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    You said that "Infinity is unreachable : in time in distance in spreading in mass by mathematics it is clear So how there should be gravity available at infinity if it is unreachable?" I replied that gravity is spacetime...spacetime geometry in fact. If the universe is infinite, then spacetime is also infinite...if spacetime is infinite, then so to is gravity. Another point just occurred to me...gravity is also said to be non linear, that is gravity makes gravity. http://www.einstein-online.info/spotlights/gravity_of_gravity.html "One reason why the physics of general relativity is much more difficult than that of Newton's theory of gravity or the theory of electrodynamics is a property called non-linearity. In short, gravity can beget further gravity - where gravitational systems are concerned, the whole is not the sum of its parts'" '
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    Can objects orbit a common center of gravity? Yes. Can this explain or effectively reduce the predicted mass of the central black hole? No. It's not just the orbital speeds involved, but the shapes of the orbits. When you look at the plot of the orbits of those stars you will note that since they are very elliptical, sometimes a given star will be closer to the center than other stars and sometimes further away. Any star that is further from the center than you are will not contribute to the force you feel pulling you towards the center.* By plotting the shape of the orbit as well as its speed at different points, you can calculate just how much of the total mass of the entire system has to be actually be located at the center. This is what gives you the mass of the BH. * An extreme example of this would be a spherical cloud of stars with a hollow at it center. For any star in that cloud its orbit is determined by the stars as close or close to the center than it is, the other stars have no effect. An object that wandered into the central hollow, would be behave as if there were no stars surrounding the hollow at all.
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    ! Moderator Note Quit the preaching. Thread closed.
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    Retrospectively interpreting vague writings to fit later knowledge. Weak. Wake me up when your "god" gets a cellphone and learns to communicate better than with an oil stain that looks like St. Barnabus, or burnt cheese on toast.
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    If c weren’t invariant, the speed of light that was transmitted would be different than the light that was reflected, giving rise to a phase difference. Which was not observed.
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    Once upon a time, there lived a magical spaghetti monster who lived somewhere in the sky............ and they all lived happily ever after. A shame that whatever deity you chose, like all other deities of any persausions, is now mostly superfluous and has been pushed into near oblivion with science.
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    When the ASI can decide to, and implement the changes, to its software and hardware on its own, without external input, it will have achieved AI, as it will be self-aware. Again, that is not facilitated by any form of pattern recognition.
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    The Invisible Almighty God Father first CREATED the physical elements needed in order for his Son to Physically make/form the heavens and the earth with his own hands. In the context of Genesis 1:1-2, I see the narrative as saying: In the beginning God Created the heaven (Hebrew - Air) and the Earth (Hebrew -Ground). And the Earth (Ground) was without form, (Dust) and void; (Empty) and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. The 3 elements necessary for all physical form are shown... Air, Dust, and Water. Everything which is physical is composed of these 3 elements. The text is correct in showing that the water was not directly created, or spoken into being, because it consists of elements of the Air or Atmosphere. Water is Hydrogen and Oxygen and came from the Atmosphere and is not shown as a separate creation. This is correct in today's scientific knowledge, but IF the Scriptures were written by Ancient men, Moses would not have known this. He would have written that in the beginning God created the Air, Dust, and Water, but since God Himself is the Author, He correctly shows that the Atmosphere and Ground were created, and the Water was not a separate creation but instead, came from the Atmosphere.
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    Inside your own unbelieving body. You have the DNA of Mt. Eve...AND...the human intelligence of Adam. You, as a Species, inherited your DNA long BEFORE you evolved into a human being. Mt. Eve was NOT human. She did NOT descend from Adam. Did she? You inherited Adam's superior intelligence from Adam, in the SAME way you got your DNA from Mt. Eve. The foolish Theory of Evolution wants you to believe the Fairy Tale that mindless Nature and long periods of time and uncounted mutations changed you into a Human. What Tripe. What foolishness. The evidence that you descended from Adam, the first human, is overwhelming since NO Ape and NO other creature on the face of this Earth is able to carry on a conversion with either one of us, and NONE of them posts. That is because mindless Nature does NOT create Human intelligence in Apes, as some mindless Evols insist. You get it from your parents, and NO Ape has EVER evolved into a human. That's God's Truth.
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    Based on the Scripture: Energy doesn't appear physically except when it's changed into physical matter. It took scientists thousands of years before Albert Einstein confirmed God's Holy Word with his theory of relativity. Hbr 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds (multiverse) were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Einstein learned the SAME thing. He learned that matter and energy were the same. In order to make matter, it takes energy to produce matter in physical form. Then, you will have things which are seen, but made from things which do not appear to the eye. Then WHERE did the energy to make 3 Universes or Multiverse come from, you might ask. Below is the answer for it tells us where God lives: 1Ti 6:16 Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen. Can any one here who believe that Genesis is only figurative and not LITERAL -- tells us HOW Moses or other Ancient men, who lived thousands of years before science, authored the the Book of Genesis... and seemingly knew the Theory of Relativity? Of course not. It took men thousands of years before Albert Einstein discovered that Scientific Fact. Would that means, God is the real Author behind the Book of Genesis and not some Ancient men.... of course! Our God is an Awesome God.
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