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    Just did not want to let this pass without a party (Dutch treat...). You are all invited at the lakeside! (Just Click on the picture to see it full size.) Thank you to all from who I learned a lot, and also thank you all who understand less than I do about certain subjects, but force me me to rethink, or make my viewpoint clearer, or force me to read some book or article (again). I noticed that much of what I read is influenced by topics here in these fora. And thanks to those who make this forum possible, moderators, administrators, sponsors, etc. Up for the next 1000!
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    Oh yes, I get it now! Thank you! Al2O3+Na2CO3 -->2NaAlO2+CO2
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    Your right I spelt it wrong I had to look up an email from 2016. I should have copied and pasted. I'm glad to see that he is still on SFN he seemed worried then that he might not be. Now I'm worried about me. I tend to become aggressively competitive on occasion in discussion. I enjoy it. What bothers me is the effect it has on other people. I don't realize untill it is too late that that I have angered them. During a discussion of differences I do not exactly want them on their best game, but I don't want them angry either, so when I realize it has reached that point. I withdraw. I like point and counter point, and apparently I was too aggressive. When a person responds only with I am trying to pick a fight. Especially when all I did was respond to what I thought was an intentional insult with humor. So, into my shell I ran. I want to apologize to, and thank those who encouraged me. My head is clearing, I don't really want out. I may have mentioned before that SFN is is to me a weakness that I enjoy. Thank you ...
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    I must say I was disappointed with both the premature closure of this thread on power generation and the immediately adverse and even hostile reception a new member received. https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/118572-i-offer-the-innovation-green-technology-of-generation-of-the-electric-power-by-means-of-a-new-renewable-energy-resource/?tab=comments#comment-1099130 I say premature closure because I have just looked at the thread for the first time and it is already closed. So I have no opportunity to offer some encouragement and perhaps a way forward to the new member. Any schoolboy with would be able to build a conventional model generator, perhaps powered by a hamster on a treadmill, for just his pocket money. So should we not be asking; " Can you build a small scale demonstration?" Pretty well every project starts with such a pilot.
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    ... and then an ominous droning sound made the hair on everyone's neck stand up as the enormous flying power plant appeared against the backdrop of the dark and stormy night sky. Electricity arced down at the buildings and people below, its vivid lashes lighting up the sky like fireworks.
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    Of course no one is listening to you. You say you have something great but you give no explanation as to what this great thing is. Why should anyone believe you?
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    An international research team, including a member of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, investigated the role of "big gods" in the rise of complex large-scale societies. Big gods are defined as moralizing deities who punish ethical transgressions. Contrary to prevailing theories, the team found that beliefs in big gods are a consequence, not a cause, of the evolution of complex societies. The results are published in the current issue of the journal Nature. https://phys.org/news/2019-03-complex-societies-gave-birth-big.html
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    Intelligent Design is a brilliant marketing concept developed as a back door method of getting creationism into school science curricula in the USA. This was clearly and publicly demonstrated in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case over a decade ago. Michael Behe's book is part of that attempt to bamboozle the public. A far better read for "the scientist looking at science for answers" in this field would be something like Kenneth Brown's "Only a Theory" which systematically dismantles the nonsense of Intelligent Design. Darwin formulated his ideas over a century and a half ago - there are bound to be errors and ovesights in his work. Breaking news, in the century and a half since he published his works tens of thousands of scientists have conducted research that has developed his remarkable insight into arguably the most solidly established theory in science. That said, I would be interested to know which particular ideas of his you consider to be "bad science". Perhaps I could then either agree with you that those ideas are outmoded, or show how you have misinterpreted their intent from the few excerpts you have read. (Warning: creationists routinely quote Darwin out of context in order to suggest he claimed something that supports their argument. When such excerpts are read in context their assertions are contradicted.) Note to moderators - I'm not sure if we are even meant to give breathing space to pseudoscientific nonsense by taking the time to denounce it. Please remove this post if it is counter to forum policies.
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    We see a fair bit of this in Alberta, the Texas of the North. I have clients on permanent disability who vote conservative because they think conservative policies are aimed at cutting funding for deadbeats, not themselves. It’s a great con. Down east, this is less prevalent. I’m progressive because I’m economically conservative. It’s cheaper to provide free addictions services than pay for multiple emergency room visits and incarcerations. Welfare is cheaper than the cost of crime and incarcerations. Spending on infrastructure maintenance is cheaper than rebuilding neglected infrastructure. I could go on, but you get the point. Being conservative is the opposite of what conservatives sell us as a message.
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    If the Chicxulub crater is the smoking gun for the impact theory on the KPg extinction event, then these findings from North Dakota by DePalma and his colleagues are one of the ricochets. Here is the abstract - " The most immediate effects of the terminal-Cretaceous Chicxulub impact, essential to understanding the global-scale environmental and biotic collapses that mark the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction, are poorly resolved despite extensive previous work. Here, we help to resolve this by describing a rapidly emplaced, high-energy onshore surge deposit from the terrestrial Hell Creek Formation in Montana. Associated ejecta and a cap of iridium-rich impactite reveal that its emplacement coincided with the Chicxulub event. Acipenseriform fish, densely packed in the deposit, contain ejecta spherules in their gills and were buried by an inland-directed surge that inundated a deeply incised river channel before accretion of the fine-grained impactite. Although this deposit displays all of the physical characteristics of a tsunami runup, the timing (<1 hour postimpact) is instead consistent with the arrival of strong seismic waves from the magnitude Mw ∼10 to 11 earthquake generated by the Chicxulub impact, identifying a seismically coupled seiche inundation as the likely cause. Our findings present high-resolution chronology of the immediate aftereffects of the Chicxulub impact event in the Western Interior, and report an impact-triggered onshore mix of marine and terrestrial sedimentation—potentially a significant advancement for eventually resolving both the complex dynamics of debris ejection and the full nature and extent of biotic disruptions that took place in the first moments postimpact." The full article is available here on PNAS.
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    You need to balance the equation. I assume the equation you presented is correct except that there are coefficients missing in the equation \[Al_2O_3 + Na_2CO_3 -->NaAlO_2+CO_2\] there are 2 Na atoms on the left but only one on the right. There are 2 Al atoms on the left but only 1 on the right. Finally there are 6 oxygen atoms on the left and only 4 on the right. Can you see a way to change coefficients on the right to make the number and type of atoms on the left and right equal each other? So for a hydrogen oxygen reaction you would have: \[H_2 + O_2 -->H_2O \] which is not balanced. To balance the reaction put in coefficients: \[2H_2 + O_2 --> 2H_2O\]
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    The rainfall would be about 384,000 inches of rain in 40 days. That is simply the height of mt Everest above sea level. That would be a per day average of about 8,700 inches of rain. This would probably require that you empty your rain gauge every day! If you want to make 1/2 of the water come from the fountains of the deep you of course would only need 4,350 inches of rain a day. If you want to know the volume of that water just calculate the volume of the earth (r=3958.5) - the volume of the sphere equal to the height of mt Everest (r=3964.0) Edit: I do not know why religious people try to use science to 'prove' religious stories. It does not work - period. This is religion we are talking about (ferchrisake!) use God to make it work, like this. God made the excess water appear in the form of rain and stuff and then he made all the excess water disappear after the flood. Problem solved....
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    The simplest way would be in my opinion asking this guy to tell you what he's talking about.
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    OK, so we ran into a convergence of red flags on this thread. Ilige used the last of their 5 first-day posts to state that they couldn't tell us about their idea because of laws in their country. It seemed like there would be nothing to discuss, so the thread was closed. Language was another difficulty, so after the thread was closed we asked Ilige if we understood the situation correctly. Apparently the idea isn't something they can share, but they were hoping they could get an idea of how to approach the energy industry properly to ensure the best deal selling the concept. Ilige will think about it some more, and if they feel they can share anything for discussion, they'll open another thread on it. I was convinced Ilige was being coy about their overunity device, and wanted us to persuade them to tell us all about it. I was wrong, and helping someone sell an idea they won't tell us about is not a good use of our time for conversations, and swansont was right to shut it down.
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    Just bought a new router, and learned how to boost the WiFi signal. Thought I'd share it. Indoor WiFi uses a weak radio signal (I knew that), so to get the best usage, you need to know where to put the router, and how to adjust your antenna(s). The antenna(s) broadcast in the opposite angle of themselves. If they point upwards (vertical), they transmit horizontal. Like this: So to cover the most of your house, you'll need two antennas forming an "L" shape, like this: The best place to put the router is in the middle of the house, elevated with air around it - never hidden away, and preferably not close to any electric devises, like a monitor/screen. Your security settings can also influence the WiFi performance. The most optimal setting to use is: WPA2 - AES If you choose other settings, it will slow down your speed significantly. Hope this was useful to some of you. PS. Remember that all new routers have the same default login and password, so remember to change it, or anyone can hack your network and abuse it!
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    Lightning rod. When they tried removing it, all the horseshit landed in biology and physics (evolution and Big Bang arguers caught in a god fog)
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    It’s interesting how there are over a billion Christians on the planet, with hundreds of individual denominations, yet you come here claiming to speak for all with one lone voice. Also, ever heard of a straw man?
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    Time always passes at one second per second, period, in your own frame of reference. It is only when observing the passage of time in another frame that dilation and length contraction occurs. And in that other frame, according to whoever resides there, he or she will like you see time also passing at one second per second in that frame. Like you though, if he observes your passage of time, he will see it dilated and length contracted. Each frame of reference is as valid as the other.
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    FFS not you again with your twisted pseudo science fueled by deeply routed religious homophobia. @nevim, please google the original poster.
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    It's never sensible to try to prove that a theory is true; but it's often reasonable to try to prove that it is false. If all the attempts to prove it false are unsuccessful, then it's (conditionally) presumed to be true. People have been busting a gut trying to show that SR and GR are false. (Not least because you would get rich + famous if you did it) Nobody has managed yet.
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    I really like reading your posts/threads/questions and contributions. You come across as a nice, deep guy. Personally, I think maybe your humour was mistook for an attack earlier. Don’t leave. Please.
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    If by any chance, this change of heart is due to the ongoing discussion in the Political forum, I hope you reconsider. People tend to get very passionate about their opinions, and refuse to even acknowledge that other points of view may exist. I have done it myself, but I make the attempt to consider other, even unsavory, viewpoints. And sometimes it can be a minefield to navigate. I find your questions, and your desire to learn, in the Physics forums refreshing. A lot of them have helped me learn new things also. Looking forward to many more of them.
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    If any reparations are to be made to 'correct' past inequalities/injustices, they would have to be sizeable. 20 dollars apiece and an apology isn't going to do squat to correct the inequalities inherent in the system. That being said, the government does NOT have any of its own money that it can dish out. It is all taxpayer money that the government re-distributes, and any that goes towards reparations either comes at the expense of other programs, or has to be re-payed by our children. So although Dimreepr is being his usual terse self, he makes a valid point and sizeable reparations could hurt others. Why not simply have equal standards going forward, that people are people, not black or white. Only those qualities which directly affect a person's performance/actions is to be considered, not their skin color, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc. Even what Ten oz did in a previous post, breaking down voting and sports affiliation, while seemingly done to show the inherent inequalities, would be considered racist if done in other areas, such as crime statistics. So you can see the dilemma in trying to have a 'conversation' about reparations; you don't come off as being genuine if you make some areas of discussion off-limits. Some people ( not me, I'll be keeping my distance ) will no doubt want to discuss the role/influence black-on-black violence, and absent fathers, have on the current inequalities. It may start out as a conversation/discussion, but in the current political climate, it would likely degenerate into race wars. Does the US really need that problem also ?
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    Consider a hamster wheel. The hamster is running along the wheel, so there is an excess of mass where the hamster is. But that mass isn't going anywhere. Therefore, it has no momentum, relative to the axis of motion, even though the wheel is turning. Your excess mass (owing to relativity) is not moving with respect to the axis. It has no momentum. It is like the hamster.