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    Thank you for all your feedback. I’m currently working on some mental health issues and cannot reply on give the answers the time that I would like to in regards to research and time and I struggle to express the concept fully and accurately, more to come but I have to work on my stability at this time kind regards David Wavish
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    Since I can't see inside dad's head, I can't assume he has a brain exactly like everyone else. So, I propose it's made of green cheese.
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    Many (all?) sports are suited to some people more than others. For instance sprinters tend to have those fast muscle fibres, distance runners slow muscle fibres. Not sure how significant this is to gaming reaction time though. There are loads of studies on body types and peak performance ages for traditional sports, couldn't see any on esports though. What pro gamers are starting to discover though is that general health is pivotal to performance. Sleep, diet and exercise: the usual health advice of getting a balance. The finger tips may be where the intention manifests, but there needs to be a refined organism in its entirety behind them.
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    Mind you, they put the Daily Mail fairly near the centre on both axes. I would put it a bit further right and right near the bottom. They frequently publish lies and completely fabricated stories.
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    I believe MigL has answered that.
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    ! Moderator Note NOTHING on that website is trustworthy as evidence, and if you EVER try to push their filthy, lying conspiracies here at SFN again, I WILL BAN YOU. If that's not clear, then you need to PM me and I will explain it.
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    What makes the question even more complex is the tachyon wavefunctions must be subliminal. There is a particular rule for this though I would have to dig for it as I can't recall the name atm. If I recall correctly Beaz mentions it in one his tachyon articles. Edit I was right it's Paley Weiner theorem http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/ParticleAndNuclear/tachyons.html
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    Drag force varies by the square of the velocity. It also depends of the drag coefficient for the bullet, which, at high speeds, will also vary with speed ( in a very non-linear way for example, with the bullet I'm considering the Cd stays constant from 0- mach 0.4, falls between M 0.4 and M 0.9, rises steeply to a maximum from M 0.9 to M 1.1, and then slowly declines past M 1.1) Using the numbers for a 9mm, 19.44g, very low drag bullet, traveling at mach 1.1, I get a deceleration of ~10 m/sec. It would be decelerating at the same rate at which it was falling.
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    Gaia theory is brief and it's the one everybody always falls back to when so-called scientists come forward to label anybody talking about something that can't be measured as hippy culture claptrap. You've provided something bigger than a dinosaur but you're scale of mind is smaller than the size of the atmosphere. You literally couldn't answer with anything bigger, not even to intrigue me. This is the limit of your intelligence and nearly every other scientist in the world. I'm trying to find someone who can imagine a planet as a being or as part of a being but it seems outside of the realm of logic or any kind of human theory of space and time and the universe. Is that not where modern science falls apart because it all revolves around ourselves being the kingpin of space like we are children waiting for presents for christmas. Nearly everything in modern science revolves around looking downward at things which are smaller, and yet there seems to be zero ability within the human conciousness of explaining things which are larger from the point of view of something which is larger, looking down at us. Do you see my point?
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    So before you downvote my post, why don't you write the sentence "Well gee I haven't thought about that because nobody can prove that anything bigger than a dinosaur or huge fungus really is alive" and yet you all like looking at the stars and you get enjoyment from them and their harmony, and you expect they are some puppet for your amusement. That's how a gentleman would do it and used to do it in England, I'm not sure what kind of "culture" this downvoting mechanic is but it's like everything else that is rotten on whatever side of the sea you live. This is what I have to deal with every time I meet a scientist - quantum physics. I've yet to meet a single one of these so-called Einstein-level intellectuals that can take a hit without throwing formulas at me and the laws of what you can see with a human eye as working. Let's say I create a system on my computer and throw one or two little pixel-shaped planets around a million times. A simple program. Spen the Scientist is going to sit there with all of his professors and associates and work out a thousand formulas to explain the system, the planets, the path, the trajectory, the limits, the patterns etc. It's chaos theory but nobody ever does this, you're right. This is how I see humanity and the level of intelligence we have, all prescribed to a single thread of logic. Not a single one of them is going to say "hmm, I wonder what the program is?" If someone sat on some other planet were to see that data it would look completely different. They'd probably have a completely different set of formulas to describe what was going on. That's how good human intelligence is. Not a single scientist on this forsaken planet can explain his theory from the point of view of the very thing everybody is enveloped in - data. It's still formulas from 100 years ago. So when I ask, who created these balls of rock that do such miraculous things... is it a religious question or is it a scientific question? Somebody always pipes up with an answer about humans and that's not what I'm looking for. Why is it always about humans? That's how egotistical and full of itself our own species is, and you only have to look at decline in wildlife to see it. Where? You don't see my point but I explained it. This is what I mean by cap on human intelligence. It is literally headache-inducing to start to conceive of a planet or anything larger as a conscious or alive being for nearly everyone you meet. It is similar if you describe humans or any life as being a program. And yet nearly everybody is looking down at their cellphone at the train station trying to not communicate outside of a little metal box. We are all programs by some design, much of the human body is visibly programmatic. What is "computer"? Why is it we think we invented it? Why is it we think it needs a name? Computer is everywhere, it's data... if we can use it in sci-fi movies then why can't we conceive of everything as data? Or "computer". Why is it everything is described by a formula, and not by a program. Why is it, everything is not alive, if everything is data? Which bits aren't data? Does data need the name "data". Or is it just "life". So why can't most people conceive of a planet as "life"?
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    You detect them from the fishbowl. Always. So then, show us the experiment in deepest space that shows it is the same? Yea, one light day. Big deal. By the way, if you think relativity tells us what time is, don't accuse others of not being familiar with it!
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    Big news: Scientists place several pieces off spaghetti on table and envision how the spaghetti monster may have formed billions of imaginary years ago. Wow. No it is not. Your beliefs imposed and foisted onto the record are all that you considered evidence. The fossil record is not known to have been laid down in the present nature. Nor are genes today known to have existed the same in the past. Because they have chosen lies. False.
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    Or perhaps someone here thinks we do know C in deep space? If so, how? To know any speed we need to know time. What time is like. On earth and the area of the solar system we do know that. We have probes that have gone almost one light day from here. Beyond this we do not really know what time is like. So, if time were not the same as here in this 'fishbowl', how we we know? We see and experience all things here in our time (and space_. Bottom line is that it is only assumed and believed that time is the same out in the distant universe. One implication of this would be that nothing in the universe could be said to have taken millions or billions of our years to get here!
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    You are threatened by someone who can think outside of your little cosy box of formulas. That you have so many posts and pay so little attention to new ideas tells everybody what they need to know about you. You continue to derail my posts. If you weren't threatened by my ideas you would lift the 5 post limit like you had a pair but I can see this forum is mired by tiny minds. Carry on, I'm done here.
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    You do realize you live here in the fishbowl? Why would time NOT behave the way it does here?
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    There is no burden of anything for 'I don't know' Only those claiming they do know bear that puppy! And I did answer the question. You see all light here in the fishbowl from anywhere. You see, unless time existed the same out there, and space, there are no distances to any star known! So you are in posiyion to discuss from where. Forget physical space you made that up. You don't know what space is either! I suggest you tell us how anything about time translation symetry applies to deep space. Otherwise do not bring it up again. Define 'physical' space and then prove it also exists in the fringes of the universe?
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    Then feel free to support the claims as science. Nice story. You have seen no time but in the fishbowl. No space either. In both cases you do not even know what they are! Your claim they 'evolved' in some fantasy far away and long ago is a fable and unsupportable. Meaningless. Like we'd ask a priest, a plumber a politician or a pedophile? You should learn how to say I don't really know. Nothing to ignore. You have not shown that time is the same in the far universe. Why pretend? Changed my mind. You have another chance. four years is a long time. In other words you admit knowing what time is like here, but not anywhere else. Yout approach and special appeal is basically 'hey, it is like that in the fishbowl so it golly gee must be the same in all the universe;. Forget laws, we were talking about time. You cannot see time. So make no claims that time is the same everywhere. Easy. Here it is.. ?=? Now admit it. Except you forgot to post...any at all! So what we should believe blindly what you believe?? By the way I find it just as easy to get cowardly liars and phonies to ban me rather than doing the work myself. They like to call anything out of their belief system personal views or whatever. That is because they cannot honestly debate and have no case and can'r debate worth a darn, and are biased and ignorant while pretending they represent knowledge or actual science.
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    Then start anytime pal. I see nothing yet that even relates to what time is like in the distant universe. You have ONE observation point in all the universe. Nothing supports that time is the same in the whole universe, and you have posted nothing. You serious?? That is not news and who cares? There is light that gets bent out there. Apparently it seems like it must be gravity that had to have bent it. Nothing out there exists that could bend light eh? As for gravity, we need to know actual distances to stars to get the size and mass etc. That way we might have some inkling as to how much gravity is actually at work! Sorry, your religion is circular and belief based. Sorry you thought it was actual science. In other words you try to apply fishbowl time to the unknown universe. You also try to apply fishbowl space. Neither are known to exist in all the universe that is only believed. Period. As for GR that is relative to the fishbowl only. It doesn't even deal with what time actually is in any event! You have only one observer. One observation point in all the universe. You have just projected! Irellevant since the fishbowl is not in question or how space and time here work here! In other words you have no clue whatsoever about any time out of the fishbowl. No fishbowl logic or doubt or belief matters! Show how time is a law of physics!? Get real. ? No space exists? What would you call where the stars are...strawberry custard? You have been told to stop peddling your beliefs as science. Of course no proof exists that time is the same in all the universe. Your problem is that no evidence exists either. No tests. No observations! Foolish dream and unsupportable religion. No one cares what you doubt or believe! The issue is whether you know time is the same in all the universe. You do not. Period.
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    Since you say nothing your post, what can I say? The idea that nature was the same on earth in the past is not a fact or real knowledge or science. It is a belief. I suspect that in the former nature (different according to history and scripture records) evolving occurred to living animals and man. I suspect that most animals on the planet and mankind could not leave remains, therefore no fossilized remains. That means that stringing together what life existed using the fossil record is a joke. It also means genetica vcannot trace back to the former world and time. That means you have nothing but religion pal. My claim is that we do not know what nature was like (laws and forces) on earth in the far past. That is supported by your fail to be able to support a claim it was the same. I win. Not true. TOE is a foolish fable based on beliefs and ignorance and misinterpreting the fossil and genetic records etc. Don't try and ride the coattails of actual science or knowledge. The theory of evolution is neither. Yes evolving did and does happen. No, we do not share ancestors with flatworms. This is news? That does not help your fable.
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    I guess the answer is science doesn't know. Why guess?
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    Except that by basing models on the belief it is a claim if you say the models are correct. You have also not tested what time was like in the far universe in any test. Face it. Otherwise, cite the test. Well, theories can be tested. Beliefs can't. (at least science beliefs). Name the test for what time is like in far space? What theory?! There is no theory that has been offered here that deals with time and the nature of time in the far universe. Anything that ever worked, or works is in the fishbowl. Nowhere else. Admit ignorance where it is appropriate. Sorry, it is you that lacks understanding unlesss you demonstrate otherwise. Hey, you claimed it applies and I asked for support. No wiggling. We do have time here in the fishbowl actually. It very much affects all we see. the speed of light, for example! By the way, you claim that if time was different how do you propose that you would observe this!? Time should appear but does not! They call is space or distance only. You see they take a huge swath of this fishbowl (solar system area) and then try to imagine it does not involve or include time! They draw a line to a star as if time and space were homogeneous. Unless they are, the measure is worthless. Since you don't seem to be able to prove that time is the same out there (or space) the claimed distances to stars and sizes etc are worthless.
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    Or what was created...whatever. Believe what you like. I happen to know the reasons that that fable exist, so you can preach elsewhere. Prove it. All observer sare in one tiny speck in the universe, so you have no observers anywhere else. (our solar system area) You thought your religion got to define what reasonable was? Ha.
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