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    I don't have Covid 19! test came back negative! Looks like just plain old viral pneumonia! That 104 fever was a bitch! Feeling better now! All I need now is a flight back to NC, CA is nice but home is nicer!
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    Did you notice that evryone is betting on Nevada right now? BETTING on NEVADA?!
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    "We have two lives, the second begins when we realize we only have one." - Confucius.
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    15 minutes into this I'd thought I'd share it here in with my friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s78hvV3QLUE
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    Lesson learned, for the umpteenth time: Buy cheap, pay twice.
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    Reflect on this and grant us the mercy of your own self-reflection. You may or may not have found god, but you have not found the way. Peace and blessings to you, Duolingo might help you explain yourself more clearly. Right now, I don't think you are saying what you want to mean.
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    I am building a large styrofoam background for my 75 gallon aquarium to allow me to use plants as filters. Can I post the picture on here and if so where?
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    My thought today: The point at which some people stop paying attention to what someone has said is sometimes more revealing than their answer. Thus, what they don't mention can be more relevant than what they do.
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    Hey mate, Have you tried using bone conducting headphones? When you are out on your bike, you can hear the music and listen out for traffic as well. I bought a set, but the volume is not great. However, they work.
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    Finally graduated magna cum laude as an MD. Although I have received the wonderful opportunity to specialise in neurosurgery, being a neurosurgery resident is just a dog's life I could not lead for the lengthy duration it has. Because of lots of reasons, I've decided to carry on as an aspiring future anaesthesiologist.
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    "The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom" Isaac Asimov
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    Hi Function, how goes it with you and Belgium?
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    Hi guys, I am in sunny California where oranges grow on trees in people's yards and evidently it never really rains! I flew out here to see my son and grandchild and help them get their house upacked and set up. My dad died days before I arrived andIfound out I had inherited al of his properties... Sort of... But he didn't leave a will so everything is in "probate" and all his properties will be sold to settle his debts and I have to make sure this gets done. I named my son executor of his estate, my son volunteered btw. I feel like I went on vacation only to find the sword of damacles floating over my head. Fun fun in sunny CA!
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    C'est la vie.
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    Certainly, each particle of the Universe contains all the laws governing it as the image of the alive cell containing in its core all genetic information to be it living respective. This is what I seek to discover during my different works.
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    Everyone should be God-Centered versus being self-centered. Anyone's god can be anything including themselves, scientists, politicians, spirituals, priests, satan, jinns, magicians, false prophets, folks of people, etc... The wise person seeks for the Greater Than the greater and greater and The Most Powerful God to make Him The Centerd! And afraid of Him! And be pleasured based on His Pleasures and be displeasure based on His Displeasure! Even if they are against his own positions[race/nation/country/parents/previous minds] Because knows that there won't be any way toabsconded from He!
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