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    ..."3d carpenter" aka "3d graphician" aka "IT engineer" aka "computer programmer".. Virtual 3D remake of your project: Back: Source files attached below, so you can load object in 3D application and make modifications or render it by yourself (or ask @Janus) Christmas stable.zip I tried to mimics it to your reference as close as possible. But not everything was visible on just two photos. I closed hole in the back (anti-hurricane trick?), used different order of planks, and cut front planks. ps. Enable smoothing in Surface/Material Editor. ps2. ~6500 polygons. It could be used in 3D game engine. Sorry for not using sub-patches!
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    Been working on this Nativity scene for my wife project started before last Christmas. Trying to complete it for this year's Xmas lol. Made the dowelling myself using a 1/2 inch round edge router on all 4 sides saved me 250.00 in material. Using strictly cedar for the wood portions then thinking about how to simulate the mud packing. Thinking about a grey clay pack between the logs.
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    You say that like there's no skill involved. Most of the pros have very few teeth left.
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    You seem to forget the number of civilians ISIS murdered, raped and displaced from their homes before the world decided to do something about them. I would have paid for your flight to Syria so you could use these same arguments to convince them to stop. ( maybe you could have brought up the Good Friday Agreement )
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    In what way does that negate the fact that killing ISIS members has severely weakened them? Where do you think we'd be in Iraq and Syria wrt ISIS if we hadn't been hunting down and killing every one of them that we could find? How active has al-Qaeda been since bin Laden was taken out?
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    I'm guessing it would've been hard for even him to build a manger before his own birth. Lol
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    'In this operation, however, we specifically went in with helicopters and put Delta Force boots on the ground to avoid the very civilian deaths and uncertainties you lament' - how cool, I'm sure it will make a great film, and I cant wait for the book. (we'll just ignore the children that died) Ever heard of the IRA or FARC. There's been huge progress made recently, and guess what? it wasn't because we kept killing their leaders. At no point in this war on terror has killing our 'enemy' done anything but make them more determined to fight. We've been killing them for years now, IT. DOESNT. WORK. But hey, as long as it makes you feel good.
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    This is the normal 3*3*3 Rubic Cube ... and this is a LEGO 3*3*3 Cube found by amazon !!!... and this is the 3*3*3 Lego-Cube for Blind people !!!... WHITE = 0 and BLACK = 4 RED =1 and GREEN = 3 YELLOW =2 and BLUE = 2
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    ! Moderator Note This is not Science News: moved to Speculations. It is a rule of this forum that must be able to discuss the topic here on the forum. That means (1) not making people follow links to outside websites and (2) posting in English.
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    You are certainly not required to network and can function just fine without doing so. It is simply another method to help you improve your overall success. Personally I don't think I know anyone whose networking involves drinking other than perhaps a drink or two at certain functions. I'm not sure what kind of networking involves gossip and drunks. Sounds more like a social party involving young people.
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    In a more professional sense, the friendship is less important. In science, the networking makes you aware of people in each particular sub-field, and makes it easier to approach these people for collaborations or to ask questions, since you've already been introduced. I've used my networking for jobs as well. I learned of my current job (years ago) because of who I know (and who those people know), and I have reached out to my network to tell them of job openings. That has brought people to interviews who might not have otherwise been aware of the job opening. The importance of networking is going to vary depending on what you are doing. One of the exchanges in networking is finding out who the disagreeable people are. If there is someone who is always taking but never reciprocates, you can find this out and avoid them.
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    There's a saying: "It's not what you know, it's who you know". The truth is a bit of both.
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    Presumably you already have a 'friend' network. A group you are loosely or tightly associated with, either from work, school, whatever. You weren't thinking 'network' when you gathered them but that is what they are nonetheless. Need to talk to someone? Probably someone in your friend network. Need help moving a table? Someone in your network. Business (or research, or construction, etc.) network is essentially the same thing. You meet people, stay in contact, and get to know them so that you can call on them when needed, and so they can call on you. Some of them may also be in your friends network. If you are looking for new people for work, then be sure to introduce yourself to people where you work now, ask them what they do, and get on a friendly basis. Talk to them when you see them. If you are in information technology for instance you can go to symposiums, take classes, join user groups. These are all opportunities to meet the right type of people. You may want to seek out someone who is in a position you'd like to achieve someday yourself. Ask for an introduction, tell them what your goals are, and ask if you can meet periodically to talk. Bottom line is that you want to get to know people well enough that you are willing to do things for each other. When people talk about 'networking' I believe they are talking about something more personal than finding a person in the Yellow Pages. You may very well do business with them, but you may use them to help you find information, tell you abut job openings, explain something to you, tell you about opportunities they know about, mentor you...
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    This is twice now you've dragged a red herring across the path. It's getting old.
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    Nobody cares. That’s not what this thread is about
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    The sport that mystifies me is women's football. (soccer) They constantly complain that the men's game gets ludicrous amounts of money ( it does ) and that they should get more because of equality. But Pro sport is all about gate and promotion receipts, and women footballers just don't attract it, in spite of being hugely promoted by the tv companies. For me, there's no mystery. Women footballers dress like men on the pitch. Huge passion-killer shorts and tops that do not flatter. Women are not particularly keen on paying silly prices to watch a sports game, whereas men do. So if they want big money, they need to dress to impress men. Female tennis players have more choice in what the wear, and they don't choose to look like men on court. And women's tennis does get people watching. Soccer women could easily do the same. Female hockey players (field hockey) dress like women, and look great. I really don't get it why footballers don't do likewise.
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