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  1. Sitting on your train at 6.50 a.m., revising your course of functional neuroanatomy of the basal ganglia, and while thinking about vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) in case of refractory epilepsy (it so happens I read an article on that), formulating a hypothesis on whether stimulation of certain nuclei of the thalamus would be a good treatment (integration of the class on basal ganglia), only to find out the very same day, during the first class of that day (a class on epilepsy), that this treat...

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    2. Function


      Here we go again... "re...-ach a level close to current research, making it more realistical for me to participate in ongoing research in my university and university hospital." :)

    3. physica


      Coming from someone who has worked at imperial college NHS trust for the last 5 years and now transitioning into physics and engineering in medicine from what I read from your posts you're wasted in medicine from an academic point of view. I hope you find the clinical work rewarding

    4. Function


      Beg your pardon? I'm only a second year undergraduate student, so don't expect me to know everything about all that's being/been published ... Also, I don't fear an academic career. I'm not sure I fully understand your message, but it sounded like I wouldn't ever get a chance to participate in research, let alone an academic medical career?

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