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    Location of Comet NEOWISE from July 27 to August 2, 2020. Facing west-northwest shortly after dusk, as seen from the U.S. See how the curve in the Big Dipper’s handle points to the bright star Arcturus? For a specific view – shortly after your local dusk – from your specific location on the globe, try Stellarium. Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium. https://earthsky.org
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    It sort of has to be. If the logistics are centralized at the federal level, who other than the WH would manage it? They’re the executive branch and consequently are responsible for executing national policies and programs.
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    I have to say this is one of the worst papers on GR I have ever seen; it is just full of errors and basic misconceptions from beginning to end. Only goes to show that what is on arXiv is to be taken with a grain of salt - it’s a pre-print server after all.
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    I'm in group H: H: The lazy group: not investing enough time to post anything of value, but having enough time to study and learn from the other members' interesting contributions. Note regarding language: That points at one reason why I find it tricky to contribute to this interesting discussion. I checked translation of "change" and its actual meaning* in Swedish; it seems to (implicitly) include time; If I say "change" in Swedish the definition, AFAIK, means change as time passes. Using the example from @studiot I get the point and I can follow the arguments but I can't express my views using the word "change" as a translation from Swedish. Maybe I could say that without time the colour still "switch", "shift", "alternate", "fluctuate" or "vary" in the circle? I'm not sure which word, if any, that is best. By the way, this is a version of the drawing where the colour "changes" (hopefully the animation works): This is not an attempt at finding flaws in studiots example. I just use it to highlight my view: the original question "What is time" is really hard for me to discuss due to the way various languages and words "works"; I end up trying to analyse the meaning of the words instead of thinking about an answer. Maybe others have the same experience? *) SAOB – a comprehensive historical dictionary published by the Swedish Academy, covering the entire modern Swedish period from 1521 onwards https://www.saob.se/in-english/
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    How does one determine repentance from self interest?
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    Actually I do think that this call is premature as well. We would need to look retrospectively at total hearlth burden to assess how damaging this strategy was. There is some truth that they are currently doing worse than their neighbours with over 2000 deaths, compared to 205 (Norway) or 427 (Denmark). Another issue is that Sweden has reported fewer tests, which increases uncertainty somewhat. So while the current trajectory does not look great, I think it takes a bit longer to ascertain whether it is total failure or not.
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    That's true in all of physics, if you get down to the right level of discussion. It tells you how things behave, not what they are.
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    Mucking about infers humour, as in "One for the crack", I have just had someone tell me that Mary is not the correct name because the real name "Maryam" couldn't be used in the English language so the translator improvised. Oh and in Greek her name is "Agia Maria".
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