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    I am more than likely wrong on all accounts but the Idea simply made sense to my current understanding. It seems apparent my current understanding is quite misleading. I appreciate your patience with me in your explanations. This stuff is fascinating the hell out of me though. Could you possibly recommend some entry level physics/calculus books I could begin with increasing my understanding of how all this works?
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    You exactly make my point. When what you now call 'metaphysics' leads to technology, then this 'metaphysics' will have turned into physics. There's no reason to assume that... Do you agree now? With his remark about technology Wulphstein made pretty clear what he thinks about 'metaphysics'. Further, Wulphstein, I am still waiting for your reaction on my arguments in this posting. The profundity of your thoughts are not for you to decide. Exactly. Profound feelings may be subjective (e.g. the awe you feel when hearing a beautiful piece of music, or are in a sublime landscape). But a thought, when it claims not be just subjective, is open to scrutiny by others. As long as you do not distinguish between the experience, and the objective truth that it possibly contains (or not) you will feel this way. Pretty much, I think, you are in the philosophy section. Personally however, I think you should give arguments, why your profound 'thoughts' should be valid for others. Otherwise your thoughts are just descriptions of how you experience the world. There is nothing wrong with telling us, but without arguments that might be valid for others, your 'thoughts' contain no truth-claim, and therefore have nothing to do with philosophy and even less with science. Yes. Therefore I compensated them for you . Giving negative reputation points, just because one does not agree with a posting, is bad practice. But if somebody trolls, repeats the same argument ad nauseam, yells, gives very bad arguments, or offends other posters, then neg reps are justified.
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    Several new methods of measuring the Hubble constant have produced inflicting values and more evidence that new physics is needed https://www.quantamagazine.org/cosmologists-debate-how-fast-the-universe-is-expanding-20190808/
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    Short background from an article: "Isaac Newton founded classical mechanics on the view that space is distinct from body and that time passes uniformly without regard to whether anything happens in the world. For this reason he spoke of absolute space and absolute time, so as to distinguish these entities from the various ways by which we measure them (which he called relative spaces and relative times)." Source https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/newton-stm/ Absolute time passes equably without relation to anything external, and thus without reference to any change or way of measuring of time (e.g., the hour, day, month, or year). Time also passes equally for all observers regardless of frame of reference. We now know that time does not pass equably for all observers, time is not absolute.
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    We that care about science are not interested in the truth because it is not attainable... how would you really know? That is why science has theories, which have the highest level of evidence available at any given time. It is a matter of principle that scientists leave room for doubt at any time, so that current theories can be modified, or even discarded, as and when necessary in the light of any new evidence in the future. It is a process of analysis and discovery which uses the scientific method. Logic is a formal and repeatable thinking process... not just what makes sense to us individually.
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    Dimension might not be the best word, how about realm? Two realms in this domain. Observed vs Unobserved
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    ! Moderator Note Then this does not meet the requirements of the forum
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    35 years of studying and applying GR. GR has a track record that has survived a century of experts trying to overturn it or prove it wrong. None has succeeded. It's so trusted now every modern physics theory employs it. QFT, String theory etc etc. So I have good reason to trust it.
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    Roflmao a theory of everything talk about dillusions of grandeur. A theory requires testability. That requires being able to make predictions of how A affects B by some value of change. You can't do that without math. A formula such as f= ma makes predictions of the amount of force required to move a mass x distance. Those predictions can be tested with experiment.
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    It's for your peers to decide.
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    We already have a thread on that subject. The profundity of your thoughts are not for you to decide.
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    There's no reason to assume that...
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    That's the thing about causality, we don't know what it will lead to. Which means, it doesn't matter how profound you think your thought was, you might as well be pissing into the wind, if you don't understand the weather forecast.
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    But it is what all things are made from....can't define it as a thing, but all things are made of it Is all of space filled with starlight. Or are there actually dark areas?
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    is wrong. It is only a model, a theory, and it is just wrong...Just another attempt to make DE work. "I don't know, but this might be why..." An eternally evolving continuum.... We never get the carrot..... We are evolving between two event horizons...
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    Exactly, model... LOL! Of COURSE they do! No one KNOWS! Mordred, you are so good at the maths, much more than I can ever hope to be now at my age, where I just don't want to spend the time becoming as proficient as you, I'd like to see you do some within my model, if you can imagine how, which I will wager you can.
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    I'm saying there isn't a reason of for spacetime to exist. Spacetime was written to use unobserved wave information for mortals. I've had time to consider what my post implies and it points at a god being involved. Not a god man has described, but one bored out of its existence. The meaning of life is to entertain a god with nothing but time to waste. Each observation we make is something to entertain this god. This contains the Theory of Everything, I'm free to say whatever crazy thing I want.
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    The interaction is someone placing a detector wanting a particle to be physical. Observation is magical ..deal with it.
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    Sorry, Mordred. This is why I was going to stop the conversation for now, but figured I'd give it a last shot. I'm frustrated, too, so lets give it a break. I hope you can come to see the quantum continuum and evoltuion of events. You are stuck in GR and I am talking about where GR doesn't work. You want to MAKE GR work, when I know you can't. Let's give it a break for now... You are talking about what we should expect to see as per an incomplete GR. I am talking about what we actually see.
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    I'm starting to understand what it's like to live in a dictatorship. Can't really say what I want to say without offending the administrators, breaking the rules or referring to a topic that is closed by the administrators. I can't use certain words unless I have mastery of the topic. It's like walking on egg shells in this forum. The truly wondrous things that other people express to me, they warm my heart about what reality is really like. I'm starting to understand what our forefathers were probably dealing with. Yes, I support freedom of speech.
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    Freedom of speech!!! You seem to think it only applies to you, and that you're free to spout nonsense without it being exposed as such by others. Are you a Trump supporter?
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    oh, you are right, I should hang my head in shame from coming up with a Theory of Everything ..I'm such a jerk.
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    You keep on like GR is the absolute end all. It works sometimes and not others due to differences in perspectives. You can't visualize the other perspective, yet. This is why you need DM and DE. I am not really talking about effects in GR. I am talking about the bigger picture where GR isn't working.
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    Matter creates Gravity, and only effects matter - gravity has no effect on time or space.
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