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    Here is the video that I am scratching my head about. https://youtu.be/P0QB96RrGdM I don't remember enough immunology from training to confirm or deny. I am a beekeeper now and I breath in enough bee dander, dust and and particulate matter BUT, in 5 years I have not allowed myself to be fully stung but 2 times and minor stings through the gloves a few more times.....but never full on envenomations. My wife has been fully stung more than I have as a bee keeper, and my daughter have never really been stung. Since they are only exposed to antigens on a passive basis, are they being setup for the big "A" some day? When I do get a taste of a sting through the glove, it hurts of course and swells up a bit and remains sore for a day or 2. Thank you in advance for considering this post, while I do more research in the meantime
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    Good news today. The very popular charlatan "Jerzy Zięba" who brainwashed people for years into buying his products - Vitamin C for 1800% market price, beetroot juice for 20 bucks a vile and similar ridiculousness, got raided this morning by the attorney general, they confiscated most of his stuff and a law suit by the state is launched against him. For the last few years he manaegd to convince multiple people into not taking chemo therapy, instead using his vitamin C injections. He notoriously bashes anyone who actually has a degree and/or knowledge and he was very good at it, he made millions off his internet store and multiple regular stores. He is a mechanical engineer posing as a high-end natural doctor, untill today. Hopefuly the law suit will end up in him loosing every last penny.
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    There would have been less damage if the modern (19th century) tower hadn't collapsed into the building. Often 'obvious' improvements like extra towers etc weren't included because the builders knew that such constructions could overload the building or cause serious damage in a fire etc. Very old buildings still in use often are and sometimes have to be somewhat modified over the years, but the default assumption should be that as they still exist the builders were competent.
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    Honestly, I think that is the best reason to like a book. Not specifically this case, but more in general, the place the book has in your life. A good book is not necessarily one with the most intricate plot or best prose. A good book is the one that is right for you at a given time in your life. You grow out of certain books, you grow into certain books. And sometimes, magically, a book grows with you.
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    Probably because of the coagulation it would cause in the blood stream. Maybe the doctors dont want to risk peoples lives to make the process faster.
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    Lot of people have won the primaries, and lost the election. Democrats need to keep their eye on the goal.
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    Perhaps the part that confuses you. In order to maximize immune response, you want the antigen to be presented for a longer time so that it will be properly recognized by the immune system. This is what has been referred to as depot effect in this thread. As I mentioned, the original assumption was that releasing it directly in the bloodstream would lead to relatively fast clearance, thus minimizing the response. The only way to increase the response was to increase concentration, which can be risky. As such vaccines were developed to be released more slowly via intramuscular injection, with the added benefit of minimizing discomfort and adverse effects (as already mentioned). The development of adjuvants has provided alternatives. The adjuvants can now provide the desired depot effect. However, since there are no obvious benefits in IV delivery under normal circumstances, it is generally not done. So to re-iterate, using adjuvants that provide depot effects IV delivery is feasible. But it is not advantageous, has higher risk of issues and requires additional protocol development. So it is generally not done for routine vaccination.
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