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    Maybe I was in denial about this. And you guys are totally right. I still don't think that he should be put in the same bucket as the other two mentioned above but yeah.... my approach was very subjective. I took a moment and thought how I would react if this would be someone else who I do not care about in this situation and it would be very different. If any good can be taken from these recent scandals is that Female Directors, Actors, Comedians etc will hopefully get a huge (well deserved) boost in trust and confidence and this scene will see a more female presence. I just realized that you can see the 5 stages of my grief in this thread hahaha. (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance)
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    Please don't fall into the trap of thinking some physical pain has to be manifested in order to hurt someone. http://www.indiewire.com/2017/11/matthew-weiner-louis-ck-harassment-victims-1201895994/ These women were pressured professionally to keep their mouths shut. Their lives were reduced because of the actions of this man.
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    Consider this and you can go from there: - Light always moves at c - everywhere. - Gravity always "moves" at c (hence the 8 minutes for us to notice the sun is missing) In Newtonian physics gravity is a force, in Einstein's General Relativity, gravity is curvature of space. I don't really understand what you're talking about when referring to "the void" and I don't get the Sun being less or more than a gravitational field. Don't worry about your spelling, I think it's very good.
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    It was space.com an article i believe dated August 27. I don't know how to link to it nor do I know how to check the spelling in this reply box. I usually spell so badly that I don't even know for sure if I have spelled something wrong. Am assuming now that they were talking about debris, since they were talking 8 miles per second. I would have expected light to move at c. I would have expected gravity's effect to react at less than c. I am likely wrong, but my thought is this because, if a sudden void is created i would expect things to move toward the void, before moving away. I figured that this would take time. Was also thinking of the sun as being more than a gravitational field. Guess I'm wrong. Still thinking it through. note - the article didn't say anything about the sun suddenly disapearing that came from a CBSN interview I watched.
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    Although science tries to quantify things not everything can be described mathematically. And, of course, the fact that our brains are able to describe the world using mathematics doesn’t mean that the world is inherently mathematical. We can also describe the universe using poetry. It doesn’t mean it is a poem. (Map vs territory, etc. )
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    I believe you mistyped: Fusion rather than fission. (They're both nuclear processes, and I'm confident you know this)
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    If something blows up in space, the detonation shockwave would travel more or less the same velocity as on earth (minus air resistance, gravity, temperature differences) The detonation shockwave velocity differs betwen different compounds - gunpowder, nuclear detonation, a baloon blowing up would all have different shockwave velocities. If the sun disapeared in an instant without detonation, the only „shockwave” we would experience would be lack of gravity normally caused by the sun and like swansont said, it would take ~8min for us to notice. I presume the implication would be that the earth would skew out of its orbit around the non existant sun after those 8 minutes would have passed. Oh, and would get cold. Really cold and really fast.
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    No "shock wave" would be involved. It just means that since the light from the sun takes a little more than 8 minutes to travel the approximately 93 million miles from the sun to the earth, we would see the sun "go out" only a little more than 8 minutes later. I don't know what "shockwave" you are talking about.
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    The spacetime curvature cause by the sun would have to cease, and that would propagate at c.
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    Don't know who this comedian is, but his actions shouldn't spoil your enjoyment of his work. Wagner has made some of the most powerful and beautiful music known to man -being a nazi sympathiser doesn't change that.
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    Rounding what? Your implication was that no circle could have a circumference of an integer number of units. That's wrong. That the speed of light can be expressed in metres per some unit of time, and metres were previously (inaccurately) linked to something that was part of almost a circle, does not produce the relationship you seem to be seeing.
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    In case you missed it I'll repost Moontanman's link. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_power_plant Like others have said this is not what most mean when they say "free energy". But it is free for us somebody else paid the bill. Well unless you take into account the waste thats not going away for generations and the occasional meltdown that makes large swathes of land unlivable.
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    Like you, I say it should go... with caveats. In terms of caveats, here’s how I approached this last year immediately following the presidential election: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/100305-is-it-true-about-the-us-ballot-papers/?tab=comments#comment-953334 Also, I haven’t looked at it recently, but I had a thread on the two party system about 9 years ago:
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    See, I thought that initially that it was Strong Quantum entanglement like space , but then I got a speed of 600 something C for speed instead of around 10,000 C, I will look into otherwise, I am done trying to GR+SR with QFT + QM, it and just drawing the model like this. Physics people go on strike against math until math people can unify their four models without anomalies. You know how math majors make fun of art majors well art can do something math cannot currently produce the UFT in physics with no problems.
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    92Uranium-235 when it's bombarded by free neutrons it's decaying to f.e. 56Barium-141, 36Krypton and couple new free neutrons. These free neutrons are hitting new Uranium-235 atom, and process is repeated. Uranium-235 has slightly higher rest-mass than sum of rest-masses of Barium, Krypton and couple neutrons. Energy released by reaction is calculated in similar way as I showed in thread from my signature. It's not energy from nothing. It's energy that has been stored billions years ago during supernova explosion.
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    I think you are a few decades late with your revelation...
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    Political views aside, I was shocked to learn that the US has an electoral system which makes it possible for a candidate who received 3mln votes less than his oponenent to win and become president. I admit that I don’t know the details of how this system exactly works but 3mln votes less —> Win is controversial nevertheless.
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    It is especially sad considering how much Western Europe was against Polish integration into the EU for fears of them taking all the jobs and bringing all the crime (well, mostly car thefts). Even now Polish folks (if revealed to be as such by name or accent) face discrimination in many Western European countries. That is to a large degree inaccurate. What it lead to was a sense of nationalism. However, how that has manifested throughout polish history has been very multifaceted and was not always inward-looking. The best example is the romantic Polish nationalism of the the 19th century as represented by Mickiewicz or Chopin. This form was more framed by idealism rather than borders or ethinicity. And while politically ineffectual, it had a profound impact on Polish identity. In modern times there is a deep rift in the perception of post-WWII events, which is fueled by by feeling wronged by the communists, but also the Western world. PiS managed to ride the wave of resentment to create an exclusive form of nationalism with heavy revisionists aspects. On top, they masterfully integrated the church as an umbrella for the dissatisfied and, ironically, sprinkled the whole thing with elements of the communist and fascist regime that controlled Poland. The blood and soil rhetoric was, to my knowledge never a cornerstone of Polish nationalism. Rather, it was used as justification for the Nazis for ethnic cleansing in Poland. To embrace this is... well, depressing.
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    Honestly, the xenophobia rising/present in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia (no idea about other countries from the former Soviet bloc) is a mystery to me. In comparison to the Netherlands, Germany, France or Sweden to name a few. I mean it's not a complete mystery, given certain historical context, but its irrational for sure. btw its my understanding that Polish people are proud people, with regards to history. Proud in positive connotations. Though as it seems the line between being proud and being, how to say this, a militant nationalist is thin. ---- edit: useless trivia
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    I didn't want to post a thread on this as I feel very ashamed of this. Unfortunately there is no nonviolent way to stop this, currently there isn't any way to stop this. The so called right wing party "PiS - Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (translation: Law and Justice) has essentially erased in the last 2 years (2 year anniversary propaganda running on TV as I'm writing this) the foundations of a democratic nation - 2 weeks after they were elected they joined the functions of the general prosecutor and the minister of justice and let a sick, deranged guy have the job - he's loyal to Kaczyński who essentially created a crawling dictatorship. They fired all the judges from the supreme court and replaced them. They implemented dozens of legislative laws enabling them to have absolute power over the opposition. They are also extremely effective at populist propaganda, they implemented a "500+" program giving 500 pln for every child in the country (it's a deformed legislation resulting in various types of pathology) The bottom line is that the 60K people marched in Warsaw on Saturday on the Polish independance day (we regained independance in 1918) and it ended up being a Nazi march. Te government media is not really condemning this, the government is openly not condemning this but the opposition is going nuts so that's a good thing. There is no way currently to stop this, Kaczyński has indirect but absolute power over courts, supreme courts, the constitutional tribunal, police, etc. People do not seem like they're going to wake up any time soon so it's either the EU which will enforce sanctions or for me - a passport change which we are considering with my wife and 18 month old son.
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    Filing a false police report is already illegal, and false claims of sexual misconduct happen at about the same rate as other false criminal complaints, considering that most rapes go unreported. If you're talking about public allegations, then you have libel/slander laws. He was blocking the door.
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    There is no evidence for that so I wouldn’t say that. On the other hand, just because you, personally, find it implausible doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. That is the fallacy of arguing from incredulity/ignorance. Beauty is in our heads, not the universe. We find things beautiful because we have grown up (evolved) with them. And, yes, the universe is complex. But I doubt a simple universe could exist. Why do you think there is a will involved? That is just anthropomorphising the universe (and she hates that). It seems you are creating your own version of the universe and then trying to explain that, instead of understanding the universe as it is.
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    From The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams:
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    In short, your belief is immaterial... oh I give up. Believe what you want it won't change anything.
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    Mass of proton is 938.272 MeV/c^2 [math]p^+ + p^+ \rightarrow D^+ + e^+ + v_e + 0.420 MeV[/math] Where does this 420 keV come from? It's difference between mass-energy of Deuterium nucleus and two protons. On the left equation you have 2 mp, on the right mass of Deuterium, mass of positron-electron and energy released in the reaction: [math]m_p c^2 + m_p c^2 = m_d c^2 + m_e c^2 + 0.420 MeV[/math] [math]938.272 MeV + 938.272 MeV = E_d + 0.511 MeV + 0.420 MeV[/math] Rearrange it: [math]E_d = 938.272 MeV + 938.272 MeV - ( 0.511 MeV + 0.420 MeV )[/math] [math]E_d = 1875.613 MeV[/math] [math]m_d = 1875.613 MeV/c^2[/math] 1u = 931.494 MeV/c^2 [math]m_d = \frac{1875.613 MeV/c^2}{931.494 MeV/c^2} = 2.01355 u[/math] Add mass of electron, and there will be ~ 2.0141 u.
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    all those "facts" are not wrong, but the case for Hilary not being involved is dashed by the missing fact that I posted before “Hillary’s opposition [to the Uranium One deal] would have been enough under CFIUS rules to have the decision on the transaction kicked up to the president. That never happened,” Schweizer wrote in “Clinton Cash.” This keeps all the facts true, except for the most important one. Could Hilary have stopped it? The above quote makes it clear that Hilary's opposition would have been enough to kick the decision up to the President.
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    Well you put that off-topic comment out there expecting a reply. Like I said, one day you will get over it.
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    Here is your off topic comment. Here you are admitting that you made an off topic comment intended only to bait out a reply. So you got one like you hoped. I rather mild one too. By the way I do believe that one day you will get over it. Is there no making you happy. You got what you wanted. Still you are crying. Now you are trying to bait me out on white nationalism. Well you know my historically referenced opinion on who is responsible for that in the US. In Poland I think it was the Nazi's. But hey, if you want to go through all that again I'll play along. What, did you have a bad day? Does trolling calm you down?