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  1. If this helps, the primary route for transport of sodium and potassium into the earth's crust from the mantle is via emplacement of granitic intrusions which occurs in roughly equal weight proportion. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granite Chemical weathering of rock minerals follow the Goldich Dissolution Series This indicates that the potassium rich minerals (orthoclase, muscovite, biotite) are relatively resistant in comparison to sodium rich minerals (sodic plagioclase, some amphiboles and clinopyroxenes). By logical extension, sodium is over-represented in sea water and evaporites, whereas potassium is over-represented in detrital sands and sandstones.
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  2. Yes, still interesting as an unusual transient and for its one hour appearance on the exact day, July 19, 1952, of the famous DC sightings. If it was located at the near end of its possible distance, i.e. within the solar system, then I can at least see how someone would speculate that it was a formation of ET craft firing their engines to decelerate on approach to the Earth. My doubt (aside from the sheer improbability factor) is regarding the profile of the three transients - there being no observable elongation due to movement. When bright in 1952, the most isolated transient source has a profile nearly the same as comparison stars, implying the sources are subarcsec in angular size and they exhibit no elongation due to movement.
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  3. People used to grow up in more homogeneous communities, which tended to encyst belief systems. Now we live in an information-rich global village where it's more like going to a huge supermarket of beliefs. 14 brands, 87 varieties of pasta, and that's just half of Aisle 7. For my parents, growing up in small towns on the Great Plains, it was a big leap to go from being raised Lutheran to attending an Episcopal service. For my generation, it was much less a leap to go from Episcopal to joining a Buddhist meditation group.
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  4. Well, its saying that machinery involved in transcription (the process where DNA is copied to RNA) is prevented from working correctly when you use a triple helix instead of a double helix. So, that means that the current system of storing and translating our genetic code cannot operate with a triple helix. That could be just because life evolved around a double helix and doesn’t mean that a triple helix system isn't possible. Also, these studies were done on Eukaryotes, so you can't tell what effects a triple helix might have on a prokaryote from this article.
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