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    I believe they felt it was an attempt to relieve the pressure on Trump without actually moving the needle toward opening government. So from their perspective, the two main issues of opening government and border security, were completely ignored. Paying the workers, which is good for the workers of course, does nothing to get food inspectors, etc. back to work. All it would do is prolong the government shutdown by making things easier for Trump. So the Republicans are saying "our bill will help the workers by getting them paid" and the Democrats are responding with "our bill will help the workers by getting them paid AND reopen government". Voting 'yes' on the Republican bill will only delay reopening government. From my perspective, that was a smart move by Republicans. They knew it wouldn't get passed but they figured it would make them look good and make the Democrats look bad. And on the off-chance that it passed, it would give Trump greater ability to fight for his wall.
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    Unless you sent the signal by faster than light pigeon. I don't understand why this question is in mainstream Physics, not speculations but I will offer some thoughts. Why bla bla bla? Did you not want a serious answer ? The apparent mass becomes asymptotic to infinity at a relative speed equal to that of light. (ask if you didn't understand this statement) Think about this situation: Water is flowing in an open channel, say a river or concrete channel outflow from a reservoir. The steeper the slope of that channel bed, the faster the water flows. Now the total energy of that water is comprised of the kinetic energy due to its velocity and the pressure energy due to its depth from the water surface to the channel bed. If you add up the kinetic and pressure energy of the water you obtain the total mechancial energy of that water. Dividing by mass or volume gives the specific energy per cubic metre or kilogram. The specific energy becomes asymptiotic to infinity at a certain value of specific energy. This situation is unsustainable so the flowing water adjusts to the situation with what is known as a hydraulic jump. A hydraulic jump is an abrupt change in the depth of the flowing water. This is a real phenomenon observed in some rivers and used in artificial situations like dam outfalls.
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    Faster-than-light allows you to violate causality, meaning there are ways for you to get a response to a signal before you send the signal (as they say: relativity, FTL, causality. Pick two)
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    No surprise here. Stone is alleged to have lied about inquiring for access to hacked/stolen DNC emails, presumably from WikiLeaks at the behest of the Trump campaign. Meanwhile, the president's press secretary, who was also on the campaign, basically said, "so what? CNN did it". Did she actually say.. Did it too? Was that an admission? That begs the question what does she know? Is her denial of the "White House" having knowledge a deflection from the "campaign" having knowledge? Why hasn't she been questioned by Mueller? Here's the thing though. Republicans have no problem with guilt by association and the perceptual maybes they rant. Take Rev. Jeremiah Wright for example, who some times espoused anti American sentiments. For weeks on end, the right barbecued Obama for attending his services or "paling around with terrorists undermining national security". Did any of that even remotely rise to the level of this? Then of course there's the Hillary email thing and her so-called threat to national security for three classified notes on a private server that may have undermined national security. Meanwhile Trump's campaign, requested emails stolen from the DNC by Russians and provided electoral polling data in a quid pro quo and lied about it to the special council. Again why was a perceived threat horrifying while actually colluding is not? Now apparently the Trump campaign has nothing to do with Trump is the narrative. Whatever happened to "I hire all the best people"? Whatever happened to accountability for one's people? Whatever happened fair elections? I have little doubt Trump is criminal in this, but for now, I'll will go along on the premise and the only remaining defense left in the Trump play book, he's been played. A fool. Putin's "useful idiot" The President of the United States of America. Nice job Republicans. Very well done, telling the world just exactly who you are.
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    My position on Brexit is that there should be a 2nd vote. If you, or anyone else, proposed a national vote on Trump's Wall I would be 100% for it. If the public wants Trump's Wall and votes for it I would agree Congress should give Trump every penny he wants. However Trump lost the popular vote by 4 million votes 2yrs ago and Republicans in Congress just lost the popular vote during the Mid Terms by over 9 million votes 2 months ago. So I think it is obvious where majority national sentiment is on this issue. That said if Trump or Congress asked for a national vote on the issue I would support it. The Federal Budget cycle runs October through September. Republicans wrote and passed 2019's budget. Republican's were still in the majority then and Trump got everything he wanted in that budget like increases to DOD and DHS spending well as tax cuts. That was 4 months ago. We are approaching the mid way point through the budget's year. The Wall money Trump is demanding would be a separate appropriation. Congress can approve additional spending at anytime. Trump's Wall has nothing to do with 2019's budget. A President can ask for and receive money for anything any time he or she wants and Congress can consider it. Budgets guarantee minimum levels of spending for the year which can't be taken away. More money can always be added. Bush requested and received hundreds of billion dollars off budget in special appropriations to invade Iraq for example. As a campaign promise Obama put the war costs in the budget and in turn debt estimates shot up a couple trillion dollars from all the Bush era money which had been outside the budget. Link The budget itself is not being debated and Trump can get money through special appropriations. Moreover 2020's budgets needs to be signed in the next 8 months and Trump could fight for it in that budget if he wants it in a budget. Trump is using the budget to shutdown the govt as leverage. The budget is not related to his Wall demand. The two are separate things. He is conflating them to create a crisis and force Democrats into a position were he is hoping they will be forced to give him what he wants. This is a totally manufactured crisis. If Trump truly wanted money for his Wall Republicans could have given it to him at any time over the last 2yrs as they controlled the whole govt. It is not a coincidence that soon as Democrats took control of the House Trump shutdown the govt. There are 100 new members in Congress unable to staff their offices or begin working. We need the full govt open and functioning as it should. The al la carte approach only drags this out. Last year Congress passed the Pay our Military Act which ensured DOD would get paid during a shutdown. Seems like a good idea on the surface but as a result Shutdown can now last longer because large portions of those who would otherwise be impacted by a shutdown are protected. Here we are a year after the Act was passed and the Shutdown is officially the longest in the history of the Country. We do not need to figure out more ways to keep people afloat during the shutdown so that it can be extend further. We need to END the shutdown.
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    That’s just one of many possible outcomes. The underlying point is that there is a new and seemingly sanctioned reason to get people to click on random links in random emails and on random websites. For years we’ve been training people NOT to click on unknown links since it opens their systems to nefarious actors and bugs. Now, under the guise of GDPR, hackers have a bright shiny new opening and they will more frequently be able to trick people into clicking those links and inserting malicious code. ”This site uses cookies. Click OK to proceed.”or “Our privacy policy has been updated. Click here to accept.” ... That sort of thing. In seconds, the person reads that as valid since we’re seeing these popup boxes everywhere, clicks the button, and the hacker is now in. Anyway, that’s how I read his point. The opening here is on clicking the link that is built to mimic a GDPR warning. What happens or what information gets collected next is limited only by the skill and creativity of the person writing the code.
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    You say this is a problem for materialism and I assume you include naturalism as well. The problem I see is that your comment boils down to an argument from incredulity. It is not an abductive argument because you are appealing to the supernatural. Something that has no evidence in its favour (making it the least likely answer) but is also an unfalsifiable proposition. Magic / miracles can account for anything. More importantly it merely pushes the question back one step. If complexity requires design, then why does not this intelligent author require a creator? By positing without justification that this creator (that usually aligns with one's ancient holy texts) doesn't require creation, or is eternal, then your argument runs foul of Occam's Razor by introducing an unnecessary extra assumption. Nature itself only need be eternal, and we know at least that nature exists.
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    Can you imagine what would have resulted had Richard Nixon went after John Dean's family? Had he done that, I'm certain Ford and the rest of the Republican party would have been reticent to grant him a pardon for stepping down. Watergate concluded because it was the republicans that finally put their foot down and said enough is enough for the sake of the party and the country, but today's republicans are silent as the crypt, even though the situation has long since spiraled downward, lower from Nixon's capitulation point.
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    Funny how the same people who rail against String Junky's insistence on 'principles and honor' in the 'You think you got problems, America' thread ( no matter how many people suffer in the UK due to BREXIT with no deal ) are perfectly willing to stand on 'principles and precedents' when it comes to their own government. Polarization at its best. ( fu*k the people who have to suffer, my ideals/principles are intact )
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    Apparently you don't understand.. GDPR was the nicest surprise gift for thieves, crooks, hackers, virus makers they could get, nicely packed gift by politicians. Notice what we have now: flood of SMS, or e-mails, to random people all over the country, with information like "If you would like to remove your data from our database please click here".. And incompetent unaware user is nicely politely going to website possibly made by hacker, what user should never ever do in the first place! And after visit, his/her computer can be infected by virus. They simply make script which goes through the all phone numbers in specified range, without knowing who are these people, sending message, and after user clicked in the message, they get a lot of information about person. Information they did not have previously! What is IP, approximate location, what is phone number, that phone number is active, device details (Android device or Apple, Windows, Mac or Linux), what is web browser and its version, possibly what plugins are installed on it. etc. etc.
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    Anything other than a clean bill fully founding the govt only prolongs this. Getting people paid is just part of the equation. Please stop DEMANDING answers to every little thing you think up. No one here owes you anything. We disagree. I don't have to explain my views to you in a manner you prefer.
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    It's not. But I want to know why you think it's unacceptable to pay people their paychecks before the government reopens. I think we'd both agree that the government should reopen. But if that's not going to happen any time soon, surely we can agree to pay them their paychecks? You have yet to explain how it's compromising on public health and security. Again, how is it sacrificing public health and safety if we pay the workers their paychecks? If anything, it'd increase public health and safety, as workers like TSA agents would be able to do their job properly. And why can't we vote to give workers their paychecks if we can't open the government? It's not sacrificing health and safety. It's actually increasing it. Relax buddy. It wasn't addressed at you. Your explanation was that it was rewarding bad behavior. I asked how. You didn't respond. So I'll ask again. How is it rewarding bad behavior?
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    Holding hostages is wrong. Compromising ph&s is wrong. Hanging one's self on the horns of a dilemma is not a choice. One vote. Open the gov. Yay/Nay It's that fn simple.
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    I addressed your argument. I said I don't think the House should send anything other than the bill that was previously approved and explained why. If you disagree with my position it doesn't mean I fail to address your argument. Democrats have an obligation to do their best to serve their constituents and the nation as a whole. I agree. However I do not think placating Trump is in the best interest of the nation and certainly isn't in the best interest of the voters who put Democrats in office. The popular saying is "we don't negotiate with terrorist". Nothing about Trump's demand require the govt to be shutdown. Trump did it as a means of taking hostages. That shouldn't be allowed to work. No deal until the hostages are freed is the only solution that makes sense to me.
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    Trump has relentlessly insisted for 3 and a half years that Mexico would pay for a border wall. No nuance, no doubts, no maybes, Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. He held rallies a;; over the country leading people in chants where he'd say "who's going the pay for the wall" and stadiums full of supporters when yell "MEXICO". Trump has given interviews and briefings where he'd cut reporters off and insult those who challenged how he'd get Mexico to pay. Now here we are with the govt shutdown as Trump demands a newly elected House majority give him the money tax payer money for his wall......and some people are actually trying to launch arguments blaming Democrats .
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    ! Moderator Note A speculation based on misconceptions isn't going to yield a meaningful explanation. Since there's no way to support a concept based on a misunderstanding, I'm going to close this. I hope the OP has enough information in the replies to correct their understanding.
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    ! Moderator Note Stop spamming your blog. I don't think we need more one thread open to demonstrate your profound ignorance of mathematics so I am locking this one
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    ! Moderator Note Stop spamming your blog. I don't think we need more one thread open to demonstrate your profound ignorance of mathematics so I am locking this one
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    ! Moderator Note Stop spamming your blog. I don't think we need more one thread open to demonstrate your profound ignorance of mathematics so I am locking this one.
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    I think the high place phenomenon is a manifestation of obsessive thought disorder. The stakes are very high as if you fall you could die. This aggravates the symptoms of those with anxiety problems which temporarily and partially leads to obsessive thinking. I think full-blown obsessive thought disorder is caused by infinite regress. It's impossible to actively ignore anything. The mind is not a computer. If you try to ignore something your subconscious will keep checking to see if your ignoring it. In doing so it inadvertently reminds you of the thought. This is what leads to infinite regress and a downward spiral of autocatalytic anxiety. I don't think there's a simple solution. One has to try to instinctively, unintentionally and passively forget it. The difficulty is the lack of control over our subconscious mind.
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    It was directed at me .... I quoted it, you ninja edited yours. Now you deny having said it AND demonize me as hysterical?
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