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  1. We learned how to take an ECG today. In class, the cardiologist interpreted my ECG as coming from a young, healthy, skinny, sporting man. I found it funny too.

    1. imatfaal


      When I did that class the Cardiologist took a look at the first set of readings (the class didn't know whose) and immediately frowned, started studying the chart intently whilst tutting, and then calling a colleague over to look - also in consternation.

    2. imatfaal


      when a braver medical student stood up and in a bit of distress said "at least tell us which of us that reading is from" the Cardiologist smiled and laughed. It was his - very neat - little demonstration of the dangers of assuming readings were taken in perfect circumstances.

    3. imatfaal


      He then asked if any of us thought we would have had the same ecg/pulse/blood pressure etc whilst we were worried about his reaction to the ECG-Chart as we had taken whilst we were enjoying learning the new procedure.

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