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    Hey Science people. Caught myself lurking here more and more and I realized how much I enjoy rational people with critical thinking skills, so i decided to log in to say thanks. Shout-out to any of the old regular posters lurking out there.
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    Lesson learned, for the umpteenth time: Buy cheap, pay twice.
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    Good Brexit trade centric AMA, well worth a read. AMA Dmitry Grozoubinski
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    I am a grandpa! Eleanor Louise 8lbs 8oz! Mother and child are doing well!
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    The Notre-Dame cathedral is burning down right this minute. It is sad to watch an 850 year old monument go up in smoke. Apparently the big wooden steeple which was 70 meters high was constructed with lots of lead elements so as soon as the structure caught minor heat it all went like domino. I’ve been to Paris twice and never had a chance to see the cathedral, stupid me.
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    And the admins wonder why this site is dead, while Quora & Researchgate are exploding in growth. Maybe they'll figure it out one day. SMH
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