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  1. Wondering why this was placed in ''politics?'' I had it initially in ''ethics.''
  2. http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/mothers-amazing-response-son-came-facebook-154700421.html What are your thoughts to this story? Should we be bowled over with cheer that this mother 'still' loves her son unconditionally? When will we get to a point in our society that being gay is acceptable, and kids/adults don't need to 'fear' coming out? If this is not the appropriate spot to post this, please relocate it.
  3. Hello, my name is Deidre. Main topics of interest to me are biology, astronomy and earth science. Nice to meet you all.
  4. Silly cat jokes http://www.jokes4us.com/animaljokes/catjokes.html
  5. To the OP: do you believe that time existed before the Big Bang? The common theories don't answer the question as we know, but I'm just wondering, since you have a seemingly open mind to the 'concept of time', what do you think?
  6. There is a buzzing theory out there, that life actually began on Mars and traveled to Earth, by way of a meteorite. It's not that far (distance wise) and if you read up on it, it's not that far fetched. ''Mounting evidence'' points to the oxidized mineral form of the element molybdenum, thought to be a catalyst that helped organic molecules develop into the first living structures. (on mars) So, when we talk about 'earth to mars'...maybe we should look at in the other way around.
  7. If gravity is infinite, why couldn't time be considered infinite? Since, the inception of time is attached to the occurence of the Big Bang, and thus...how could anything be infinite?
  8. Consider yourself lucky...great finds!
  9. Yup! We may joke about it, but it's kind of sad. To not have a natural sense of wonder, idk. It is okay to question, it's when you stop questioning, that one should worry.
  10. While it's good to be open minded to some alternative views, maybe it's just as simple as someone might not fully grasp the theory to begin with. How to ''accept'' something of which we have no understanding, or full understanding. I was talking with someone about a variety of theories the other day, and she didn't understand a one of them, which is fine, but she didn't WANT to understand them. lol So, she dismissed them as having no validity. So, it could be as simple as that--dismiss something of which you don't understand nor want to understand. haha
  11. ''We'' know a lot about the earth, in terms of how we arrived here, how the earth fits into the bigger picture. That said, the cool thing about science is that we are always discovering new things. Like the poster above me states, 'science is about the journey.' Maybe we never really ''arrive.''
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