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Forum for the discussion and examination of the rational foundations of religion.

Philosophy and Religion Rules

Participation in the philosophy and religion forums on SFN is considered a privilege. To maintain a reasonable standard of debate, certain rules must be established. Members who violate these rules despite warnings from staff will no longer be allowed to participate in the religion forums.

Philosophy/religion forum rules:

  1. Never make it personal.
    1. Disagreements about beliefs should never be in the form of attacks on the believers. This isn't a place to air grievances. Civility and respect towards other members are needed here even more than elsewhere on SFN, even when you disagree.
    2. Disagreements about beliefs should never be interpreted as attacks on the believers, even when they are. If you can't handle having your beliefs questioned, you don't belong here. If you feel insulted, that does not excuse you from rule 1.a.
  2. Don't use attacks on evolution, the big bang theory, or any other widely acknowledged scientific staple as a means of proving religious matters. Using scientific reasoning is fine, but there are certain religious questions that science cannot answer for you.
  3. Do not post if you have already determined that nothing can change your views. This is a forum for discussion, not lectures or debates.

Of course, the general SFN forum rules also apply. If a member consistently violates the general rules in the religion forum (for example, by being consistently off-topic), their access to the religion forum may be revoked.

These conditions are not up for debate, and they must be adhered to by all members. If you don't understand them, ask for advice from a moderator before posting.

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