. While I wont give you the answer, what research is for. I will give you a hint. Super massive and Super small. Now how can you get both of those together? I would recommend reading up on String Theory. As well as the Theory of Everything. Should give you the bumps you need to overcome your opponent.
  6. Yes, my apologies. Unlike Switzerland , Sweden, Germany, Canada. The U.S has and will be the only system where privite insurance and government insurance are mixed together. In the U.S all insurance companies are required to adhere to the government health panels. While in the countries named above, it only applies to the government system. Private insurance is private.
  7. The U.S is the only country that has a govt run private industry healthcare. In other countries that have govt run insurance(Like Sweden,Canada ect) it is seperate. Private Insurance is its own entity and government insurance is its own entity. You get a choice there. I know those europeans are laughing or taking pity on us who have to have U.S medical coverage. Sad state for us in the U.S
  8. You success in life is soley dependent upon your own personal predjudice. That said, everything that happens as well as everything you do is determined. There is a build up to anything you say or do. That build up gives you a choice of outcomes. Depending on your mindset, it gives what it thinks is the best outcome. Variables, such as environ, time, location play a role. But even they are determinate. A example. You are walking home. On the way home you can go the long way or the short way. The long way is well lit road with traffic and people about. The short way is down a dark alley with shadowy figures in it. The short way would cut your time in half. Which decision would you choose? Notice the variables. In making your decision. Those variables help form your decision. They built up so you have a outcome. Even if the outcome may be wrong to others. The outcome is still there based upon your own personal predjudice. They also were determinate in the formation of your outcome. In the religious world I believe the word they use is discernment. (You know, they put god as part of the choice they make). The reality is your outcome is based upon variables that are completely predictable and when put together give you such outcome. In science, Scientific Method is a form of determinate outcome. Also consider, man has different levels of intelligence, logic, education. Those all play a role for determination. Would you consider a child rapist the same as lets say a neurosurgeon? No! As all the determinate variables are different for them. Even though I disagree with some areas of evolution. Darwin was correct when explaining Survival of the Fittest.There is a reason why one man catches a cold and another does not.
  9. I dont really believe in man made climate change other than erosion caused by populace and farming. Centers of high population will have a greater temperature than those areas which are less populated. Too much farmland is a major threat to ecology. Two big historical instances of manmade erosion is Egypt(Around the time of Cleopatra, 30 B.C) During earths natural warming cycle Egypt encountered heavy erosion due to farming and highly populated areas. The other instance is the Dustbowlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_Bowl . The dustbowl caused irreversable damage to the area effected. As well as caused what was once fertile farmland to become desert, Currently we have three major spots in the world which will dramatically change the enviroment. A link for desertificationhttp://factsanddetails.com/world.php?itemid=1179&subcatid=331 All of which is manmade. As our populace grows so will the amount of erosion and destruction of our enviroment. In return we get barren deserts that have pocketed increases in temperature. Anthropogenic global warming in my view is false. As well as agenda driven. Notice politicians and bought scientists do not talk about the real issue. Which is population density and farming. Decreasing CO2. passing carbon taxes, as well as restrictions will not have any significant impact on this planets trajectory. As well as ours. As the pocketed warming on this planet is due to population more than anything else. While I do believe in climatechange. It is a natural process globally. Every single climate model that has been given by a global climatologist that supports global warming has been wrong. In my view it is junk science. Minus of course erosion and population. There is a answer, it is not a good subject. But Eugenics could solve humanities dilemna. Something I personally dont want to really think about. As I tend to like every person I meet. And would not want someone to be a participant in such a device. Unless of course we can get the entire world to give up money and the scarcity theory. We will be forced into eugenics eventually. As far as the planet is concerned. Be ready for a big cooldown. Antarctic Ice last month hit its highest level of ice growth in recorded history. Winter in South America was really bad. We can expect a bad winter in many places of the Northern Hemisphere. But really our global temperature has more to do with our Sun than human influence. Also geomagnetic forces play a big role in what our planet will do. Now dont take this the wrong way. Our planet corrects itself as it has done throughout its lifetime. In fact about every 25 million years there are mass extinctions. As well as minor extinctions in-between. As far as humanity goes. We are just a grain of rice in a 50 pound bag filled. Thank you for reading my input. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Or ask here in this post. I will do my best to answer in a timely fashion(when im able).
  10. Ever wonder how a stealth aircraft is made? I am going to share some of the secrets with you. First my disclaimer. I do not work for any government agency, nor subcontractor to a govt agency. What is said in this post is based off of common knowledge. Any similarity to the true process of our govts stealth technology is by calculated origin. No secrets were taken or a crime commited in getting this knowledge. I am just a common man who works in a warehouse. Where to begin, well lets start with the physical structure of the aircraft itself. If you ever notice a stealth aircraft is oddly shaped compared to other aircraft. This is for a purpose. As the angles are designed to reflect or bounce radio, and or thermonic signatures away from the incoming source. This is common physics. While the physical structure helps in making the aircraft stealthy. The other applications truly make a stealth aircraft a marvel of genius. Besides the physical structure a stealth aircraft has two very special coatings. One of the coatings is made of silica. Silca has a natural reflective property as well as thermonic dispensation. It is only obvious that a stealth aircraft would incorporate such a coating. It only goes to reason that silica is used. As the source of silica is plankton. Because silica in its normal state has alot of fractalization. Modern Stealth aircraft use strands across the plane that give out a small electrical current. This is done so a small electrical charge is given. To let the silica coating have a more soluable makeup. Thus leaving very little if any pockets for the coating to not cover. As well as making sure the coating stays in place. The thermonic and radio reflective qualities of silica is incredible. But that is only the top coating. Underneath is a second coating which makes a stealth aircraft nearly invisible with the top coating over it. This undercoating is a carbon based coating that has been heated up. This coating is dark in nature. Looks like charcoal. This coating is designed to make even heat dispersion. The natural process for this carbon based coating is to keep heat to a minimal. In effect a heat shield. This coating when combined with the silica coating makes for a fantastic stealthy aircraft. But we are not done.The stealth aircraft has a engine, which puts out alot of heat. If you ever notice. A stealth aircraft has dampeners that are at a 90 degree angle towards the bottom of the craft. You will also notice the dampener itself has a honeycomb or a buckminsterfullerine shape. This is to make sure heat is dispersed evenly. As we all know, heat rises. The intent of the dampener is to cause this effect. So that heat does not escape away from the aircraft. After all these marvels of engineering are put together. You get one of the best weapons in the U.S arsenal. Hope everyone enjoyed the read.
  11. Phi, I no longer have a edit option for the OP. I would be happy to change it..
  12. Phi, I understand Atheism a bit more now. I see where a Atheist gets the view point. My view point differs, I still see consciousness after death. Thank you for the observations. Actually, heat is a byproduct of SOL particles that collide.If the particles did not collide heat would not exist(Sun for example). So my statement stands. While heat is a form of physical energy, it is still a byproduct of particles colliding. This is in every instance. And those particles that collide have no mass or very little. So the energy that is them is ever present. Even when you cannot physically see them. This is my last post for the evening. I will try, not saying im able, to continue this conversation during the week. Oh, very nice to meet everyone here who has responded. Maybe later in a different area we can discuss a theory I am working on called Determinate Individualism. Some of the other posts outside this area clue in on it. But, would like to see some feedback on it.
  13. Who is making up anything. The creation of heat comes in a variety of ways. The collision of particles is one form, friction another. But the energy was already there. The reality is you did not actually create any new energy. Just heat energy is the effect of energy that is already there!
  14. Sorry, my only day off and am quite tired. I will edit after each post.
  15. First, non scientific view of energy? What are you talking about. Using the Law of Energy in its fullest extent. And what do you meam special energy? All energy is the same. Regardless of the values you place upon it. Why do you think you are able to chat on the web. The energy that makes up this universe is the same constant. Please dont mix a effect as energy. As it is not. You are correct in the aspect of chemicals. But that is not just subjective to chemicals, age(time), space(actual location, always moving) is a variance as well. All those properties are effects of energy. As well as its own seperate data. While it is good to study the effect of energy. You still have not explained the causal or better yet the determinate factors in the formation of thought and or consciousness. The fact remains, that consciousness and thought will change through the addition or absence of data. But the one part you are leaving out is it still remains intact. Regardless of environ thought still remains active. Which is the principle point of which this debate is about. Sufficient I dont believe there is a resolution. As I still believe death is a phenomena. So will always have opposing views. Just perhaps, giving some argument to ponder on
  16. I see death as a phenomena. I think that is where me and a atheist differ. I dont see boundaries. But then again,you are reading from someone who doesnt believe in random nor everything is interconnected. Waste heat is a observable effect of energy. Not the energy itself. Just as your body is the effect of energy. That does not change the state of energy. Which brings the next question to this wonderful debate. Is our consciousness energy? If so, then do we really die at death? Then you have a even better question. If our consciousness is not energy. What is the driving force that guides energy to the formation of thought? Hmmm..
  17. Consider that everything that makes us up is the effect of energy. Which includes the formation of consciousness and thought. It can be logically applied that at death that same energy that makes us or for that matter everything that exists. Does not disappear, but rather as shown through the natural world changes state. This is using the evidence applied to the law of energy. The idea, that upon death the energy which forms us disappears is frivolous. Like I stated earlier. By stating even with observable evidence that when we die we just die is incorrect. Rather death by all accounts considering the law of energy would be phenomena.
  18. Well interesting responses to say the least. The fact remains that the Law of Energy is a law. It will always contradict the belief that death is just death. So a question, does a gluon exist? A neutrino? Through observable evidence without technological help. One would reason they dont. But they do? Another interesting point. Is observable evidence. Based on ???
  19. 1.So why cant you state its phenomena. Unanswerable?As you have no evidence showing otherwise. Instead you come off with dross nonsense based on your own observable data. The reality is death is still phenomena. 2. Talk about making assertions without any factual basis. You first think that my input is based off of"religious believers" with no evidence showing such. Other than your assertion. Then you state by your assertion that you are superior by stating the opponent to the argument is intellectually inferior. Talk about a tinfoil hat! Sorry fella, egotistical diatribe does not work. Your statements equal nothing but what it is. No debate, rather just opinion.
  20. Of the Atheists I know they all share a common trait. The belief that when you die you just die. No afterlife, no anything. You are just dead. Now the reason I bring this up is a Atheist is basing that belief off of faith. There is no proof that when you die, you just die. Rather death is still scientifically a phenomena. The idea that a atheist uses a faith based belief(Which that assertion is) astounds me. From a scientific view, that is exactly what it is. A belief that is based on a phenomena. Which for all practical purposes would be the same as a religion. Basing a set belief on a phenomena. With no proof. The other issue which contradicts that particular Atheistic belief. Is the Law of Energy. If applied to death. Death is not really death but rather a transfer of energy. Stating that our consciousness dies when the body dies is another faith based belief. As once again the atheist has no proof to back that statement up. No offense to any Atheist here.Just a couple perplexing argument's towards some of the Atheistic views.
  21. I think you are looking at it from a A-B perspective. Add X-Y to the equation and you will get your answer
  22. I do not believe you can escape your genetic code. Everything that exists is unique. As every single piece of data that is DNA/RNA is its own individual. Data can only be made once. Is not repeatable. Although you can get similar data to show expressions or effects that are the same. No single piece of data that exists is alike. So you are stuck with your coding. You can add more or delete. But still each will be individual regardless of the addition or deletion of it.
  23. Determinate Individualism: Each cell is its own individual. This also applies to particles. As well as DNA/RNA. Everything that exists! While a cell may look , act, seem alike, it is not. It is its own individual. Space, Time, Mass makes sure this is self evident. As no single cell is ever in the same place, or at the same time. To be able to stop a free radical you must prevent it from forming. Which can be done by breaking it down to its individual source. Which realistically is very difficult. Determinate Individualism is also the reason we cannot cure the common cold. As each of the many billions and trillions of cells in a organism is its own individual. It is equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack that is a mile high and a mile wide. Also consider. as each cell, particle is its own individual, it reacts( Causal/Effect) due to the other individual particles/cells in its environ. It is not random, rather the effect is based on the outcome of that interaction with other objects. As well as space,time. mass! One of the main factors is the state of each individual always in a form of movement. This applies to everything that exists. So, yes it is a very difficult endeavor for a scientist or researcher to find a cure.
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