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    Meanwhile, I find myself feeling comforted and assured by the selections Biden is making/announcing for his team. There’s no direct comparison, but is like bringing in some major league all-star players after years watching the peewee league swinging and missing.
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    Markus and Joigus have offered some mathematical insights to uncertainty but it is also useful to know that both the maths and the physics say the same thing. Just as both maths and physics says that distance = speed x time, Maths offers this as an algebraic fact, whilst Physics considers the (physical) meaning of the variables and equations concerned, including the dimensional analysis of those variables and mathematical statements. So in Spectroscopy we observe that the single frequency line spectra are not actually perfectly single frequency, they are slightly blurred. This can be interpreted as the time taken for a system to actually perform the transition that absorbs or emits radiation.
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    How many meals a day does a mathematician eat? 9 They eat 3 squared meals a day. Good thing portion sizes are relative..
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    I would say that, if your goal is domain specific as in the example of sales that we’re rolling with, you would need some hard coded primitives/nouns that you can push to a “topic stack,” by which I mean that chains are fine for just handling responses but you will have some logic that isn’t a machine learning. Mainly though my point is that moving from discussing the items to checkout doesn’t actually change the topic but it adds a new, derived, topic unto the “stack” which in reality would be a higher level chain than the markov chain. So perhaps you have a high level chain that learns the users hop from discussing the item to the checkout and as it sees you moving topics this high level models moves the “chatbot” to a chain trained on topics regarding checkout of items (which would still have to delegate to some logic that eg checks that weight and/or the freshness of the item and can then give proper answers to questions one would have at checkout.) As you say this stuff is ongoing research: but you’ll definitely need to stack machine learning techniques alongside old school search to both keep track of the “topic stack” and correctly answer it. That’s how I’d go about solving the OPs problem but from what I’m gathering from his post this is not a weekend project.
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    I haven’t used a markov chain in years so I don’t know a good tutorial but the first google result was a python library https://github.com/jsvine/markovify May I ask what did you try in regards to neural networks? There are lots of architectures of ANNs and things like a simple CNN will probably get you nowhere fast but RNNs will far exceed the capabilities of a markov chain.
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    all functions of physics on a graph extends in both directions however they cannot go in both directions at the same time. Usually the variables of the physics equation equate to the positive direction of the line or curve and terminate due to the finite value of the variables. upon termination, it will extend in the negative direction of the function from the point of origin. the key principle of classical mechanics is opposite direction equal magnitude for all equations. so a positive value plus the same value negative value equals zero. it is assymetric in the math and physics and you can clearly see it in the graph. case in point my reverse order math. E=MCsquared + zero, move the MC squared over the equal sign and you get E - MC squared = zero. the same function can also be expressed as Zero + E=MC squared. Move it across the equal sign and you get -E+MCsquared=zero. Notice the energy and mass variables transition from positive to negative referring to opposite direction equal magnitude. My simple manipulation of the same equation refers to equal to zero on both ends. This is clearly stated in the function when you graph any equation. It will reverse the effect in the opposite direction. Time as time frames like all equations must obey this math.
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    In engineering the only way to make an air conditioner produce cold air is to exhaust hot air outside the window. obviously, hot air is a positive temperature while cold air is a negative temperature. in that respect the temperature goes both directions.
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