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    Aren't you all glad that you found science as an interest/vocation? We could all easily be victims to this kind of BS if we didn't know the science basics.
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    I should also add that theoretically folks may still have long-term protection if sufficient memory cells are formed, which cannot be easily be tested with simple serological assays (i.e. the rapid tests). What the study calls into question is the usefulness of serological tests to establish how many folks may have been infected without detection as well as the length of immediate protection. Now, lack of immunity against RNA viruses in general is often the result of their high mutation rate. OTOH, coronaviruses have a proof-reading enzyme that reduces the mutations rates (but are still high compared to DNA viruses). Also, there a bunch of viruses that can cause cold symptoms so it cannot actually be traced back solely to the major human coronavirus strains. I have looked a bit into some older pre-SARS papers and found one from 1990 (Callow et al. Eipdemiol. Infect) in which 15 volunteers were infected with coronavirus 229E. Here they showed that some volunteers showed slightly increased antibody titres after one year, though it did not protect from re-infection. However, there was lower shedding, indicating a higher level of neutralization and none developed a cold. So there is some potential there, especially if vaccines result in a stronger response. At the same time, SARS-CoV-2 (and 1 for that matter) obviously elicit quite different responses, including massive inflammatory responses. So there are still a lot of unknowns at play (plus, we do still do not understand all that goes into long-term immunity and the literature is maddening at best).
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    I disagree with this. There are too many people who want power over others, and don't wield it responsibility. The police are a magnet for such people. Your experience is likely with people who joined that culture willingly. Getting martial arts training foisted upon you does not mean you have joined that culture. Just like training in other aspects of society — workplace training on e.g. sexual harassment and sexual assault hasn't won everyone over to a culture that respects women, for similar reasons. (feel free to substitute other culture subsets for that) This is one reason the focus has been on attempts at fixing systemic problems and holding people accountable. You might not prevent one instance of excessive force by an individual, but if you don't tolerate such behavior, you might be able to prevent the next 20 instances the individual might have perpetrated, because they will no longer be on the police force.
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    Those people should be screened out in the hiring/training process, or if their behavior is predisposed to violence, the unions shouldn't be allowed to keep them on the force, where they can repeat violent incidents. Daniel Larusso would say Cobra Kai is one such school .
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    Me too. (still somewhat blinded though...and honestly not sure what my better half is on about half the time...)
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    The above makes little sense. Fermions which are antisymmetric relations still obey the conservation laws in application to the mass terms.
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    It's late and a combination of your obscurantism and swansont's bloody-minded negativity has exhausted my patience (which to be frank, I've never had in great excess). It must be obvious to you by now that I've been clear in my own mind since way back on page 1 of this thread where the Youtube presentations break down. The key lies in conservation of angular momentum which is a topic I usually shy away from. Turns out, it can be quite useful on occasion. Do we have anything more to discuss? If your earlier posting was a joke, then I'm sorry I didn't get it and took its meaning at face value.
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    There are lots of studies and data from global banks and the federal reserve that slice and dice this data in various ways, but here’s a handy visual from just last month that gives a 20,000 foot view of the scale of it all: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/all-of-the-worlds-money-and-markets-in-one-visualization-2020/ This atlas of activity is pretty badass, too: https://atlas.cid.harvard.edu
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