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  1. You're complaining about the clarity of someone else's posts, and irony meters everywhere burst into flames.
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  2. If you haven't got anything substantive to say, don't post it. Conversing and reading with you is like trying to catch smoke.
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  3. There are two kinds of people: those who understand the strengths and weakbesses of dichotomies and those who don't. Something as complex as politics and government requires, in a democracy, to be simplified to the point where the majority of the electorate can understand the issues. In an adversarial form of government, such as that in the UK, the simplification falls naturally into identifying two sides. Left and right, conservative and liberal, for and against. The limitations of this approach are often apparent. I see little evidence that the "ultimate destination" lies any further ahead (for the most part) than the date of the next election. On the plus side, we may reflect on Churchill's words: "Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." The pendulum, representing the swing from left to right then back again, seems a pictorial way of reflecting the change of heart of a portion of the electorate when they realise the change didn't work out as they expected. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
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  4. Actually, distances generally become longer as compared to a far-away reference ruler, though it depends on the type of spacetime you are in. And this is precisely the physical meaning of mathematical curvature - that relationships between events (ie measurements of space and time) now depend on where and when you make them, relative to a reference point. Emphasis here being on the word ‘relationships’ - these aren’t effects that locally happen to clocks and rulers; it is how two or more such measurements are related in spacetime, which is why you can only detect them by comparing measurements. Locally all clocks tick at 1 second per second, and all rulers measure 1 meter per meter.
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  5. Many universities have strong neuroscience groups. The easiest thing is to read a few papers that interest you and then look at the affiliations of the authors.
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  6. What do I think? I think it’s too simplistic to be useful and likely wrong as a direct result of that fantasy level simplicity.
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  7. People dont want ideologies, people want peace, jobs, friends, family, houses, good income, security etc. A Swiss I prefere voting referendums and people initiatives. I participate in voting about initiatives and referedums 9/10 the time, but never vote for any Swiss party or politican. its very paradox, our biggest Swiss party, SVP, very often loses when they promote their people initiatives or referedums!
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  8. That's nice😏 tip: Try: answering questions and making statements more directly. That's because the status quo is often right...not exclusively, but a good proportion thereof. Sometimes what individuals see as "authoritarian" by any particular government, is simply an attempt by said government to protect or service the much greater majority.eg: The mandatory vaccinations against covid in certain industries to protect that greater majority, and the lockdowns around the world at different times, to again protect that much greater majority. My status quo is generally in line with that greater majority...not exclusively, but mostly. You seem unsure of yourself. That's nice. tip: see my first comment. ??? Sorry, you have lost me. Perhaps if you refer back to my first comment? Ahhh, OK, Let me be more precise....we, humanity, mostly learn from our mistakes. That includes what is generally seen as the status quo.eg: The early and mid part of the 20th century, saw many aspects of human society that was the norm, or the status quo...smoking was seen as the norm...guess what? I have never in my life had a cigarette, to my mouth...why? just never saw any sense to it. ..and that also includes what is commonly called a joint. I could mention many more including our now "taken for granted" universal health scheme, which prior to 1972 was non existent. In general too far to the left or right, is extremism and undesirable and always will be. Yes, there are periods in mankind's role on this fart arse little blue orb, where society in general was controlled by authoritarian and evil aspects of that society.eg: the middle ages, spanish inquisition and control by the church...slavery, racism and the American civil war, and more recently, the evil of Nazism and Hitler. But thankfully, we have now rose above such inequality, mostly, but not exclusively. The best we can do is keep working towards that end and helping where we can Ever heard of world vision? In essence, both you and I [despite covid 19, lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations etc] live in reasonable circumstances, where we are still able to throw out tyrants and ratbags like Trump...not perfect, but a reasonable facsimile thereof.
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  9. Read the thread or the bible... Otherwise please specify the question.
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