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  1. Its still never in the same space, time, mass, nor does that particle retain its exact makeup as when the observation takes place. It may act alike, look alike, even have the same characteristics and traits. But it will still be different. In genetics a cell goes from normal to free radical how? In quantum no single particle that exists is ever in the same time or space. Even mass is shared among that particle with others. Please feel free to give a better example.
  2. ok, explain? I need a "proof". If you can show me a example?
  3. I have a question for everyone who visits this part of the forums. This question applies both with genetics and particle mechanics. I have a hypothesis. The Hypothesis states that no single particle that exists is the same. That a particle in its existence will never be in the same space, time or mass. This is regardless of how that particle acts, looks alike or has same traits of other particles. That each is it own individual. This Hypothesis applies to many studies of science including Biology, Genetics, Physics, and Quantum Physics. So the question, Can a particle be the same with space, time, mass more than once? I do not believe it can. But perhaps someone can give a counter to the hypothesis. Best of luck!
  4. I have noticed a direct correlation between Global Cooling and the amount of Republicans in D.C. The less Republicans in D.C the more Global Warming shows itself. The more Republicans in D.C the more Global Cooling shows itself. There are many Republicans in D.C currently. So its definitely getting cooler! Of course, this is only in the past 6 years. Probably will hit a FULL Ice Age this coming Nov!
  5. A few months back there was a topic called Objective Global Warming. While I do not support the Global Warming claims. I do support the scientists that do want to make the world better. As such this topic is not here to debate whether Global Cooling is happening or not. Rather it is to see what ideas anyone has to help curve the ramifications of Global Cooling. Like global warming, cooling has just as many nasty effects for the world. I will name a few off hand! 1.Crops no longer grow in areas that were once fertile. This is undoubtedly the most horrific of things that will occur with a global cooling. This also leads to another disaster. 2. Famine, if crops no longer grow in viable areas and a shortage happens. Many many people will or may die due to starvation. 3. Species extinction, as shown through history, cool downs often cause species to die off. 4. Transportation, with a global cooling certain forms of transport may be less viable than others. These are just a few. I am quite sure there are many more. If you know of more please feel free to post them. Also, I am writing this not to debate it rather to see what answers in this community can give to remedy some of the issues with global cooling. How do we save crops? How can we prevent loss of life? What can we set in place to preserve humanity? What would need to be changed to promote better logistics and transport? These are some of the questions. I am quite sure some of you have answers for such a terrible thing. Since many of you have answers for global warming. It would only make sense that the bright minds can also give ideas for the above! I also placed this topic in politics since both sides are agenda driven. Thanks for reading!! Lets read your ideas!
  6. To help you out. I recommend reading this PDF. http://iopscience.iop.org/1742-6596/189/1/012012/pdf/1742-6596_189_1_012012.pdf Will help with the question asked!
  7. Considering I.Q and E.Q are only relevant and dependent upon a societies culture. It comes to be that many could be low I.Q or E.Q. Einstein in his early childhood to mid-teens was considered a moron at the time. We see how that turned out! Many highly intelligent people often have a hard time fitting in to a base culture. I know from personal experience! Also consider academia is largely designed by the culture and societal norms that encompass it. So a highly intelligent person is often limited by the restraints of a culture or society. Not so much on his/her part. But on the society that is unable to comprehend in general. Using the derogatory term idiot benefits whom?
  8. Actually ajb, neutrinos have zero mass, they only retain mass after encountering it. There are a infinite amount of neutrinos in the universe that are SOL particles. The only reason those here and you apply neutrinos as having mass is due to this particular facet. Observable neutrinos have mass due to having encountered mass along its path. Which only is obvious. But everyone here fails to mention! As to Swansont's response, he is partially correct. Except, that was not what I am looking at. Relativity does play a role and here is how. Space, Time, Mass.. Light in-particular. According to special relativity and using gravity as a force. Gravity would be faster than light. Which directly contradicts certain laws. Why the general theory of relativity was made by Einstein. As it corrects special relativity. As well as shows gravity is not a force.
  9. You are perhaps right. Everyone that frequents this forum often knows Swansont is quite capable of answering most questions. The base of the argument was with ajb. So the question was directed on his statement. Which ajb still can answer! Also, I do not view a poster here as greater or lesser than another poster. Regardless of a community's stature.Keep that in mind! Chastising, now that is amusing! This may perhaps help! http://forum-services-review.toptenreviews.com/25-forum-posting-etiquette-tips.html Now if we can get back on topic!
  10. So would this acceleration apply to a SOL particle, like a neutrino ect? The question was directed to Ajb, not you Swanson. If the question or statement was to be directed at you, I would quote you! Also if it was a general question it would not have a quote!
  11. So, exactly what do you mean by accelerated? If, lets say our current sun were to explode. Would the earth lose its gravitational field before we on(the observer) earth realized the sun had exploded?
  12. Of the languages I see here, it comes down to what language is easiest and most accurate to use for your designed project. Really there is no one specific language to learn. Computer language for the most is designed for a specific set of applications. C++, is great for game design. VB great for networking, ect.. The easiest to learn with much more expansion possible is JAVA. That language is barely even broken into! SUN has been at it for over 25 years So a great starter language would be Java or VB. After you are proficient with either. Then think about taking on the more frustrating languages.. C++, META, Cl,SLIP.. Most of my friends who are programmers know 3-5 languages. I personally am a SQL junkie . I know a little VB, some Java, and a insane amount of scripting for Exceed and WMF software
  13. Just a observation. While I can see special relativity being known as a archaic incorrect form. Maybe historical reference? Something that might be useful to learn before general relativity? I do not see any benefit from it being taught in this day and age. Are there really scientists who still believe gravity is a force? ?!?
  14. What exactly do you mean by horizontal speed? Relative to what? Would it really be horizontal?? I agree with the poster above. The question does not make any sense! Makes me think of apples!
  15. I never thought I would agree with Swanson, on his observation I agree. That is of course if there is only one observer. Do not know why so many in science use observer as a single source. Things could be enhanced profoundly with a bit more broad correlation.
  16. Since this section of these forums seem to be a bit out of date. I figured it would be nice to bring some science up to date. Two of the biggest breakthroughs just in this past month. What a way to end 2013! The first breakthrough is for our tree hugging, peace-loving, save the planet, environment, types. You know, the ones who are in the 30ies! Who grew up watching Captain Planet and how to save the planet cartoons! While us old G.I JOE and Barbie people stand by and watch! But alas, something the greens can reap and be happy about. No more drilling, destroying the environment, no more fracking! Can actually save the forest! Ohh wait forgot about those lumberjacks! This latest development now allows oil to be made from grown algae. On a vast industrial scale, with reusable byproducts(Phosphorus and water)! While for years this technology has been done at a fractional rate with very low efficiency. This technology can now be used on a large scale! For me this is probably the biggest breakthrough of the year! You can read the story herehttp://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherhelman/2013/12/23/green-oil-scientists-turn-algae-into-petroleum-in-30-minutes/ . As well as the latest government news on this breakthrough! http://www.rtcc.org/2013/12/23/us-scientists-convert-algae-into-crude-oil-in-under-an-hour/ There is also a nice YouTube video somewhere showing the full experiment! KUDO's to our Green scientists for such a wonderful thing! Now to our next breakthrough! Yes, last year Japanese scientists were able to create soluble microchips. That is pretty good! But nothing compared to this years big achievement in computer science. Of course, this breakthrough comes from my childhood home"Silicon Valley"! You know, the bay area of California. Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, San Mateo.. The CRUX of every egghead across the cyber universe! The original heart and soul of everything computing! Now that we have the KUDO's to my home at heart, here is the breakthrough. Its in the field of biomorphic computing. Uhh ohh!!, a new term! YES IT IS! Means taking a chipset and morphing it into a biological like structure. In this case our brain. Taking A.I to a whole new level! The applications of this breakthrough are indeed astonishing! Here is the link to this story. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/29/science/brainlike-computers-learning-from-experience.html?_r=0 Since we all love science! These two breakthrough's make my picks of the year! Since the New Year is so close! Thought I would share! Hope you enjoy! And what are your thoughts on these breakthrough's?
  17. jduff

    Boris Johnny

    You would expect more? Coming up on 9 billion people by 2020. It is like some think it should not be! How we all live in our little bubbles with all the disingenuous commentary Well at least I know something is coming true. This pic expresses it best!
  18. It is all good! I am quite content with democats taking the ball(ACA) and rolling with it! Especially knowing lots of these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYyMMs-WO4U are coming out to spread the word!
  19. Hmmm,, you did not even look at the video I offered. It explains why people are having to have 2-3 jobs and are not getting anywhere. You should not try to offer someone advice with your lack of concerning this subject. All you are doing is offering irrelevant unuseful knowledge. At least if you are going to offer advice, you need to know what you are talking about first. As to the others reading these post's. Want to know why you are working 2-3 jobs and not going anywhere? Want to know why it seems you can never get ahead? I will relink this video just for you! Make sure to watch. As you will learn the reality we really are stuck with. And how many are succumbed into stupidity by the system that binds us. It also gives the answer of how to get out of it as well! Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EewGMBOB4Gg
  20. Inow, First, food is not scarce. But because of a money value placed on it. It becomes scarce, some can afford, some cannot. I see you never even looked at the video link I gave. It gives the full answer to the OP in the second half of it. That said, between the current technology and our ability to grow food. There should not be any shortages whatsoever. The value placed on food is artificial. As we have the ability to create a large abundance of food. A overage, with the ability for each and every human on this planet to eat and live comfortably. The value you profess is nothing more than something placed to control(The have and have not's) For us in this world to cure poverty and starvation we must remove the monetary system completely. Use a resource system instead.Where everyone shares! We have both the technology and the ability to make this possible. Like I said earlier. Almost everyone has been institutionalized into the scarcity system. Which even your commentary above is once again the support mechanisms to that current system. Every answer you give as to how to rid the world of poverty is limited. Thus really will never work. As the current system takes that into account. What you recommend as a answer is nothing more but a continuation of flow that is already inherent in the current system. Like I said, a bandage over a large wound. Not a fix, rather just a mechanism to a purposefully design that is meant to fail as well as enslave us!
  21. It is not a ideological view but rather a view that goes a bit past mechanisms that support the scarcity doctrine. Nothing anyone has said so far can stop poverty. As according to scarcity. The mechanism you have demonstrated are nothing more than forces to keep scarcity functioning. As long as food retains a monetary value. Poverty and starvation both will exist. This can be shown both empirically and actual in many locations across the world. It is not opinion, its is unaltered fact. You can also use historical fact to support my premise. As many of the civilizations of our past do not exist because of the same doctrine you are knowingly or unknowingly supporting. And YES, my bandage comment is a "opinion" based on reality. So I will stick to that opinion! Because you are indoctrinated into our current system. I will offer you the opportunity to learn. Something that everyone should do. As such feel free to watch and learn! Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EewGMBOB4Gg
  22. As this planets human population grows, poverty grows with it. Currently our food is controlled by money. Or the dictation of banks which control money. You take out the money factor and no longer use scarcity tactics. Which is how food is deployed currently. Then you have a good possibility to stop both starvation and poverty. Until that time, poverty and starvation will continue to grow. Also consider the population bomb. In the next 10 years that point will be reached. The only response will be mass starvation and poor. Loss of life is inevitable. So answers, you may like or you may not. But they are hard decisions! Remove currency from food. Let this resource be a shared resource among everyone in the world. Not just those in a particular country or area. Grow for abundance, not profit! This next answer does not set comfortably with many people. But as long as scarcity tactics are used by the world. We wont have a choice. Depopulation/Eugenics. Keep the population of the world to a manageable population while letting excess die off. Thus keeping population managed for set profitability through scarcity. There are two answers! Reality is you get two choices! Actually three, but then we are not talking how this planet reacts, rather what we can do. Inow, Putting a bandaid on a large gaping lesion is not going to work!
  23. It happens all the time. Once a conquering nation wins a war.The submitting country gets many of plows! Peace only happens in-between wars. Kinda like medicine with a side effect!
  24. I think there is a need to a more definitive answer of what a "sweatshop" is. Before we can conclude any benefits from such! I notice above preconceived notions that may be true or may be completely wrong. So what would be the best definition of sweatshop? According to this site http://www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-sweatshops a sweatshop is any business that violates two or more U.S labor laws. Many companies in the U.S skim right on the edge of being a sweatshop. Examples in the business I am in are Amazon(Warehouse/Logistics) GSI(Warehouse/Logistics). While on the surface they seem legitimate. The reality is 80% of the workforce for those places are through temporary services. The employees for those services are expected to work very long hours. They are expected to be paid in some cases under the poverty line. They have no insurance other than what they can now sign up for under the AHCA. When it is said and done those employees barely survive due to these circumstances. Also remember none of these employees have benefits. The reality is there are many sweatshops just in this country alone. Just those corporations have found ways to skirt around current U.S labor laws. We in essence do not even have to look outside our boundaries. While it is worse in many other countries. The U.S labor laws do not exist in most cases outside our border. In the cases above the benefits would be: 1. Cheap labor below the poverty line. 2.Fast, efficient service. 3.Because of no union, or benefits.Demand for employees can drop or raise dependent upon business needs(One day your working, next you have no job). 4. Brings down the overall base cost of operating a business. 5. The owners or investors make HUGE profits that are not shared among the lower caste workers. 6. Gives someone a job who would otherwise be unemployed with no income other than what he can deal without employment. These are just examples! While it is nice to see so many worried about another countries workforce. Really we should be looking at what we have here at home!
  25. I am neither rightwing nor leftwing. Here is something to think about. As a middle class citizen I have a choice. I will get ROMPED by a Elephant or a Donkey! But at least the DONKEY is courteous enough to smack my rump before it goes into action! In either case I would prefer to not be romped by either!
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