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    Good question Paul, answer is that many look at Thoth/Hermes and have done for millennia, He's had many names in different areas - Thoth, Tioti, Tahuti, Tuti etc etc, ages ago I was reading online and saw a mention of an Uto-Aztecan word "Tuti", which the author had said meant "Sandals", I looked into Thoth myself and refer to Him as Tioti, the way I'd translate Ti-O-Ti would be from Sumerian Cuneiform(Which was found at Armana), from this Ti-O-Ti would mean Life-Ring-Life(Ti-Me = Life-Exists), once I'd realised this it reminded I of the brilliant physicist Richard Feynman, in particular His and Wheeler's Time-Symmetric Theory where Time(at the beginning) began to propagate in two opposite directions simultaneously from the same Centre. Ti-Me meaning Life-Exists in regards to Ti-O-Ti, the 'Ti' in Tioti can mean time, because without an Observer ie A Life how can Time exist?
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    An awful scenario. One might end up President.
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    There is no glory in war. It's just an expensive way of providing complete control over an opponent. But I'm just a child. My opinion may be biased. I've never been on a battleground myself, but for an aspiring weapons engineer, I need to understand my field, and observing threads like this will help towards that goal. So please, continue
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    He's saying what it does not appear to be. He is not telling you what it is. That is a conclusion that you are drawing, and via fallacious logic: appeal to personal incredulity — you can't think of any other options, so it must be aliens. You also appear to be superimposing an expectation of what the person should be saying, and inferring information from the difference between what they said and what you expect to hear. Can you rule out it being some kind of optical phenomenon? Your own conjecture is that it's a bug on the lens (and I recall seeing a video where that was indeed the case; it was obvious when they changed the focus). It could even conceivably be a smaller unmanned object that is a lot closer than expected, so it only seems to be maneuvering in an extreme way. But since there isn't enough evidence to tell, it's unidentified.
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    Your problem with me is irrelevant, your problem is that you keep making assertions you cannot provide evidence for while ignoring things about this that disagree with your conclusion. The idea that biological beings couldn't survive the supposed maneuvers is meaningless, ever hear of drones?
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    How about we interpret it to mean that "we do not understand how this works or which country built it, but it is clear from the G-forces that it is an unmanned craft." Correct. So here is your choice. 1. It is something built by humans and is more advanced than what humans have previously built (we've seen humans build more advanced things millions of times), or... 2. it was built by aliens (we've seen aliens build exactly zero things, and in fact have no evidence of alien life anywhere in the universe.) "Common sense" does not tell you that option two is the simplest explanation.
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    Ever been in a 747 and have a ships' radar pick you out?
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    I'd like to know how it "sucks up" CO2. " Around 10 years ago, Li’s team discovered large amounts of carbon dioxide disappearing in Tarim, with no explanation over where it could be going ." How the hell did they discover that? It doesn't sound very likely. What it does sound like is the old phenomenon of scientists tacking on a global warming angle to their work, because that's where the research grant money is these days.
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    So I will continue to prove this true. I see I need to go elsewhere to find the understanding and not just a view of opposition. I think Stevie Wonder can see the correlations.
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