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    But if there was a God, how would you know what their ultimate plan was? How could s/he teach empathy etc.. without pain, poverty etc.. What would be the point if everything was perfect for everybody. How would we know who was a genuinely good person. What you learn? I don't believe in God, but if there was, surely there actions wouldn't make any sense to us. I am sympathetic to you, people can be cruel. I wish you all the best.
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    Your analysis is too vague to have a substantive discussion. Further I don't think it's accurate when it comes to 2020. If we look the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate hopefuls, for example, so far the strategy has been to offer detailed policy proposals that will move America in a positive economic/social direction: ending the forever wars, expanding healthcare coverage, re-balancing the tax burden to provide additional revenue, rebuilding infrastructure, etc. The overall strategy of these candidates (with the exception of Biden) has been to offer a vision that is better than Trump's, not merely attack and denounce him.
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    Volume is a property so is space. You can have a space devoid of all particles both virtual and real and still have space. This state is the Einstein vacuum. Under QM with the HUP zero point energy it's never obtainable but that doesn't change how space is defined. Trying to think of space or spacetime as a thing, substance, fabric , eather etc will always lead down the wrong garden path. The term physical by definition " anything described by physics " makes volume a physical property by that definition. The term thing has no real meaning in physics.
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    As long as the dragon has provided scriptural exegesis in the form of three or more books revealed by the messengers of the dragon to three or four unusual individuals and which serves to give peace to one quarter of the world's population and offers a story to why humans are on Earth and provides them with a purpose and moral parameters - yes. If the dragon also states that love of others, mercy and forgiveness are the order of the day and that the dragon's personal qualities of mercy and generosity are to be reflected by its creations-yes. If the dragon offers a way to true peace on Earth with a promise of the essence of a soul reaching an eternal reward- yes. You cannot just posit an invisible dragon and then assign no personal qualities to it. The acceptance of the dragon is contingent on its absolute, and not relative qualities.
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    I didn’t realize we had an existing one...
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    It's almost like we need a new definition of intelligence.
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    Or, as the boy in The Matrix (nearly) said: "There is no coin."
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    Sanders Yang Gabbard Warren All worthy candidates. I'm curious to know what you feel is "unrealistic" about having universal healthcare, considering that every other developed nation on the Earth has it figured out? What's unrealistic is slashing taxes yet again for the wealthiest Americans, giving 750 billion USD to the Defense Industry every year, perpetuating forever wars, and maintaining a healthcare system that isn't the slightest bit interested in helping people, but rather wants to extort patients financially until they're on the brink of ruin. What's "unrealistic" is expecting the status quo to somehow improve the lives of average Americans without making substantive change. Cost only matters to right wingers when the proposed programs benefit average Americans. Rand Paul's vote to stop the 9/11 First Responders healthcare bill was a perfect example. If a bill benefits the elite or major corporations - fiscal responsibility goes right out the window. If a bill actually helps people, it's scrapped, to the frantic cry of: "How are we going to pay for it?" How are we going to pay for it?" It's an obvious sham at this point. There's more than enough money to do most of what the progressive candidates want to do - the right wing just doesn't want to do it, preferring to serve their donors instead.
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    Perhaps your daughter can show us the math.
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    Personal health. Holding on to anger hurts oneself, not the subject of the anger. ‘Another angle is that once you act to “get them back” you are no better than they are, lose the high ground, and will often become yourself the very thing you despised so much in them.
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    I had a crush on Shania Twain in the 90’s. I guess that makes me a country & western expert.
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