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    I hate to spoil the fun, but it really is "just deserts", not "just desserts"! The "deserts" is a noun related to "deserves". To quote from Garner's Modern American Usage: Obviously this is the most important thing I have to do in the office on a Monday morning.
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    No. Everyone dies. That says nothing about the existence of gods. Only Christians are silly enough to believe that. If humans no longer exist, how will it be clear to them that gods exist? Presumably only those gods will know that they exist; but they would know that already, if they exist. You are not making much sense. Try thinking instead of preaching. (Reported)
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    Brevity and sarcasm. No wonder no-one knows WTF you're talking about half the time.
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    A bird will also shit in your hand when it relaxes and fluffs its feathers. Don't ask me how I know.
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    I will admit "destroy the electron" was not good phrasing! Detection would destroy a photon. In the case of an electron, it would be absurd by whatever sensor technology was used, but not actually be destroyed. It might be possible to detect the passage of an electron because of its change, but I am not aware of any technology that is sensitive enough to detect a single electron that way. I did search earlier for a good description of how the double slit experiment is actually carried out and couldn't really find anything. But I have just noticed that Wikipedia has a reasonably good description of the experimental setup for the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment. This is more complicated but shows the principles involved. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed-choice_quantum_eraser#The_experiment_of_Kim_et_al._(1999)
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    Dim, you have to work on expressing more clearly what you mean, there are several ways to interpret what you posted above, what do you mean?
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    I, of course, have a different take on interstellar travel based on the Winnebago! Large O'Neill cylinders or torus type space habitats will eventually travel to other stars by hoping from one small icy body to another, slowly spreading out like a new animal in a deserted habitat. Controlled fusion would be the key and we all know it's only 10 years away... Rendezvousing with icy bodies would mean the travelers would take thousands of years to get to another star but each icy body rendezvous would be a chance to top up on volatile elements and if the icy body was big enough use it to build more habitats. Using this method we could occupy the entire galaxy in a few million to tens of millions of years and never even visit a planet. Planets would not be needed anymore than a Winnebago needs cities...
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    You have to learn every tool in the box before you can think outside it.
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    By changing the way threats are framed. For example, demanding billions of dollars on marginally effective walls to protect against perceived threats of terror by racial entities, while downplaying domestic terror directed at political adversaries as lone wolf. In recent times, Americans killed more Americans in terror attacks than other entities. To follow suit on the meme "radical Islamic terror", it would be fair to say more Americans die because of "radical Christian terror" but it's not. The left does not paint entire groups with a wide brush in the same manner as the right does. The rehashed meme "socialist" is rearing it's ugly head again and it's not to counter the left framing the right as fascist, insomuch as deliberate propaganda to instill fear. Or by removing the "fake news" or "enemy of the people" labels simply because one cannot refute the facts reported to them. Those kind of retorts are ball bearings and crazy carpets on the slippery slope to tyranny.
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    Why do you do this? Is it so hard to acknowledge that someone other than you can have a valid point? All Sensei did was point out a potential problem with your description of global warming. It wasn't a personal attack.
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    It may not be immediately apparent with plants themselves, but insects that attack plants are already a cause for epidemics by range expansion. For example, the Mountain Pine Beetle. https://www.nrs.fs.fed.us/pubs/gtr/gtr-nrs-p-36papers/47regniere-p-36.pdf
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    The number of hate groups in the U.S. are up a third over the last 4yrs. The majority of hate groups are driven by White Supremacy. Hate crimes rose 17% in 2017 alone. There were just over 8,800 victims of hate crimes in 2017 alone, Link. These aren't frivolous crimes either. In 2017 among just Transgender alone there were 29 people murdered in 2017, Link. These numbers may actually be worse as there isn't a formal department in charge of tracking hate groups or hate related violence. Local Law Enforcement Departments are not required to track or report hate crimes. We have seen multiple individuals target elected officials and news organizations for Domestic Terrorist attacks. We have a very real and growing problem on our hands. Real lives are at risk. It is not an exaggeration to say people are actively trying to kill CNN employees. Numerous arrest has been made. It is not an exaggeration to say people are trying to assassinated Democratic Presidential candidates. Bombs have already been sent in the mail and stock piles of weapons with kill lists have already been found. There are leftist groups associated with violence like Antifa. However everyone without hesitation unequivocally rejects their criminal behavior and they haven't murdered anyone or been caught plotting to murder people. There is not a equivalent tit for tat going on with regards to the threat of Domestic Terror we are seeing. The threat is coming from right wing extremists and far as I can tell right wing media and conservative politicians are encouraging them. From Trump's tweet straight onto a white supremacist's kill list we are see radical domestic terrorist pull names straight from media headlines and target them for political assassination. It is real and it is terrifying.
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    I'm gonna be a Grandpa!
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    I love all instruments equally. To me it is about the music, not the instruments. Sir Robert Tiso, Glass Harp genius, here-under, with 2 massive pieces, -Beethoven, Ludwig van - Moonlight Sonata 1st. Mov. Listen to the added deepness... Followed by Ravel, Maurice - Bolero (this time entirely on Glass Harp): Not an instrument used in either, still... But that be me.
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    Is there God? No one has seen him, but can you feel his effect? Everyone does because everyone dies. All humans die someday because all humans are evil sinners. The wages of sin is death. Good is stronger than evil. God has ultimate power because he is truly good. He hates all evil, that’s why he kills off evil. The reason humanity still exists today is because evil actually has enough power to prevent its immediate death. Goodness will only vanquish all evil after striking sufficient killer blows. Killing off evil is like cooking a meal; it’s only ready after sometime with the fire and not immediately. One day humanity will no longer exist as all evil would be deleted. Then it would be clear that God exists.
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