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  1. For any psychologists, psychiatrists or anyone with interests in psychology, what about this statement? "Anyone who is convinced that he/she has a depression, does have a depression."

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    2. blue89


      what had you expected(??) , really I also think the reason based on your question. think/assume please what would you gain even if someone has been convinced that he/she had had a depression (?) what would we gain , what would be motre useful. also it is not good way , I also ask you the reason. I thought that it was illogical. but of course there may existence absence of information. I am not medical doctor.

    3. blue89


      I only ask the reason that caused you to think so.but probably this question would be highly important in psychology or philosophy( rather than psychiatry). if you meant whether it was harmful or good making her/him convinced he/she had a depression although he/she did not, then OK ,of course this is very bad,it is harmful. and realy good question. I also heard that this would/should be true as theoritical.(but not from academic literatures ,I herad it from professors whose expertise is psych...

    4. Function


      Well, this escalated quickly.

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