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  1. thanks for your reply N.T.W.K. in the Ehrenfest setup the people on the platform see the train cars as contracted, and the people on the train see the platform as being contracted. it just seems natural to think of this as an arc in the time direction with the endpoints of the arc getting closer as the radius of the arc decreases(velocity increases). So how slow can time go? the answer is here i think http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=37601 i'm still checking it out.
  2. may be nobody is interested in this but i am considered a pest by many. i found this while reading a relativity and g.p.s. link from another thread http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehrenfest_paradox this construction seems to leave time out of the picture while implying the distance does not change(or pi is only defined for non-rotating bodies) our rulers get shorter. a look at wikipedia topic lorentz contraction seems to also "cheat" a bit by saying you make 2 measurements (leading edge of high velocity object and trailing edge) implying two world events seperated by an unspecified amount of time. is it just unconventional to think of this length contraction as the train cars being bent in time or is there a contradiction somehow?
  3. i'm not an expert but check the documentation for "command line options" or "compiler flags" something like that. you usually have to tell the compiler you want an executable and not something to be linked into a program later or some other kind of file. the last line in the dos window looks like a prompt from the compiler for more info so you might try /? or /help or something at that point,the compiler may have some help built in. hope that helps. keep at it, it does get fun after a while.
  4. hello, i enjoy reading about physics, special and general relativity have always interested me but they also provide confusing questions. thank you for providing this generous resource, both of questions already asked and answered, and links to further reading on the web.
  5. my math skills are non-existent so i apologize if this is nonsense. by bent in time i mean the same thing that happens to space in a high gravity potential. if you set up a graph with x-axis as the long axis of the propeller with the origin at the hub and y-axis as past and future with now at the origin and then plotted several points along the propeller blade as it spins around would the points with the greatest velocity move off the x-axis forming a curve in the -y direction as time slows down for them? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedthanks N.T.W.K. the faster i'm wrong,the quicker i can move on.
  6. if you have a propeller spinning fast enough SR says time dilates with velocity so you get a gradient of time(s?) between the hub of the propeller and the tip. does this mean the propeller is bent in time? if it is bent, could it somehow be frozen in that bend so it remained curved after it stopped spinning? would such a thing bend space?
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