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    Movies, music (where shall I start ...), neuro-oncology (with special interests in gliomas), neurology and neurophysiology (with special interests in epilepsy and (problems of) consciousness), endocrinology (with special interests in fertility, andrology, and endocrinology of the adrenal cortex)
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    BSc in Medicine
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    Medicine: neurology, neurophysiology, endocrinology
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    2nd year graduate student - Master of Medicine

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  1. Supervisors were happy with my thesis, said it could easily be a PhD dissertation :lol: to be defended on 21 January ...

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    2. MigL


      Good job.
      Make us proud kid.

    3. Function


      Not at all, Eric. Exams coming up. Already got two, and still have to pass 7 in January. Fun.

    4. koti


      Think of all the beemers youre going to buy as an MD, should help with exam studying :D