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    For the love of god, at least put some gloves on! I would hazard that your mercury (assuming you mean you added elemental mercury?) has reacted, not dissolved, which might also explain the brown gas you have forming there (which is toxic, by the way). Please do not do things like this if you do not know what you are doing, and do not have access to appropriate safety controls. A reaction like this should ideally be performed in a fume hood, and you should not be working with it without full PPE. Mercury is quite toxic, and nitric acid isn’t super friendly either. If you don’t have a good reason to need it, I would strongly recommend not working with it.
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    Adding to my above comment, there was no specific time line, more just a gradual realization, as one gains life experiences and general knowledge, much as a child gradually doubts the beliefs in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.
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    For some reason, I find this truly remarkable. What I learned on the SFN, and what surprised me, is that most atheists are former believers. I, however, never had that 'privilege' - I am what I call a 'native atheist'. One consequence of never being in a position to abandon a religion is, I guess, that if someone is to ask me why I am an atheist, I would not be very good in giving a rational explanation. I think I would go with an argument of sense and beauty: I just feel, deeply inside, that any idea of God is just too odd, too awkward. Where should I put him? Wherever I tried to put him, he just did not fit.
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    ! Moderator Note You need to provide more information (for this and your other thread) because it is not clear what you are asking
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    I mean that it works for them, that they can say they are feeling healthier or what ever. Not that spiritual energy is flowing through their body. That's unfounded and is just one of many ways you could substanciate what's happening to somebody who is practicing tai chi. Personally I think it has much more to do with how we feel in general. The mind and conciousness can have a great effect on the own state and mental health. Tai chi is most likely working in a similar way like placebo medicine or homeopathy. I think that humans can "trick" themselves into believing things so that their own mind can have a real and measurable effect on their body. I suggest watching an episode of Michael Stevens (Vsauce) Mind Field Series about it, called "The Power of Suggestion" (Season 2, Episode 6).
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    Leave it. It is a good "honey pot" to stop them all starting a new thread! It is just a shame that the forum doesn't let you ignore threads like you can ignore users.
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    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-space-exploration-nasa/nasa-executive-quits-weeks-after-appointment-to-lead-2024-moon-landing-plan-idUSKCN1SU0A5 - excerpts : " NASA executive quits weeks after appointment to lead 2024 moon landing plan CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - A top NASA executive hired in April to guide strategy for returning astronauts to the moon by 2024 has resigned, the space agency said on Thursday, the culmination of internal strife and dwindling congressional support for the lunar initiative. Mark Sirangelo, named six weeks ago as special assistant to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, left the agency as NASA abandoned a reorganization plan due to a chilly reception on Capitol Hill, Bridenstine said in a statement. ... The latest initiative was dubbed Artemis, after the goddess of the hunt and the moon in Greek mythology and the twin sister of Apollo. NASA had aimed to return crewed spacecraft to the lunar surface by 2028, after putting a “Gateway” station into lunar orbit by 2024. However, the prospect of additional funding drew little enthusiasm from congressional appropriators. The two people with knowledge of the matter said Sirangelo’s ouster was sealed by increasing skepticism that 2024 was a realistic deadline for moon landings. In his statement, Bridenstine said the agency was still exploring what organizational changes were “necessary to maximize efficiencies and achieve the end state of landing the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024.” “If the $1.6 billion does not materialize, we will fall back on the previous plan, which was to land in 2028,” the NASA chief told reporters at a news conference earlier in the day. " https://www.reuters.com/article/us-space-exploration-nasa/nasa-executive-quits-weeks-after-appointment-to-lead-2024-moon-landing-plan-idUSKCN1SU0A5
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    you need to be able to make predictions in order to show it to be wrong. Plus you’ve said several wrong things that were pointed out. You didn’t follow up, so you seemed to be more interested in pontificating and hand-waving than learning And as all of this is off-topic, it seems your questions/points have been addressed, so this is closed
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    I've always wanted to surf, but I never got the chance. Instead, I rode skateboards. This song is inspired by a life long dream of catching those waves. Enjoy!!!
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    I finally completed another neo-classical metal song, and this one is even better than my last one! So, if you liked "Starman", then you'll love "Eternal Flames". Enjoy!!!
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    It's been a while since I released a song. I started writing Starman after Elon Musk launched his Tesla Roadster into space. It's a neo-classical, metal song that is out of this world! Enjoy!!!
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    Poor attempt at a 'Strawman', beecee! Mark N. Sirangelo clearly states that the reason for his resignation was "the response back from Congress indicating their lack of support for establishing a new agency level Moon Mission Directorate ". : http://spaceref.com/news/viewsr.html?pid=52521 Only you beecee, in your Poor attempt at a 'Strawman', brought up such nonsense. Then you are wholly mistaken, beecee, that I care to engage in any Off-Topic personal issue that you are "sure" about. At any rate : https://qz.com/1625496/house-rejects-trumps-nasa-and-space-force-plans/ " Donald Trump is not getting his space money Last week, the White House submitted a late funding request for an additional $1.6 billion in spending on a proposed Artemis moon program to return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024. Today, the House Appropriations committee left that request out of its spending plan for NASA and ignored many of the administration’s other space priorities. Without that funding, any hope of the accelerated mission to the moon touted by Vice President Mike Pence is likely to disappear. " https://qz.com/1625496/house-rejects-trumps-nasa-and-space-force-plans/
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    When my name becomes synonymous with the discovery of; Mass turning to waves when disconnected from spacetime (QM floats above the fabric of spacetime), I'll use my celebrity to change some things around here.
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    Seriously, beecee, another Poor attempt at a 'Strawman' ?
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