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  2. Trump's height/medical exam

    Apply that to gravity and black holes are unfairly discalculated against.
  3. No worries, I presumed it was a typo, I was just trying to make sure as I’m just a „hobbyist physicist” and things can get confusing for me sometimes. Yes, angular momentum is a conserved quantity and cannot be changed unless acted uppon by an outside force - I knew that one That hidden zero net spin on the ball due to layers revolving opposite directions would be a nasty case. Good thing this is not the case.
  4. Is it possible to distort space?

    As I did allude to, I'm not 100% sure which is technically right, or even if that can be determined: The point though is that quantum fluctuations/Casimir effect are not observed in such situations. Quantum foam, string theory and such, are elegant and mathematically beautiful "theories" that "seem" to give reasonable explanations to the way the quantum world operates. And they have been formulated by professional, credentialed experts in the field. Still they do not align with the defined meaning of a "scientific theory" Again, while even many scientists refer to "quantum foam theory" and "string theory" as theories, [ because of their superior explanations and beauty] and while such theories are elegant and mathematically beautiful, they are not scientific theories as defined. In essence scientists are being human and using "theory" as is used in every day speech.
  5. Rotation and gravitational potential in relativity.

    Hi Koti Sorry. I meant to type angular momentum where I typed angular motion. You can't change the angular momentum of an isolated system. What I meant by the appearance of spinning is, for instance, you could spin the surface of a ball one way with the inside spinning the opposite, giving the appearance that the ball itself is spinning with the ball/system having no net spin.
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  7. How is energy conserved when length contracts?

    Thank You! That is what I have been saying. I didn't see that before I asked the question. The author does not show how he derives it from HUP, but I took him at his word, as odd as it also seemed to me..... OK. Now I think the thread is done....yes? Thanks for your time, folks.
  8. do octopus have blood.

    So if some of them could live 5000 days they would be enormous. That would make a kraken good tale!
  9. Fast breeder reactors

    What do you think about particle accelerator driven Thorium reactors? They seem require no Uranium or Plutonium, subcritical (no threat of meltdown) and can burn lot of radioactive waste. It is claimed accelerators with required parameters are on the verge of development.
  10. do octopus have blood.

    Octopus recover a great part of their food sources into body weight. Upwards of 30%. Giant squids only live 500 days. Being a mollusk and a gastropod, octopus have histocompatibility with other mollusks and are known to produce pearls, albeit super-rare.
  11. Space-Time, Imaginary Time and a Singularity.

    My understanding of imaginary time is limited. As far as I could ascertain, Stephen Hawking proposed it as a way to make the 'Big Bang' an event in time, and thus clear up some of the math. However; the term 'imaginary' was used to liken the 'time dimension' to imaginary numbers (x the unknown), and not to say 'doesn't exist'. Personally, I can think of no reason why one time dimensions could not run at right angles to another. After all, up and down, or left and right, would make absolutely no difference to an observer within them. Given that imaginary time represents 'x the unknown', I cannot provide proof of its existence, and if it could be proven, Stephen would probably have gone on to prove it, so... The point is, that if imaginary time does exist, and all time in a given dimension exists all the time, then all of both time dimensions could occur within each other in the smallest possible unit of time, a 'singularity of time' if you will. It's important to note, that imaginary time does not have to exist for me, anymore than it does for you. If the popular theory of the 'Big Bang' is correct, it happened somehow, and if the multiverse theory is correct, all possible universes exist somehow, somewhere. What I am asking is, “Is it possible for the 'Big Bang' to not actually happen, but still exist as a potential event? If there's a rock on my garden wall, it has the potential to fall, but if I never push it, then it never falls. If a singularity has the potential to 'Bang' but never gets 'pushed', it never 'Bangs' but it still has the potential to 'Bang'. “Potential Time” then, would be all of space-time contained within a singularity of space-time, the “What would happen if...” of the singularity. Whereas the Universe itself (if actual) would be the “What happened when...” of the singularity. From my perspective, right here, right now, it makes no difference which case is true. If I'm an 'actual observer' in 'actual space-time', or a 'potential observer' in 'potential space-time', all physical laws of space-time are the same from my perspective. However; when it comes to a multiverse, things get more logical in terms of 'potential time'. If all possible universes exist as 'potential universes', not actual universes, then a singularity can contain all of the 'potential universes', without having to 'Bang' any of them into existence. Cosmologists could be looking for the first 'tick' of a 'clock' that never 'ticked'. The 'clock' (singularity) could be in a perpetual state of “This is what I could do, if something gave me a push.” without there being anything to give it a 'push'. Essentially, all that I'm doing is compressing space-time into a singularity, that in the absence of anything to 'push it' remains constant, but still has the potential to 'Bang'. A closing thought on imaginary time, if the 'Big Bang' can take place without imaginary time, the 'Big Bang' can also 'not' take place without imaginary time. So try not to think in terms of imaginary time 'having' to exist.
  12. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    I believe we are getting off-topic, however, let me note once again, this is a note with a connection to recent "trade wars" between the US and rest of the world(?), how come tax dumping is not covered by anti-dumping?
  13. Harnessing energy of internal electrons

    For example with help of lasers and bacteria: (don'take it too seriously).
  14. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    It's not that I think they do. It's a matter of record that they do.
  15. Trump's height/medical exam

    Yes. It does. But it shows people that bigotry is universal, which was my point, and that so long as it has a universally positive affect it shouldn't be targeted.
  16. I’m not sure I understand. If potential energy from a battery-mechanism inside the ball is released and it becomes rotation of the ball, isn’t that transformation from potential energy into angular motion from within the frame? Obviously not causing any change in mass/energy/gravitational potential within the frame. What do you mean by appearance of spinning?
  17. Trump's height/medical exam

    This attitude makes the error of ignoring degree.
  18. Is it possible to distort space?

    You quoted beecee and swansont providing definitions of "theory" and then asked what "theory" means. The trouble is you don't just ask questions. You present your own ideas created by stringing buzzwords together in meaningless ways. For example. You keep making up stuff like this: Whenever you are asked for citations to support your claims that quantum foam or the holographic principle get rid of the need for dark matter you just change the subject or drag some other irrelevant topic into the discussion.
  19. Is it possible to distort space?

    I dont know Cahill so couldnt comment. Which definitions are you referring too? Strange appears to indicate its not a theory directly before your post. Is Quantum foam theory speculative or a theory whats the difference, it is not my theory. But it claims to agree with much of Relativity except the little bit about dark matter, which the holographic universe idea does not need either. Clearly there are different theories out there which might give some insight into how space could be manipulated. What I have been trying to do with this thread was to ask people using their limited knowledge of physics is it possible to distort space in any way.
  20. Trump's height/medical exam

    Hahahahaha. Wait for 5 years until you find those legislators became congressmen who did a single term and took their salary and ran, or brokered a shady deal to line their pockets. It's best to believe good doesn't exist because then you plan for everything to be corrupt, and if it isn't you celebrate. Look, I couldn't care less about it having origins in bigotry, I have no qualms about that unless it affects the way that it changes things. Why? Because everyone is a bigot and pretends they are not. I am a bigot because I am intolerant of indoctrination. Intolerance is looked upon as a bad thing, it can be, but it can also be a good thing, for example the intolerance of incompetence in technical fields like Chemical Engineering. Are they who prevent the idiot from designing our roads bigoted? Yes. Why? Because they don't want people to be killed by faulty engineering. So long as that bigotry affects the outcome positively I will tolerate it. Why? Because I've learned that the world is not equal and have given up the dream of that. It is a damned shame, I would love to see every single person who has no food be fed, but the greed of every single human and the limited supply deny them. It is not that I wish to see slaves and the starving exploited for profit, it is that it is inevitable. Much as we try to help them they will be exploited by someone. Point to an example of the oppression of Trump's Nationalism from a non news source, I will examine that source's beliefs and stance and if they oppose him then it is most likely propaganda. Why? Because they are on a side that perpetuates lies and thus unless I myself verify that they are not lying with the greatest scrutiny their words cannot be trusted by me.
  21. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    If only I didn't have to ask Google to refute your claim.
  22. BBC article about a series of articles published today in Science about finds in Kenya spanning a million years of human development and evolution, including links to historic climate and other conditions changes.
  23. Trump's height/medical exam

    Opposing Trump's brand of nationalism is being against his brand of nationalism. It would be incorrect and dishonest to extrapolate this. Are you familiar with the bigoted origins of "America First"? We have some legislators who sponsor bills that try to even the playing field. Power does not corrupt the same magnitude.
  24. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    No. How about looking at the facts instead of making stuff up. Ireland has had a low corporate tax policy since the 1950s. In the 1990s the tax rate was reduced to about 10% to stimulate the economy (very successfully). Google moved to Ireland in 2004. Unless I am mistaken, 2004 is after 1990.
  25. How is energy conserved when length contracts?

    I missed that. But I see what is going on. The author is in error. It has nothing to do with the HUP. If you set hbar*c = 1, you get the relationship that 1m equates to 2 x 10^16 / GeV (3 x 10^8m/s) * (4.15 x 10^-15 eV-s/2π) = 2 x 10^-7 eV-m It is simply a byproduct of natural units.
  26. What is the average family net worth in the USA?

    Just a side note and do not mind me, but what is brilliant about "abusing tax heaven"? From an ethical point of view, and ethics are a significant part of Google's marketing strategy, and from let's say (can I say scientific?) point of view of exceptionality because every decent accountant can figure out "tax heaven". The problem for every decent accountant is that not every decent business can, in fact, abuse tax heaven from the nature of the business nor every decent business wants to. What other brilliant business strategies are we talking about? Brilliant my ass, forgive me my language.
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