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    Forgive my initial negativity upon joining. Admittedly, I was a bit discouraged seeing more politics as it is already everywhere on the web. It was not my intention to jump on your forum and start judging it, merely a comment out of frustration. It is clear to me that there are valid points on any side of a political debate, but too many people take them personally and, before you know it, people begin to judge others permanently for a few differing ideals rather than for who they truly are. Politics causes more hatred among people than anything on this planet and I was simply saddened by the fact such nonsense found its way into a scientifically educational forum. Again, didn't mean to stir the pot...
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    It is like throwing away your car when you are still half way from your destination, I just don't know what they are thinking.
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    Yes, i should've done some research before thinking i had a good idea 😅 breaking the 3 laws.
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    As I said earlier, I am not an expert in the discipline of philosophy, and I haven’t read Kant yet - however, I do speak fluent German, so what this term (which translates roughly as ‘thing-in-itself’) refers to would be external reality before it undergoes processing by the sensory apparatus and the mind. So it is meant to be that which exists independently of any perceptual process, the true essence of reality, unsullied by mental constructs, so to speak. The trouble is that we have no way of accessing that external reality, except through sensory and perceptual processes. Anything you are aware and conscious of is a construct of your own mind - it is at best some representation of the ‘ding-an-sich’, but a representation that will be more or less incomplete and distorted in ways that are not necessarily readily apparent. So it may very well be that there is an underlying external reality of some kind (though I would think one could make a valid case questioning this), but we will never be able to access it directly, all we can ever know is our mind’s representation of that reality. It’s much like being stuck having to look at a map, without ever being able to go to the actual territory. In what sense would a single elementary particle be a ‘chair’? How many particles does it take before the ensemble acquires ‘chair-ness’? No, QM does not allow us to conclude that there are no elementary particles (or quantum fields, whichever way you wish to look at it). It does, however, make it clear that the dynamics of those constituents cannot be classical, due to the existence of observables that don’t commute, and due to statistical correlations between measurement outcomes that are stronger than classically allowed (entanglement). I’m not sure what you mean by this.
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    Coincidentally there was an article on the artificial slowing of aging on today's news. https://www.ed.ac.uk/news/2020/blood-iron-levels-could-be-key-to-slowing-ageing
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    I think, if our civilization continues without a reset, we will very soon start to intentionally change ourselves at a rate much faster than natural evolution could do. We will engineer our genetic codes (we will also install non-living implants into our bodies to obtain above-natural capabilities and we will even create self-reproducing machines not based on DNA that will continue to evolve themselves at an 'explosive' rate).... So, ironically, the 'intelligent design' might soon be thought as a mainstream
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    This is a very readable explanation of Godel's proof: https://www.quantamagazine.org/how-godels-incompleteness-theorems-work-20200714
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    thanks for the good input hu??....yes, I have pretty much determined that the thrust measured so far is from the audio standing waves causing a column of air pressure below the stack, as I re oriented the stack to be well above the platform and the thrust disappears, but with some odd aspects that need to be resolved later, but for now, I presume some actual thrust is there but near the same level with woodwards team, down in the micronewtons. I have had to air cool the output stages running 1KV into the supply to the output transistors. Pushing the piezos too hard causes excessive noise in the system, overheats the machine, making all relevant issues more difficult. My plan now is to lower the voltage back down to 300V. The machine runsr cool at that level, and can easily deliver a stable signal of my thrust candidate. i will next build a five parallel stage linear to be driven by the equipment with this lowered supply voltage. This will allow the linear to do the heavy lifting to drive a second stack of identical piezos which will now be the proposed thrust element in the system, the existing stack to be used as five separate signal sources. I have looked up transistors that can handle high voltages and currents and have found nothing so far, so will proceed with 6JE6 horizontal output tubes which can handle plate voltages up to 5KV. The 6BK4 was used as a HV reg in early color tvs, and operated as a triode with a normal plate voltage of 25 KV, so if the "piezos diriving piezos" concept proves workable, and no thrust seen in 6JE6 drive mode, higher voltages will be tried with 6BK4s until the breakdown voltage of piezos is reached.
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    Agreed. And this needs to be thoroughly understood and addressed with a robust system of checks and balances. Greater accountability must coincide with enhanced training. Gang members, drug dealers, drug addicts, rapists / sex offenders, violent thugs of various kinds. There's no shortage of very bad people out there who commit crime on a daily basis, and who are only encouraged by a weaker police force.
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    Not exactly ha-ha funny, more of amusing funny:
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    That is only true if the big bang is infinite in size. That is the only way it can reach ALL SPACE. If eternal inflation and the multiverse theory is true, then each big bang, or "budding universe" has a finite size and therefore has a center point. Since your topic title is empty of any clue about it, I would suggest a more descriptive title, such as "Location of the Big Bang."
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    Its always nice to jump on a science forum and see the activity stream filled, mostly, with politics. If we read the Politics topic, we see under it "....and how it relates to science". I almost wonder how much of it spills over into this side of the internet community by design. Facebook and Youtube are full of posts and comments designed purely to insight anger and frustration amongst a common people and the ignorance of those people rapidly takes over. Foreign entities intent on having us destroy ourselves clearly have the "science" of it figured out. Democrat vs republican, white vs black, police department funding, etc etc etc ~ none of it belongs here.
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