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    People really need to ask themselves why communities erected statues of slave holders and not of abolitionists. h/t AOC
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    bryozoa has been banned for racist commentary
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    This is not fun with flags, Sheldon. 😄
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    Good question +1, but since the statue toppling mania has spread to other countries it should be noted that targetting has now become indiscriminate and worse an excuse for attack and counterattack by one community on another. Arguments against the Bristol slave trader Colston have been widely publicised since his statue was dragged into the harbour. Less widely reported was the counterattack on a statue of a modern black writer and actor (Fagon) in that same city. Still in my region we have the entirely idiotical threat to the statue of Admiral Blake, the British Admiral noted for freeing slaves. So communities should be examining their consciences as to whether this has already gone too far.
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    Hi Function, how goes it with you and Belgium?
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    Thank you for those replies, especially the second one. Thank you also joigus for your lipid/micelle example if an emergent phenomenon. I had never considered those associations that way before. Which brings me to my usual example of an emergent phenomenon, arch action. This only 'emerges' only when the last component voussoir is in place and not until. Or does it? Arching action occurs when there is only one component and can be likened to my earlier example to Eise of a perfect circle.
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    You could, but SWAT units use military gear. I thought you were opposed to that ? But what about a simple domestic disturbance, where the husband is drunk and beating on his wife ? Have you ever tried to talk to a violent drunk ? The only thing you can do is forcefully remove them, until they've slept it off. This is just a proposal so far, and hasn't been voted on yet. If it does go through, I can see all the affluent whites moving to privately protected neighborhoods, while blacks are left in the disadvantaged, unprotected areas, and the situation will get even worse, not better. And if enough cities decide to follow suit, I can see fear, and need for protection, driving white voters to choose voting for D Trump again this November, as the self-billed 'law and order' candidate, and the world is stuck with D Trump another 4 years. ( hope he's too stupid to take advantage of the situation, in that case )
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    What percentage of the UK's 68 million people were tested? The fact is that only sick people are or were being tested, the 90 percent who were infected like my entire family were not counted. This is not like the flu where 100 percent of those infected have horrible symptoms for 1 to 3 weeks I can't do that because I do not have a doctor All doctors do is lie so that we get more tests I saw the info on TV several times, one must remember that no one knows if the immunity is permanent or if not for how long it will last or will it apply to new strains. Officially the government still wants everyone to be terrified of talking to a neighbor
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    I didn't mention time but space or gravity. I can give you the answer but I rather find someone intellectual to share ideas with. I'm still waiting for someone to tell someone close to my understanding so I can trigger theological conversation.
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