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  1. That still sounds like a plan to cross a bridge. I think it worked out okay for Bruce Willis, when he went to retrieve his fathers watch.
  2. "While you can" could be considered implicit in "to live". Life is a dangerous place. Speaking as someone who has failed once or twice at many things in life, yet still survives, i can say failure just means i need a better plan.
  3. The scene from trailer park boys reminded me of Douglas Hofstadter's strange loops. People we see and think about have a representation in our minds, and those representations can seem so real to us, that we imagine what they might say or do in a hypothetical situation. As if the representation lives a life of its own in our heads. I think communication may be a basic part of consciousness and humor is like a universal language. People may not agree a particular thing is funny, but almost everybody thinks something is funny.
  4. You probably don't have to have a sense of humor to be conscious, but it helps. In the tv series Trailer Park Boys Julian, the mastermind, is in jail and Ricky and Bubbles have the people in the park growing vegetables. Bubbles uses the veggies to make spaghetti sauce that he sells at the flea market. A guy who owns a chain of restaurants offers Bubbles a wad of cash for the recipe to his sauce. Ricky says SELL but Bubbles says no, what would Julian do? Ricky answers "probably something stupid like supply the restaurant chain with the sauce". Bubbles says awesome idea and makes the deal and even more cash. But Ricky is bummed. What's wrong, Bubbles asks? Ricky doesn't know if it was his great idea or Julians. Don't you see sez Bubbles "it was Julians idea, but you came up with it.
  5. Maybe you can create one. Words are bastards. Once they leave your mind they feel no obligation to represent your thoughts to others. The best language we know now when talking about the universe is math. If you want to share your ideas with more clarity use mathematics.
  6. But you seem to be unable to express it in a way that can be evaluated like the standard model. There is no way to compare the results of your ideas with observation.
  7. Sounds like you've come to a conclusion and are trying to find evidence to defend it while ignoring any data that contradicts it. That's not science. Maybe try painting.
  8. Don't shut down "your" computer. Windoz is corrupting your boot sector 90%

    1. moth


      Think it's ok now. Windows update really prefers windows boot loader to GRUB sometimes.

      I only have windows to play kerbal space but i use linux for everything else. Windows still manages to eat my time.

  9. The people here are trying to help you learn how to make a better argument that might help you persuade somebody who does have the equipment and skills to do this.
  10. @Phi for all - I started to post "consume transform excrete", which could include knowledge, but it seemed too generic.
  11. A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants. Like Groucho Marx
  12. Hey Science people. Caught myself lurking here more and more and I realized how much I enjoy rational people with critical thinking skills, so i decided to log in to say thanks. Shout-out to any of the old regular posters lurking out there.

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      You're welcome and thank YOU. I completely agree about reading reasoned thoughts on a social media platform. I can't stand the inanities that flow from people I know personally on places like FB and Twitter. I find critical thinking uplifting, whereas willful ignorance is just depressing. Glad you're here!

  13. It's been many years since i read Homer, but poseiden tried to kill Odysseus several times. As i said before it's irrelevant. the number of people who believe a statement is not evidence of the truth of that statement.
  14. The Odyssey of homer (if i remember correctly), is full of that stuff. It's pretty irrelevant anyway. the number of people who believe a statement is no evidence of the truth of that statement.
  15. The diagram might be interesting if you replaced the word god with a reasonable definition of god. Without an indication of which god, or more likely which version of the christian god are you talking about, it's pretty tired.
  16. Could you tell me some of the implications?
  17. If you want people to answer your questions it's only fair to answer questions asked of you too.
  18. Lucky you, no need for faith.Are you saying the universe is more complex than god ?
  19. I quoted the text where you said god was created. I'm not sure how to Ah there it is: the part where you said you were being hard on athiests
  20. I thought you were being hard on god. I don't think i've ever heard a religious person say god was created by man to explain the universe.
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