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  1. Let's say there's this Java-driven program (ran via a batch file), which requires (1) a licence file, and (2) a protected USB key that goes along with the licence file.

    Let's now say that there are 3 types of licence files: (a) a normal licence file that gives full access to the program, if the USB key is inserted in the computer; (b) a trial licence file that does not require the USB key in order to run the program correctly, but only gives access for 600 days; and (c) a licence file that was distributed in private for a course of the program, making it available only on the day of the course, without the need for the USB key (so with this licence file, the program will always run correctly and with full functionalities, if the system date is set to 13 May 2013, course day).

    Is there a possibility to adjust/create a licence file to eventually have one licence file that allows the program to be run with full functionalities, without need for USB key and system date settings?

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    2. Function


      I've looked into runasdate, but it requires exe files, and doesn't work with batch files. (Found it impossible / too hard to convert the bat to exe, too).

    3. fiveworlds


      Okay then try this edit the .bat with notepad and add the following

      first line of bat or under @echo off

      date 13-05-2013

      last line of bat

      net stop W32Time

      net restart W32Time

      This will set the system time back to 13th May 2013 and run the program then reset your system time back to normal

    4. Function


      Ah yes, I've tried such deceptions, but there's one caveat: apparently the program rechecks everything every 5 minutes or so, so if the system date is reset while the program is already run, it will give a date error (licence outdated) and shut down.

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