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    One dick pic to an underage girl was all I needed to convince me he was an asshole and deserves what he got. Conservatives are not introspective when it comes to their own kind, ever. Just license to double down. You do realize all the Trumps and their cronies use private email servers right? Why not scream that from the rooftops like you do about Hillary's perceived crimes? http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/26/politics/white-house-private-email-kushner-trump-bannon-priebus/index.html
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    An alleged conversation at the Royal Astonomical Society conference November 6th 1919. Silberstein "Professor Eddington, you must be one of the three persons in the world who understand General Relativity" Whilst waiting for a reply as Eddington thinks, Silberstein "Don't be modest, Eddington" Finally Eddington "On the contrary, I'm trying to think who the third person is."
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    I'm not complaining about the BBC science programmes in general, some are absolutely brilliant and I have linked to them here myself. The Earth Science ones are especially good as was the one on Electricity a couple of years back. But my comments on the JAK style are twofold. 1) Asking questions the audience (or anyone else) can't answer and then handwaving when things get difficult. 2) Presenting explanations as though they were cut and dried Physics, not the subjects of considerable modern debate. Here is an interesting two pages from a Roger Penrose book covering much of the same ground. RP has the guts to admit when we just don't know and offers an evently balanced presentation of different speculations by world class scientists. #The Large, the Small and the Human Mind
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    Why? What is the diference between expanding universe, and expanding during a gravity wave. Both are expanding space. I think the arms are not expanding/shrinking, but the space in between. Only light is effected by that. Now I understand why one cannot measure a gravity wave with a ruler: it would measure no expanding/shrinking of the arms because there is none. It's the space between the detectors which expands/shrinks.
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    A boson is not necessarily an elementary particle. It is a particle ( or compound particle ) which obeys Bose-Einstein statistics. Similarily, a fermion obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics. ( hence the names )
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    Thank you all! It's a topic i am interested in. In my opinion,intelligence is an ability of mind to notice,analyze and link together the complex data for creating some making decisions tools. But it's not fixed for ages. It changes with time, efforts to improve it or special medical treatment as psychostimulants. In this sense measurement of intelligence is important not only for realising my current status but my potential mostly. IQ test, for example, have an index of age. Which means a 10 years old kid who is solving the problems as he is 15, has bigger result as a more intelligent person then that one. Am not sure, it is not a sign of agism,by the way,but is another story. I would like to use such a proper test i believe in to measure my progress in keeping my "brain fit" as i do regularly check my body condition.
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    Anyways this Bachelors thesis has several of these coordinate singularities with regards to photon path trapping. https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://thep.housing.rug.nl/sites/default/files/theses/Bachelor%20thesis_Pieter%20van%20der%20Wijk.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwj3wt-h___XAhUP6WMKHcbADbUQFggvMAc&usg=AOvVaw2uiPl4NuOWKJhekMjkXOjn
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    The lunatic fringe is too disruptive of the middle ground discussions, nowadays. Trump demonizes his own party as lunatic fringe when they don't goose step. Remember the moral majority thing? There are moral conservatives, several quite outspoken. Some not so much. Too many not at all. (To speak out against Trump) Truth is, Hillary served long and hard as representative of the USA and FLOTUS, I could go on for days about the good things she did, but Republicans demonize her in every low brow way possible and then some. At the cost of the truth or the worth of service. Truth is, an specious affront to a person where there was no "there there" reflected shamefully on America, long before a guy who paints his face orange entered the picture. Truth is, NOTHING rises above the hot water Trump and his cronies are in, at THIS TIME. Yeah, somehow I don't think Ronnie would collude with Russia, no less to lift sanctions or hide and retain financial ties.
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    No, but she was clearly a better choice IMO, more capable, more qualified, more sensible, and more likely to make the world overall better than Trump. She didn’t get my vote in the primary, but once she won the primary it was a no-brainer to me. I grew up in NY and Trump was a known quantity, an obvious flim-flam man and con artist I’d seen operating scandalously and blowing smoke up peoples asses for decades.
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    Are semicolons allowed?