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    This discussion is depressingly familiar. Society demands a huge burden of proof before the label "racist" is allowed to be used. If someone demonizes a whole group of people wholesale while alluding to racial stereotypes it is not racist. Even if such attitudes lead to unjust laws it is not systemic racism. Even if someone uses precise language by folks who at some point were deemed racist, it is not racism. That is not new, few folks really think that they themselves are racist. Heck, even during Jim Crow most folks found racism distasteful. Sure, folks think that it is a way of shutting down conversation, but on the same note they do not realize that by using such labels, those folks are invalidating other folks. Moreover, it plays to the assumption that the society as a whole is actually egalitarian and that there are only few if any systemic issues. This, results in significant challenges for those folks that feel differently (say having worse evaluations despite similar peformance, less or no callbacks relative to comparative peers and so on) as it invalidates their experience and speaking out is quickly construed as playing the race card. This historically results in shutting down as obviously no one feels racist, therefore no one is racist. And if something does slip out which goes beyond the acceptable level, it is easily excused with phrases like, "well I do not mean you, you are one of the good ones." Sure, there may be value in engaging racists IRL, but a forum is usually just used to propagate these views and to paint them in reasonable colour (i.e. shifting the overton window). It is only recently that the ones on the receiving end are getting a platform. But then just look at the demand of treading careful lest someone might get offended.
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    So if I only make fire hoses, which are only sold to fire departments, mine is not a private enterprise? What if the only customers of my office cleaning company are city government offices?
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    essereio has been permanently banned for repeated violations of rule 2.1.
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    Ok. Ok. That's not much to base an analysis upon, other than that it sounds like a description of a lot of existing services. What makes the application worth creating instead of using an already existing application? Why will users use this application instead of any other? The answer to that will give some important hints about how to approach questions about suitable architectures.
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    Default Apache HTTP server config allows 256 concurrent requests. That's 22 millions per day.. Sounds pretty light-weight.. Unless the all people will start using service at the same hour.. Average size of document? Estimate amount of data transfer per day. Client = user web browser from computer? or mobile application written for Android/iOS? Server = your computer? Virtual server that you rent from 3rd party? Dedicated server that you rent from 3rd party? If client = user with web browser, and server is your own machine, the easiest is to buy cloud and store data on it.
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    I assume you aren't making the final decision so don't take that responsibility. You should create a PowerPoint presentation referencing the various options that are available and present that to the other members of your team so an informed decision can be made. If you are uncomfortable doing so yourself I'm sure you can recruit a consultant on a temporary basis to do so.
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    Do you see the hate and victim mentality? No prejudice. Simply an aversion to obnoxious loudmouths regardless of skin color who expect their bad behavior rewarded. This includes my younger white brother who I can tell to shut up without being accused of being racist. Police brutality will stop when people stop being loudmouths and breaking the law. Like I said... people want their bad behavior rewarded. Malton, Ontario, Canada. This is a place where police is required to keep the peace. They tried removing the police station after renovating the whole place with new stores and streets but crime rate including killings went up. Without great power comes great irresponsibility.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_wrongs_make_a_right You're twisting everything without seeing the bigger picture of why a few or maybe a good portion of black people turn off a lot of other people. It's not just white people who are extremely annoyed by the rap/hip pop garbage personas. Loud music, loud voices, insults to innocent people, drugs, gun shootings and the list goes on. You get what you give. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-people-hate-rap-music Injustice? Verbal abuse on a consistent basis is a lot worse than physical abuse. Black people are much less likely to be taken seriously because of the rude behavior/rap persona of a few. I feel sorry for a good portion of young blacks who get brainwashed by the rap/hip hop music and then go on towards causing psychological issues towards society. A few bad apples spoils the bunch. Hopefully understanding how we feel will help you see that a lot of people have an aversion towards those who stress them out.
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    Wormhole predictions will change with change in realtime by time loop All future events in this universe are presented on universal frames. It is a fact that the future cannot be altered in the past or future via wormhole. It can only be altered in the present real time. Predictions of the future via wormhole a trillion years into the future does not guarantee it will stay that way. For example the United States military had time travel to predict the future of World War 2 in 1941 in real time. That prediction in 1941 could not predict victory for the U.S. but instead predicted a loss to the enemy. They had to change the time in real time and it was the change in real time 1945 that predicted a victory for the allies. It was only due to reaching a later real time 1945 that the U.S. could alter the future and guarantee victory. Likewise what the military is able to observe via wormhole currently into the future cannot not guarantee it will stay that way if real time sometime in the distant future is altered causing the universal frames to change the course of events forever. From my past explanation of my reverse order mathematics, the time loop will carry a negative value and reverse order, causing future events in the universal frames to change from that point on. When the physics of reverse order confirmed by my math happens, it must happen in real time to take effect. The real time that takes effect will happen in the future. Until we reach that particular real time into the future, the future universal frames will remain the same as observed by the wormholes at present. The reverse order of the time loop will have devastating consequences as an opposite effect hence the basic law of physics states, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. It is the law of balance which I make reference to an eternal heaven and hell experience. The sudden change by the reverse order of the time loop in the future real time will be unpredictable. It can happen 100,000 years from now or it can happen tomorrow. By the concept of physics there is a higher dimensional being controlling above the universal frames to enforce this reverse order reaction.
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