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  1. There isn't anything in that paper that presents any challenge to main stream understanding of DM or DE which are quite different from another. Gravity waves do not work the way you describe for starters. They do not not cause any attraction toward the galactic centers where the SMBH's you mention are located. Gravity waves are not continous attractor once they pass the original spacetime geometry is restored. I would strongly suggest you study the NFW profile, it will show that the galaxy rotation curves we see require a uniform mass distribution surrounding the galaxy. Any central mass being greater than the spiral arm mass distribution simply leads to Kepler rotation curves. Doesn't matter if it's the galactic bulge itself or due to SMBH's. Secondly we measure indirectly the presence of dark matter via gravitational lenses occurring in regions where no baryonic matter exists. By the way welcome to the forum just a forewarning the first day your limited to 5 posts after that you can post as often as you want. (Anti-spam measure). I have no idea why your confusing flat spacetime with the plane orientation of spiral arms. Flat spacetime doesn't mean flat like a sheet of paper. It means Euclidean 3 dimensional geometry that preserves pythagorus theorem. So I fail to see how using Boyer Linquist coordinates helps your case. Spiral arms are best described using the density wave theorem as the rings of Saturn albeit there are a few differences such as how it leads to different mass distributions with regards to metalicity distribution in regards to star formation. As that formula is the basis of your paper and you don't even show mathematically how it can get a non Kepler curve. Let alone dark energy which is a scalar field I would say you on the wrong track.
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  2. Media coverage of Monday’s total solar eclipse took an unexpected and distinctly X-rated turn when a Spanish language Mexican TV station RCG incautiously began broadcasting video clips of the event that had been sent in by their viewers during the live coverage of the totality. https://metro.co.uk/2024/04/10/news-channel-accidentally-airs-testicles-instead-eclipse-live-tv-20619945/ The RCG production team apparently didn’t examine the videos too closely, and succeeded in broadcasting one clip sent in by a prankster which shows the sun being eclipsed by a descending pair of testicles.
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  3. Also, that was not a broad consensus. Most researchers had hopes that more disease markers could be identified (and to be fair, some have been), but especially folks working more closely in the areas of physiology were highly skeptical about the benefit of such an approach. In these communities the complexity of biological systems is very apparent. There is a big differences in what one sees in the news and popular science publications as there you need to find grappling headlines. Saying that "stuff more complicated, just as some folks expected, but others hoped it wouldn't be" somehow does not quite engage the public. Exactly, this is a bit of a dirty secret for studies that primarily generate minable information. We really do not know what we get (otherwise we wouldn't need to look), but it just sounds so much better if it is linked to something the public understands. A running joke is that everyone is somehow curing cancer.
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  4. America created, uses and supports nucklear blackmail policy like all members of nucklear klub . Ukraine destroys the policy . Therefore Trump and all Biden's team are against victory of Ukraine.
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