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  1. I think that you saw shadow of soliton Check that http://www22.pair.com/csdc/pdf/falaco97.pdf
  2. I know relativity tell us that no matter can be accelerated FTL, tachyon are hypotetical... that's why I posted in speculation.
  3. What would happen if in let say in a supernova explosion some of the matter somehow are pushed over the speed of light. My thinking is that to an outside observer that FTL matter will look like going back in time then instead of seeing that matter expanding we would see it contracting. Is it plausible that supernova remanant are such observationnal artifact ?
  4. Because of gravity. Yes Occam's razor. No need for a big bang Accelerated contaction because thing are getting closer. No need for dark energy to accelerate the expansion...
  5. I called neutronium the matter inside a neutron star. I was wondering if we could take a teaspon of neutronium, and bring it outside of the gravitationnal field of the star, what would happen ? I know that it would be almost impossible to do that, a teaspon would weight many tons here on earth and I have problem to imagine how it would weigth on the neutron star ! Will the neutronium turn into a neutron soup and neutron decay into a proton and an electron and form hydrogene H1-1 ? Will it create super heavy hydrogen isotope like for example H1-10 ? Just curious
  6. No comment... Let me rephrase it: From the point of view of a gravitationnaly bounded galaxy cluster the universe is expanding. From the point of view of the universe, gravitationnaly bounded system contract. Is it equivalent ?
  7. Here is a foolish idea: What if the redshift of distant galaxy is not caused by the expansion of space, but by the contraction of matter ? Wouldn't it be equivalent ? Let me explain a little how the contraction of matter can give the redshift. At the time a galaxy 1 billion light year away, atom where a lot bigger and where emiting light with a lot bigger wave length. While it was traveling toward us our local group was contracting and now the same kinds of atoms are emitting at a much shorter wave length. I think that you can get it. I know I have nothing to support that hypothesis, but I am interested to know if it can explain all observations we have on the distant universe
  8. I found that and tought that you might be interested Astronomers' Doubts About the Dark Side: No more dark energy ??? What do you think of that ?
  9. Yes [hide]567+281+134=982[/hide] 1 intense hour of reasonning with pencil and paper.
  10. Remind me of the tired light theory except that the energy of the photon are not scattered with other particle, but is transformed into space-time. Also your speculation imply that the proton will decay, and that"s not been observed. I should add that it is an interesting idea
  11. Thanks I didn't saw abj link I copied the equation: [math]f_o = \frac{1}{t_o} = \gamma (1-v/c) f_s = \sqrt{\frac{1-v/c}{1+v/c}}\,f_s[/math] The wiki tell If it is correct when v is .995c then [math]f_o=\sqrt{\frac{1+.995}{1-.995}}\,f_s=20f_s[/math] OK:doh: Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedSwansont I thinks there is an error: At .995 c I found gamma=10.
  12. mooeypoo: Radio waves have lower frequency than light Electromagnetic spectrum Also I want to add to Swanson reply that not only the Gamma100 passenger will need to tune is radio to 20 time the earth radio station frequency, but the information will comein 20 time faster. But he will experience Relatisvistic time dilatation that may cancel the Doppler blue shift (or add the Doppler blue shift I am not sure...)
  13. Take a look at Space Weather for impact info. Not much detail for now...
  14. In your solution 5 is represented by A or C or E But is there a solution where each number 1-9 is represented by only one letter ?
  15. Also you cannot hookup some batery to a transformer and expect to have something comming out, except for a brief moment when you hook the batteries. Transformers needs AC current to work, and batteries are DC.
  16. Jacques

    HeLp plz

    The energy of the rotating disk is the rotational energy like Kyrisch said, plus the translational energy.
  17. Hi thaught that it might interess somebody here. On today's (Feb 12th) spaceweather Experts are calling it an "unprecedented event." Two satellites have collided in Earth orbit. Iridium 33 crashed into Kosmos 2251 on Tuesday, Feb. 10th, approximately 800 km over northern Siberia.
  18. No more dimension is needed but we need one more point: the origin. Four point define the basis vectors for a 3D cartesian frame. (0,0,0)(1,0,0)(0,1,0)(0,0,1)
  19. For me time is an aspect of motion like space is an aspect of motion. For me all that exist is motion and motion is made of space and time
  20. 246000 mm / 7200 sec = 34.17 mm/sec That the linear speed of the tape. 34.17/45 = .76 rad/sec at the beginning when the reel is full the trick to find the radius when the angular speed is the same is to think in term of surface. The tape has a thickness and the area of the tape is constant. At half the tape the total area of the tape on the 2 reels is the same has the area of the tape on the big reel at the beginning. pi*R^2-pi*r^2=pi*(R^2-r^2)=pi*(45*45-12*12)=5909 mm^2 Half that is 2954.5 2954.5=pi*(x*x-12*12) where x is the radius of the reel half way
  21. First thing I would do to simplify the problem is to convert everything in the same units. For time you have hour and you have sec and minute. For the lenght you have meter and millimeter. I would suggest to convert every thing in millimeter and second. After I would do some exercise: What is the angular speed in rads/sec at the beginning of the tape ? at the end of the tape ? You will see that the angular speed depend on the radius of the reel. So the sub-question: What is the radius of the reels when they have the same angular speed ? Answer: When they have the same radius. What is that radius ? That were you need more thinking
  22. Not exactly true. Look at Galaxy rotation curve Further than a certain distance from the center the rotation curve is constant.
  23. I don't know much about Telsa coil but with the description you gave of an aircoil transformer you need AC. But not so sure because the spark gap switch may do the job of creating an AC current in the transformer
  24. That bring me to the question What is happening to a neutron star after a few billion years ? will it acreate more and more gas ? Will it turn into a blackhole ?
  25. We don't because the cloud condensed back into the sun. How are you so sure that a neutron star is not at the center of our sun ? Heliosysmographie doesn't have the resolution to detect a few kilometers sphere. I don't tell that it is it, but just speculating
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