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  1. One molecule of thermostable DNA-polymerase can incorporate about 10^5 nucleotides into DNA during routine polymerase chain reaction. And the only limiting factor here is that 92-95°C is too high even for thermostable enzyme. Taq-polymerase is very cheap, so reaction is optimized for speed, not for the effectiveness per molecule. Anyway, mass production of nucleic acids enantiomers is possible even with chemical synthesis. Proteins (especially big ones, and those needed post-translational modification) are muck harder to be made. I think it is something like reiterated solving of an "chicken or the egg" problem: you need to decide what is cheaper to create first. Fully artificial cell-free protein synthesis systems will be a huge step forward. Presently such systems are made from cell extracts (so it's more like an omelette,not egg or chicken). By the way, take a look at https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkx079. PCR with a bacterial mirror polymerase. Twice bigger than that virus polymerase, much more effective. And Racemic crystallography is another motivation for producing mirror proteins.
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  2. Politicians taking bribes or otherwise being unduly influenced by money is a real problem. Antisemitism is a real problem as well. It seems to me Omar's comments are accurate to a degree regarding lobbyist while also skirting the line on antisemitism. Making accurate statements about topic A) does mean one can't also be making inappropriate comments about topic B). We see it used in politics all the time.For example politicians will often accurately cite crime statistics in Chicago when discussing crime in the U.S. to inappropriately characterize specific groups of people or exaggerate dangers the country faces. There are numerous discussions that need to be had about foreign influence in elections, campaign finance, and lobbyist access to politicians. However Omar appear to be uniquely concerned with Jewish money. Omar makes ambiguous comments about and then when pressed for clarification cites Israeli lobbyists. Of course not all Jewish communities are in Israel nor do all Jewish people support the current Israeli govt. So the storm surrounding Omar's comments is messy. I think she needs to start doing a better job speaking in more concise terms and offering solutions which would universally address the influence of money in politics.
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  3. I must have missed this. I wasn’t calling you out for being irrelevant. Was this directed at me? If so, will you please clarify how what I said has made you feel that I’m treating you differently, as that most certainly was not my intent. I don’t think that’s fair. Raider was not saying deaths of children are irrelevant. He said many of your replies are.
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  4. I’ve never stopped believing in God. His effect still remains. You know what good is, if humans were really good, do you think they’d ever die? All humans are truly evil beings because all humans die someday. You know that the wages of sin is death. Humans are all obviously sin. The fact is out. If there’s no God, do you really believe that humans and their temporary existences are the most superior beings available? That humans keep dying, cycle after cycle, generation after generation and yet something keeps existence running smoothly. God is the one who has been alive since the beginning to ensure that everything happens as it should. Death has been happening since the beginning of human existence. If there’s no God, it would mean that everything in existence is defective and imperfect. Obviously, you know that there are good things in existence. God is the force responsible for the good things. Furthermore, do you realize that humans have to depend on something other than themselves to know how they look? A baby would never know his face if it weren’t for a mirror. You think God uses a freaking mirror to see himself? There’s evidence to show that humanity is not perfect and therefore is evil. Only good is perfect. Undeniable truth. What powers do humans have? Produce feces, produce urine, produce sweat, have anus, repulsive body odors etc Humans are 100% imperfect and therefore are all evil. Diseases like cancer exist to terminate humanity. Humans don’t have the power to defeat disease because they are bad and evil. The force of goodness put such things in place to ensure that evil continues to die. Yes, evil still exists today, but one day, evil would have suffered sufficient killer blows to be deleted. Then all humanity would be dead in hell for eternity. This all means that God is working secretly at the helm, even though you can’t see him.
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