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    Element 115 (moscovium) has a half life of about half a second, so is not very practical as a target. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscovium (And I doubt that element 116 can be produced by firing protons at the nucleus.) "Immediately decays"? It is true that the half life of livermorium is less than that of mosocvium; but it is not immediate. Livermorium decays via alpha decay. In other words, it emits a helium nucleus (a pair of protons and a pair of neutrons bound together). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livermorium It does not emit anti-protons. That would violate all sorts of conservation laws. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_law And anyway, what would be the point? This can only be of interest to people who think that antimatter=magic. What are you going to do with these anti-protons? Presumably combine them with some protons to generate energy. But you can't get any more energy out of that than you put in. So the whole process of accelerating some protons, transmuting 115 to 116, then capturing the anti-protons and then generating some protons for them to interact with, then controlling their interaction and directing the energy ... all takes energy. And must run at less than 100% efficiency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_of_thermodynamics So you are going to get less energy out than just using shooting the original protons out the back of the rocket. Or using the heat from the rapid decay of the moscovium (you will be left with no useful fuel after a few minutes, anyway). There is nothing to critique here. This is just meaningless word-salad from a bad SF book. No references here because there is no such thing as "Gravity-A waves", "Gravity B waves" or "Gravity Amplifiers". Also, gravitational waves (which do exist) are not directly related to gravity. Gravitational attraction is not a wave phenomenon. Also, gravity is only attractive; there is no practical or theoretical reason to think that somehow causing gravitational waves (if that is what the ignorant author means) to interfere would cause any gravitational effect (either pull or push). Gravitational waves cause stress (stretching and shrinking) in directions orthogonal to their direction of travel. This effect is too small to be significant, unless you are a few miles from two merging back holes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_wave Gravity waves are something completely different. They are a phenomenon in fluid dynamics and have nothing to do with gravity (in the sense implied here; they are caused by gravity, not a cause of gravity). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_wave It is almost as if the author doesn't know what they are talking about. And are just stringing together a bunch of words they don't understand. See anyone can do it.
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    I shared that the Bible cannot be the source of morality since our existing morals allow us to pick and choose which parts of it are right and which parts are wrong. John reinforced this point in his own way. You suggested we were saying “what’s the point of books if we already know stuff.” I corrected you. That wasn’t the point. Our point was specific to the assertion that morals come from the Bible. You then made yet another different point, that we know before we learn. Sounds fancy, but is obviously both nonsense AND not what was being suggested by me or John. You told me I could explain better, so voila... see above. Hope this helps and hope we can now please for the love of Thor get back on topic instead of chasing fortune cookie one-liners from an unsober but otherwise easy going and enjoyable poster. ✌️
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    Morality isn't a static thing - it's a living, breathing phenomenon - evidenced by the fact we now frown upon many practices considered tolerable many moons ago. But it only develops where there is a dialogue. Religious books are an important part of that dialogue, perhaps more so in the past. An eye for an eye might make the world blind, but at the time it was improvement on 'your families life for an eye.' The problem with religious books is that they can become a monologue when they insist upon themselves as the only valid authority. The minute you think any text is the definitive version morality dies. The problem with ignoring the fact that religious books are still part of the dialogue is that you ignore the historical and cultural processes that led us to our current understanding, and, perhaps more importantly, you exclude billions of voices from the dialogue.
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    I think it's human nature to blame something about oneself that can't be changed for ones lack of progress in some aspect. I gave my deafness more weight than it deserved, in hindsight.
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    Had an upright freezer at my other house, that I had bought but never used as I couldn't bring myself to move. Gave the house to my sister after her divorce. And doesn't she put the freezer out to the curb, because she had no use for it. After I'd already put my chest freezer to the curb as I intended to use the upright.
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    He's not the anti-christ - he's a very naughty boy.
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    I think it's easier to be happy when we realize who we are is not about how we look, or how our bodies work, or the things we possess. It's also easier to say that than to stop blaming a perceived lack for our unhappiness. This modern society places too much emphasis on competition, where it's easy to judge others based on their bodies, when our real strengths lie in cooperation, where none of that really matters.
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    The problem with our "deep" freezer is that we only use the top few inches of it...peaking below that is a little scary...full of stuff that if thrown out would need expensive replacements that would not be eaten either...
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    Ok, I see your point. Surely, we should still at least follow the good examples that are promoted rather than the negatives. I don't follow the bible word for word and I know how devastating some of the religious wars have been, it's sad that what should've promoted good was twisted into forcing the beliefs of powerful people. I prefer to try and give up to people that be their equal. Karma is nice but I don't want my enemy to suffer I just want them to accept my apologies even if it isn't my fault. I'll stop now. Sorry for my input here.
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    I cannot claim to be an expert but there is some quick local numbers. Also note that the local conditions here seldom causes drought. In Sweden there is a yearly production of 900x10^9 l of drinking water produced* Fuel delivered for usage by vehicles is approx 12x10^9** That means that the drinking water volume is 75 times the volume of fuel. And note that this is drinking water only. To that one have to add the vast amounts of water needed for other purposes such as farms. One figure I found* is that the amount is approx 28 times the volume of drinking water. The above example means that if 1% of the water would require a relocation it would still be approx 20 times the volume of all fuel transported. So in addition to the problem of making a profit as stated above there is the issue of delivering enough volumes of water to make a practical difference. References. Sorry, some may not be available in english at this time: *)https://sydvatten.se/vattenforbrukning/ **)https://spbi.se/statistik/volymer/
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    The entire Neil Young archives free for streaming. https://neilyoungarchives.com/info-card?track=t1975_1129_01
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    Is there God? No one has seen him, but can you feel his effect? Everyone does because everyone dies. All humans die someday because all humans are evil sinners. The wages of sin is death. Good is stronger than evil. God has ultimate power because he is truly good. He hates all evil, that’s why he kills off evil. The reason humanity still exists today is because evil actually has enough power to prevent its immediate death. Goodness will only vanquish all evil after striking sufficient killer blows. Killing off evil is like cooking a meal; it’s only ready after sometime with the fire and not immediately. One day humanity will no longer exist as all evil would be deleted. Then it would be clear that God exists.
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    So this is real then? sorry fat fingered was I was typing. what I meant was so this is real then in your mind airbrush?
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