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    Something like this? One flash of light originating at the origin of two frames of reference moving relative to each other. At time t=0 the two frames of reference are in the same place. The x- and x'-axis overlap so I draw them separated by a dashed line instead of stacked on top of each other. The flash of light is moving with velocity c in both frames of reference. Note: this is a common diagram, I reduced it to one axis as requested. https://thecuriousastronomer.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/derivation-of-the-lorentz-transformations-from-first-principles/
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    Wouldn't that be weird, though, if they were. Even weirder if everyone in a society ended up synchronised as well!
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    Total energy will take a hit from length of daylight but the post I was replying to specifically mentioned power.
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    What Rabbit hole is that? We are able to give a real logical evidenced based description, of the evolution of spacetime from t+10-43 seconds, up until today, including the creation of our first fundamental particles, atomic nuclei, the lightest elements, gravitational collapse and stars, planets as well, the heavier elements, more stars and planets, abiogenisis and the evolution of life. What more would you like? With regards to spacetime, so far we are able to determine and locate events with this framework, with three spatial coordinates and the time coordinate quite successfully. The concept of this framework devised due to the observation that "ç" is constant and remaining constant independent of the motion or speed of the emmitter or the receiver. Spacetime gives us a description of reality that is common for all observers in the universe/space/time irrespective of their relative motions. Your space and time varies from my space and time. And of course when this framework we call spacetime is twisted, warped, curved, we see an effect exhibited that we know as gravity, which along with the BB, describes the overwhelmingly supported GR. If you are inferring a verifiable QGT, and as a professional Astronomer once told me, such a QGT will more then likely entail and encompass the BB and GR, so heavily supported be these models, while extending beyond their zones of applicability. Much as GR extended and described far more precisely, the large scale effects of gravity the likes of the precession of the perihelion of Mercury. Worth noting at this time that [as far as I know] Newtonian mechanics has been sufficiently accurate enough for all space exploratory endeavours.
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