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    Science can't prove anything; however, with clearly defined and approved parameters and references in science, I think it can provide a methodology whereby evidence can be investigated or found for the existence of "God or afterlife". Wouldn't a more interesting question be what experiment would we personally designed to provide definitive evidence in science for the existence of god(s)? Then we might at least be aware at which point in our own experience we would begin to suspect or accept the existence of some omnipotent intelligence.
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    At least the microtubule angle was found to be false. They're in every cell to boot. I don't really see the brain as needing anything nonclassical. More about having a simply massive number of connections. Rational Wiki has a good article on the subject. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Quantum_consciousness
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    I only learned the mathematical formulation of energy. The intimate nature of each field and the way of storing energy are issues never addressed by my teachers. I never spent time looking for the subject in scientific publications. And the answer has not come to me casually. Within classical physics, they are very interesting questions. I will follow this thread because I would like to read some didactic response.
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    It's possible. The Aharonov–Bohm effect is an example of an interaction happening where the field is zero but the vector potential is not. But to say one has "separated" the field from the potential is somewhat awkward, and not a property of a material, per se, as suggested by the OP.
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    "How can it be that we can still see the CMBR?" Where could it hide?
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    Then you need to stop using the word "proof", because that's exactly what it means. There is no evidence that does more than support an explanation, and science looks for the preponderance of evidence rather than "proof". Also, the 4th choice should be "... is something science isn't designed to explain." The existence of god(s) is outside of natural examination. Science needs observation and predictability, both of which god(s) lack.
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    It still tastes like beer. Of course, if you were in the US 10 years ago it would (famously) have tasted like "making love in a canoe".
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    Analysis of the proof of Cantor's theorem Cantor's theorem states that the power set of ℕ is uncountable. This article carefully analyzes this proof to clarify its logical reasoning Please read the article at Analyze of the proof of Cantor's theorem.pdf
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    I have been seeing this single, small pinpoint of bright, deep blue light dot for years. For those of you saying see a doctor, the blue light many of us see is not like those that come before a migraine or a floater. When you turn your head, the floaters follow/move with you. The blue light stays where it is. It also appears at different depths in the room, sometimes right next to me, other times in thevopposite corner of the room. After much research, I now know the blue light is absolutely some type of loving, almost protective essence. When I researched this years ago, the people who saw this light the most were those calling upon Archangel Michael often. I have never been religious as my parents are athiests, but I am open minded and aware enough to know such beings exist. To me, my light is Archangel Michael. When I see the light, I use it as a reminder to get present and to know you I am loved and protected.
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    oh, John...you are in for a big surprise one day lol! it's all good... one can only see from their current level of awareness. I only posted so others researching the blue light can get another answer outside of the doctor one.
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