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  2. That's pretty lame if they don't bounce off each other? Cause that means they are Matter OR Waves ..not both at the same time.. One of these days you guys are going to accept this.
  3. OK. So nothing to support it. I will have to assume you just made it up, then.
  4. Then they will interfere (constructively and destructively, at different places). See the previous posts with details of this. You keep saying "no one has done this" after being provided examples of people doing it. So I am going to request this thread is closed.
  5. Two unobserved matter waves with the same phase and frequency are set to collide somehow. See my additional experiment details in my last comment I was being sarcastic about matter disappearing ..that's ridiculous.
  6. About what. What is fine? No one has tried what? (It might be helpful if you quoted the pots you are responding to.) You have been given multiple examples of experiments involving matter waves of unrelated particles and atoms. So what are you looking for? If you can't be more specific, then no one can answer your question.
  7. I was being sarcastic. This is fine, it just doesn't answer the main question because no one has tried it. Place two double slit experiments facing each other. Remove the final screen the particles would normally collide against. Set a dome over both experiments that can act as the final screen. Run the experiment ..see if you get dots in weird places.
  8. Reincarnation is possible for sure. Technically we already could execute that I think. If we have infinite time to reach/solve reincarnation: 100%.
  9. Again, that is not how destructive interference works (with any sort of wave). If it is unobserved, you won't see it acting like a particle or a wave. If it is observed in a way that will show wave properties you will see wave properties. If it is observed in a way that will show particle properties you will see particle properties.
  10. oh so matter can disappear ..neat. Show me an unobserved quantum matter wave acting like a particle. Observing is an issue because you are only guessing/assuming what will happen. Wave function collapse happens when a quantum wave hits a spacetime object and can't move on. Observation (placing a detector that a particle can pass through) does decide if the particle will be cohered or not.
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  12. I have limited knowledge of this but was ”complex spaces” not possible before? I think have come across the term earlier, maybe more definitions are needed? What complex spaces are we discussing? what is GeneroiKantaolioidenTulot? Generates Constants Revenue? Lack of comments combined with usage of non-english definitions makes the program hard to read.
  13. What is this program supposed to do?
  14. I was thinking of the FOR the physical experiment was carried out in.(if that helps)
  15. It says the same laws of physics apply. There is no experiment that shows that one frame must be at rest, while another must be in motion. Energy is a relative value so in general different frames will measure a different energy.
  16. You will see wave behavior if your experiment is set up to see that, and particle behavior in an experiment designed to see particle behavior. It’s not like a quantum particle acting as a wave can never exhibit particle behavior in some other interaction. Observing isn’t an issue - this isn’t related to wave function collapse
  17. Very true, it needs physical evidence. For me space and time itself, the atoms, electrons, photons, waves are sign of God. For me God=Nature I rather believe, (gives power) than not. I think Pascal sensed that. I need the best physical evidence and I got Nature. I understand how small and simple I am. I understand that I am still Valuable. I have Energy, Matter and Information in Space(Time). Of course they are, it's right there in pascals wager What atheists betting on? It is a bit unclear even I read this forum since a while. As far as I understand they are betting on Nothing when it comes to God. The crazy thing is that the only supernatural I can sense is the sense of Nothing. Space, time, energy and matter free state. 0. God = 0 0,0 0,00. 0.00....0=time
  18. ! Moderator Note This is a discussion forum, not your blog or a place to publish scientific papers. I left the abstract. If you want to discuss your idea you are free to do that. If you want your paper published then submit it to a journal. ! Moderator Note Moved to Speculations. Please read the special rules for this section of the forum.
  19. a would be the differential between your H/H_0 recall that a as the scale factor is just a dimensionless ratio parameter. You set scale factor at cosmological time now at 1. a would be the differential between your H/H_0 recall that a as the scale factor is just a dimensionless ratio parameter. You set scale factor at cosmological time now at 1. Here this will help [latex]{\small\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|c|c|}\hline T_{Ho} (Gy) & T_{H\infty} (Gy) & S_{eq} & H_{0} & \Omega_\Lambda & \Omega_m\\ \hline 14.4&17.3&3400&67.9&0.693&0.307\\ \hline \end{array}}[/latex] [latex]{\small\begin{array}{|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|r|} \hline a=1/S&S&T (Gy)&R (Gly)&D_{now} (Gly)&D_{then}(Gly)&D_{hor}(Gly)&V_{gen}/c&H/Ho \\ \hline 0.001&1090.000&0.000373&0.000628&45.331596&0.041589&0.056714&21.023&22915.263\\ \hline 0.001&863.334&0.000551&0.000915&45.159913&0.052309&0.071406&18.232&15740.128\\ \hline 0.001&683.804&0.000810&0.001326&44.962398&0.065753&0.089864&15.881&10859.192\\ \hline 0.002&541.606&0.001183&0.001915&44.736079&0.082599&0.113040&13.885&7520.218\\ \hline 0.002&428.979&0.001722&0.002756&44.477683&0.103683&0.142116&12.180&5224.758\\ \hline 0.003&339.773&0.002496&0.003956&44.183524&0.130038&0.178562&10.712&3639.803\\ \hline 0.004&269.117&0.003606&0.005666&43.849475&0.162938&0.224202&9.443&2541.361\\ \hline 0.005&213.154&0.005194&0.008100&43.470902&0.203941&0.281289&8.340&1777.702\\ \hline 0.006&168.829&0.007463&0.011563&43.042568&0.254948&0.352603&7.377&1245.393\\ \hline 0.007&133.721&0.010698&0.016484&42.558633&0.318265&0.441559&6.533&873.554\\ \hline 0.009&105.913&0.015309&0.023478&42.012463&0.396668&0.552333&5.791&613.344\\ \hline 0.012&83.889&0.021873&0.033412&41.396601&0.493471&0.690005&5.138&430.988\\ \hline 0.015&66.444&0.031211&0.047518&40.702622&0.612585&0.860719&4.561&303.042\\ \hline 0.019&52.627&0.044487&0.067545&39.921133&0.758568&1.071848&4.051&213.190\\ \hline 0.024&41.683&0.063355&0.095974&39.041469&0.936624&1.332155&3.600&150.041\\ \hline 0.030&33.015&0.090158&0.136321&38.051665&1.152552&1.651928&3.200&105.633\\ \hline 0.038&26.150&0.128224&0.193578&36.938267&1.412573&2.043059&2.845&74.389\\ \hline 0.048&20.712&0.182274&0.274818&35.686105&1.722983&2.519001&2.530&52.398\\ \hline 0.061&16.405&0.258995&0.390062&34.278330&2.089532&3.094542&2.250&36.917\\ \hline 0.077&12.993&0.367873&0.553490&32.695921&2.516347&3.785220&2.002&26.017\\ \hline 0.097&10.291&0.522342&0.785104&30.917756&3.004225&4.606237&1.782&18.342\\ \hline 0.123&8.151&0.741396&1.112970&28.920472&3.547949&5.570564&1.587&12.938\\ \hline 0.155&6.456&1.051751&1.575989&26.679131&4.132295&6.685941&1.415&9.137\\ \hline 0.196&5.114&1.490772&2.226851&24.167785&4.726112&7.950210&1.265&6.467\\ \hline 0.247&4.050&2.109877&3.133394&21.362526&5.274330&9.344906&1.135&4.596\\ \hline 0.312&3.208&2.977691&4.373615&18.247534&5.688090&10.827382&1.026&3.292\\ \hline 0.394&2.541&4.180384&6.013592&14.827243&5.835394&12.323993&0.942&2.395\\ \hline 0.497&2.013&5.813076&8.053192&11.147771&5.539179&13.731340&0.888&1.788\\ \hline 0.627&1.594&7.955449&10.346218&7.320583&4.592515&14.935503&0.873&1.392\\ \hline 0.792&1.263&10.632280&12.576261&3.528946&2.795101&15.853609&0.907&1.145\\ \hline 1.000&1.000&13.787206&14.399932&0.000000&0.000000&16.472274&1.000&1.000\\ \hline 1.263&0.792&17.302122&15.660852&3.144839&3.970507&16.845080&1.161&0.919\\ \hline 1.571&0.637&20.811932&16.388509&5.639833&8.860361&17.041221&1.380&0.879\\ \hline 1.955&0.512&24.444731&16.808523&7.715938&15.083827&17.146441&1.675&0.857\\ \hline 2.433&0.411&28.147021&17.039505&9.416655&22.906412&17.198866&2.056&0.845\\ \hline 3.027&0.330&31.886775&17.163312&10.797410&32.682676&17.221760&2.540&0.839\\ \hline 3.766&0.265&35.646534&17.228668&11.913050&44.870264&17.228668&3.148&0.836\\ \hline 4.687&0.213&39.416981&17.262737&12.812202&60.047793&17.262737&3.910&0.834\\ \hline 5.832&0.171&43.192748&17.280614&13.535828&78.939747&17.280614&4.860&0.833\\ \hline 7.257&0.138&46.971377&17.289940&14.117812&102.450932&17.289940&6.044&0.833\\ \hline 9.030&0.111&50.751666&17.294639&14.585725&131.708610&17.294639&7.519&0.833\\ \hline 11.236&0.089&54.532554&17.297194&14.961819&168.115662&17.297194&9.354&0.833\\ \hline 13.982&0.072&58.313845&17.298546&15.264097&213.418728&17.298546&11.639&0.832\\ \hline 17.398&0.057&62.095516&17.299100&15.507045&269.791380&17.299100&14.482&0.832\\ \hline 21.649&0.046&65.877123&17.299503&15.702284&339.937814&17.299503&18.020&0.832\\ \hline 26.939&0.037&69.658785&17.299738&15.859189&427.223615&17.299738&22.423&0.832\\ \hline 33.521&0.030&73.440477&17.299885&15.985286&535.836513&17.299885&27.902&0.832\\ \hline 41.711&0.024&77.222357&17.299813&16.086628&670.987643&17.299813&34.719&0.832\\ \hline 51.902&0.019&81.004072&17.299891&16.168066&839.160848&17.299891&43.202&0.832\\ \hline 64.584&0.015&84.785791&17.299957&16.233514&1048.424819&17.299957&53.758&0.832\\ \hline 80.364&0.012&88.567685&17.299844&16.286113&1308.819673&17.299844&66.893&0.832\\ \hline 100.000&0.010&92.349407&17.299900&16.328381&1632.838131&17.299900&83.237&0.832\\ \hline \end{array}}[/latex] Row 1.00 is today after row 1.00 is future. Previous is past.
  20. it didn't even sound clever the first time ..... good luck with your "atheism" LOL
  21. Full story at link.... Original story by Erica K. Brockmeier, University of Pennsylvania. a diagram of how the nanofilters are made (top panel) and their microscopic structure (bottom panel) after Abstract.....Post docs Xunda Feng, now at Donghua University, and Yizhou Zhang and graduate student Qaboos Imran, have conducted a study at the lab of Chinedum Osuji which describes a new way to create nanoscale water filters, which as well as being flexible and robust, also have anti microbial properties. When designing a nanoscale filter, engineers usually start with something that resembles a microscopic strainer or a sieve. Water travels through individual holes that are spread along the strainer and are held together by a solid material that fills the space around them. Osuji's group, experts in modifying the chemistries of block polymers, large chains of molecules with large "blocks" of repeated sequences, found something unexpected while studying a similar material. Their discovery led them to "inverting" their design strategy: turning the "holes" of the strainer into solid fibres, leaving the previously solid portions of the structure open. The material was engineered with cross links between individual fibres to add support. Also included in the polymer are chemical structures that give it antimicrobial properties, which will prevent it from being clogged by bacteria. Osuji says.. "Reverse osmosis is highly developed and very efficient at removing all but the most challenging contaminants, but there are places where it is not cost effective, such as in the treatment of brackish water, treatment of industrial wastewater before discharge, or water softening, there is a possibility to push these new membranes into those regimes".
  22. Then don't use Trump as the bar. Be specific and say the country itself sucks.
  23. Are you sure:
  24. When half the country follows him, that's where the bar is set. Thing is, even when Trump is gone, America will still be what it is. We used to be in the commonwealth. The queen isn't our monarch. We don't pay her anything and she doesn't decree. Trudeau Sr. patriated our constitution a half century ago. Our constitution is a modern document though, something that is not amended and absent of contentious clauses that authoritarians love to cling to, like guns.
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