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    One thing that has become apparent after watching the Capital be over run by insurgents seeking to tear down our government is that across this great land a great many towns and villages are missing their Idiots...
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    Cora Louise! Granddaughter #3 born today. My siblings and I now have 10 grandchildren between us. All 10 are girls. 😍
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    I don't have Covid 19! test came back negative! Looks like just plain old viral pneumonia! That 104 fever was a bitch! Feeling better now! All I need now is a flight back to NC, CA is nice but home is nicer!
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    Hey Science people. Caught myself lurking here more and more and I realized how much I enjoy rational people with critical thinking skills, so i decided to log in to say thanks. Shout-out to any of the old regular posters lurking out there.
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    I realize everyone is probably isolating due to the virus, but I do hope everyone and their families have a very merry Christmas. Give thanks for what you have, be happy, and stay safe.
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    Did you notice that evryone is betting on Nevada right now? BETTING on NEVADA?!
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    "We have two lives, the second begins when we realize we only have one." - Confucius.
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    15 minutes into this I'd thought I'd share it here in with my friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s78hvV3QLUE
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    Lesson learned, for the umpteenth time: Buy cheap, pay twice.
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    Defended my thesis in front of the examination board. They were very pleased, found both the thesis and the presentation excellent, appreciated my direct and to-the-point answers to their questions ... Couldn't ask for more! 8 February is verdict day ...
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    Our 18 month old became recently as distructive as a black hole. He grabs things, imediately runs away at light speed laughing like an evil space lord and boom - the object is gone into oblivion. He fell asleep, we wanted to watch a movie but I can’t get the amp to work... aparently the evil space lord took care of that too.
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    Reflect on this and grant us the mercy of your own self-reflection. You may or may not have found god, but you have not found the way. Peace and blessings to you, Duolingo might help you explain yourself more clearly. Right now, I don't think you are saying what you want to mean.
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    I am building a large styrofoam background for my 75 gallon aquarium to allow me to use plants as filters. Can I post the picture on here and if so where?
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    My thought today: The point at which some people stop paying attention to what someone has said is sometimes more revealing than their answer. Thus, what they don't mention can be more relevant than what they do.
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    Hey mate, Have you tried using bone conducting headphones? When you are out on your bike, you can hear the music and listen out for traffic as well. I bought a set, but the volume is not great. However, they work.
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    Finally graduated magna cum laude as an MD. Although I have received the wonderful opportunity to specialise in neurosurgery, being a neurosurgery resident is just a dog's life I could not lead for the lengthy duration it has. Because of lots of reasons, I've decided to carry on as an aspiring future anaesthesiologist.
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    "The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom" Isaac Asimov
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    Hi Function, how goes it with you and Belgium?
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    Hi guys, I am in sunny California where oranges grow on trees in people's yards and evidently it never really rains! I flew out here to see my son and grandchild and help them get their house upacked and set up. My dad died days before I arrived andIfound out I had inherited al of his properties... Sort of... But he didn't leave a will so everything is in "probate" and all his properties will be sold to settle his debts and I have to make sure this gets done. I named my son executor of his estate, my son volunteered btw. I feel like I went on vacation only to find the sword of damacles floating over my head. Fun fun in sunny CA!
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    Good Brexit trade centric AMA, well worth a read. AMA Dmitry Grozoubinski
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    I am a grandpa! Eleanor Louise 8lbs 8oz! Mother and child are doing well!
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    The Notre-Dame cathedral is burning down right this minute. It is sad to watch an 850 year old monument go up in smoke. Apparently the big wooden steeple which was 70 meters high was constructed with lots of lead elements so as soon as the structure caught minor heat it all went like domino. I’ve been to Paris twice and never had a chance to see the cathedral, stupid me.
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    For once, I passed all my exams with great distinction, and my thesis specifically with greatest distinction Let's hope my internships (starting March until July 2020) can help me finish my Master with great distinction ...
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    Well I'm back, almost three weeks of Hurricane and after math. My blog post about it here http://blogs.scienceforums.net/moontanman/2018/10/02/hurricane-florence/ It has been 19 days of destruction fear, terror and boredom.
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    Thanks for the rather large bunch of PMs. I had some hope that my posts in the thread would show you some ways of analysing the problem, without math, so that you would see for yourself how and why your attempts at generating gravity will fail. I have exactly zero interest in your builds and your theories at this time. After your persistent PMs I took the time to check some of your last videos. It looks like I would expect when there’s air in the vacuum chamber, the paper moves around but I fail to see them move towards the wheel. Zero evidence of gravitational attraction. Joke: It looks like the paper is frantically trying to leave the container, does it mean you now have generated anti gravity? In my 2nd last post in the now closed thread I tried to give you the opportunity to analyse the situation for yourself. Considering the short amount of time you to to answer my guess is that you didn’t look for the “flaw” in my reasoning that i deliberately put there. I was hoping that maybe you would connect the dots but obviously you did not, so I’ll try: In my post I only described scenarios with ideal conditions. I excluded an obvious case where the device somehow seems to attract confetti but only due to an error in the setup. Every movement of confetti is always due to errors in the setup and never ever due to gravity generation. Anyone with at least some basic knowledge about how gravity really works will spot some flaw in your rig. Never will you convince anyone that your results has anything to do with generating gravity. The laws of physics does not work the way you say. Other tests, with many orders of magnitude better precision than yours, have already proved that your thinking is incorrect. The short version: Your ideas are wrong. Guys with better equipment have shown how and why you are wrong already. I think beecee also elegantly pointed you in the right direction in his followup, referencing cases from the mainstream. Those guys at CERN had tried really hard to eliminate errors and probably had, at that time, good reasons to believe they had made groundbreaking discoveries. But sceptics found flaws, no faster than light neutrinos. In your case you will be stuck in an endless loop of modifications and discovered flaws, since we know the outcome of the ideal case you never will reach. This is as far as I am prepared to go and I hope we are done. If you are still genuinely convinced that the effect is a a new type of gravity then you need some other kind of help than I’m able to offer. (I’m familiar with Newton and some basics of relativity but physics beyond that I have to study.) One possibility is that you start over, dropping all claims regarding gravity related theories and post a fresh question focusing on mainstream physics. How about something like; “I’ve been building a device to test an idea that I had. The idea didn’t work at all but I came across a spurious air flow effect that I need some help to understand. With the basic equipment I have at hand i’ve run some comparing tests using a vacuum cleaner and I fail to replicate the effect to a degree where I am able to make a statement about what’s going on. (here you could insert some description of the surprising movement of air etc...) Anyone on this forum care to make a guess?” Maybe you can learn a few things and get some more positive feedback than in your first thread? I have no wish to continue discussing this topic.
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    I just read your post on Mordreds feed about the dielectric field in star trek. You sir made my day, LoL !
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    So we went to the "Equality Parade" here today downtown Warsaw with our 2 year old. 30C mid day, a very nice combination of various political/LGBT movements forming a great party like function with trucks playing music, body painted attractive people dancing, etc. Our 2 year old decided that he's going to take charge of the whole thing. He especially wanted to go up dancing with all the girls in bikinis and boys with six packs in one of the trucks...his hysteria stopped one of the trucks and one of the dancer girls had to come down to calm him down which ofcourse didn't work out. So we had a fight me and and my girl and we left pissed all three of us walking with the stroller to the car. Family life is such a blessing.
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    Anti-vax march in Warsaw here today, looks like 30 thousand or more are there. Curious that the scum of the earth is associated with them and seem to live a symbiotic life - nazi preachers, agressive conspiracy theorists, extreme right preachers, etc. If I Firefighters should fill their trucks with hydrogen peroxide and use it on the protesters, scary to walk into town today.
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    Penultimate examination period is upon us. I'm going to be so relieved once our internships begin in January. Welp, there we go!
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    I am thrilled to report that I found a source of all entropy in the universe - it’s my 2 year old.
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    - What is matter? - Never mind. - What is mind? - No matter.
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    Wowzers I got accepted into a CSU. What a surprise!
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    Promotor (specialist in nuclear medicine) called my thesis literature review chapter on positron emission tomography "very sound and accurate" and was very satisfied with it. Made my day!
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    Just worked out "your mum" in the closed Ligo thread
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    Does anyone know if imatfaal is ok?
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    This is so very cool! https://futurism.com/videos/see-a-real-quantum-levitator-in-action/?
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    I love to dive on this jetty, I've done it so many times I recognise some of the larger rocks!
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    DrP, May I remind you that who I wish to please, and who I wish to help is my decision, not yours. If there are people less fortunate than you, that you wish to help, please do so. I pay my taxes and give to charity and volunteer in the local community. I care about the place. I do not have unlimited funds and have to watch out for my retirement and the security of my wife. Liberals are very liberal with other people's money. Don't try and shame me into giving my money to other people's children. Those lives are the responsibility of their parents. They are just as fortunate to be in this country as I am. Regards, TAR
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    One of the rockets I created had a failure and failed to deploy the parachute when it started it's decent(large model rockets). It proceeded to crash land, destroying the nose cone. However most of it was salvageable. I'm going to try to find a way to make the parachute deployment more reliable.
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    I am sure you will make many friends here if you are sincere.
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    HOORAY - I AM A GRANDAD! Three years of gloom are pierced by a light in the form of my granddaughter. I am over the moon with joy!
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    Drowned glasses in Ocean. Attempted to use crab. Crab objected.
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    Do you routinely stop participating in threads when you've been handed your ass? When may I expect a proper response to my repeated queries in the thread on planetary energy? Too frightened to continue discussion?
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    Certainly, each particle of the Universe contains all the laws governing it as the image of the alive cell containing in its core all genetic information to be it living respective. This is what I seek to discover during my different works.
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