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  2. A competent government would have index linked the line so that doesn't happen. I don't have many figures for "affordability" but I live in the UK which has about the fifth richest economy in the world. I really don't believe that we can't afford to pay people enough to stop kids going to school hungry. I really don't care greatly how we address that issue. But a minimum wage above the poverty line or a UBI looks like it's worth trying. If only on the basis that everything else has been tried, and has failed. (who remembers "trickle down economics"?) There is the "but employers will not be able to afford to pay it" war-cry. And, as I have pointed out, if that's true then they are not running a valid business and all the free market capitalists should be happy to watch them fold.
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  4. Some quick thoughts. Paired? That implies you are able to match individual criminal's pre and post scores. If so, great. You need to start looking at the distribution of your data. It's count data that has been normalised - i'll bet you it's not normally (or Student T) distributed. You may also suffer from an inflated number of zero counts (i.e. some individuals just don't use some words that others do). What are the actual outcomes here? Presumably you have many keywords, therefore its not a single outcome but a collection. Or do you pool all these results into a single outcome somehow? Best bet is to consult a statistician who will tsk at you for talking to them after you collected the data. Next best is to delve into the literature and see what other researchers have done - particularly if there's a statistician on the paper, they will likely have encountered many of the problems you will.
  5. Does anyone have a solvent recipe for cleaning the works of an Epson or Brother inkjet ? I found this website that has some interesting suggestions, but more are welcome. http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/inkjet-printer-cleaning/
  6. Which underscores the issue: a large part of the economic adjustment will be because the minimum wage has been suppressed. If it had been indexed, the accommodation would’ve been incremental.
  7. Hi all, I'm currently working on my masterthesis. It's about whether the pandemic has influenced the method of phishing that is done by criminals. I've got a dataset on phishing and I'm currently doing a keyword analysis by how many times a certain keyword comes across in phishing emails on a given day. I've normalized the count by dividing it by the number of phishing emails on that particular day (since the amount of emails per day varies). So, now the data looks like the average count of a given keyword in a email per day. Now I was wondering on how I can test this statistically, I'm thinking about a paired samples T-test. Where I've created 2 groups: before and after the start of the pandemic. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  8. Every degree above the optimal represents wasted heat and possibly dangerous conditions. Do you like being suddenly scalded in the shower ?
  9. That's noteworthy as well. I'm guessing the average environmentalist is aware that environmentalism is primarily on behalf of human beings, not animals, but some environmentalists seem to take "save the planet" way too literally and think we are obligated not to do anything that could harm animals whatsoever, even though on an individual level these animals would've harmed each other anyway. Come to think of it, the "'save the planet" mantra was a mistake too. Why the hell do people go along with these nonsensical phrases?
  10. It’s how I understood it, based on the fact that the metric given is of a form that would generally be used by an inertial observer, so it is natural to assume that these are Minkowski coordinates, and not hyperbolic ones. The geodesics calculated from his metric ansatz are straight lines, not hyperbolas - unless the coordinate basis is not Cartesian, but the OP never indicated that. This is also consistent with the OP’s conclusion: “[...] we see that the particle cannot accelerate”, which is of course trivially true, based on that metric.
  11. The idea is wrong because next formula must work but it is not working t/(1-y)=sin t/(cos t -y) y=(t cost-sint)/(t-sint)
  12. You seem to have a non-standard definition of the word "discrimination". Discrimination involves unfair or unjust behavior.
  13. I don't think that is universally true. Especially in the Americas specific programs might be limited, but as a whole the limiting factor seems to be money, rather than space. Not sure what you try to say here, but income is one factor that determines certain eligibility paths in admission. E.g. scholarships. But they can also be part of the evaluation. E.g. a student from a poor neighborhood but with high scores might be perceived as a better candidate than someone from another school in which the average score is much higher than the other school (which, again is often determined by socioeconomic factors). If you are talking about college admissions, they are not based on identities (at least not the way you describe it) but rather but those various factors, i.e. scores, background, compelling CV/life story/essay equivalent and so on.
  14. I can make both moral and fiscal arguments, and my fiscal arguments have not relied on moral stances. I shouldn’t have to point this out given how many times I’ve referred to the data. I can see my point got missed by introducing such an emotional example like slavery. I was merely saying businesses suffered then too, but we still did it because it was the right thing to do. Some businesses will go under due to this change. Some states will be more heavily impacted. That’s not the metric that matters. It’s too simplistic and naive. Jobs will also be created. People will have more money in their own pockets to spend at other peoples businesses, then those people will have more money to spend and the virtuous cycle continues. More people will complete educations and get degrees. They’ll have new ideas and new networked connections. New businesses will be started as people no longer have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. Kids health will go up as they’re better fed and have their parents nearby more often. The list continues. If you focus only on immediate costs to some particular sub populations and ignore the returns... if you forget this is an investment and not just an expenditure, then of course you’ll be against it. This is an issue of creative destruction. I urge you to focus a bit more on the creation than on the destruction, which nearly all analyses say will be smaller anyway. Adjusted for inflation, minimum wage today should actually be closer to $25/hr. Can we please get our heads out of our asses and stop standing as an obstacle to the still too low baby step of $15/hr?
  15. Currently there are limited places available in education. If criteria or qualification is put in place to fill those spaces, there will be discrimination. Increase the available space to students. This can be done online and and I believe on-line learning will be used increasingly. Maybe opening a can of worms re-qualification for the established educational institutions, but I think it will be inevitable . Poverty can be reduced, with programs and policies. Lack of familiarity with educational opportunity and achievement can be addressed. They should be. There are human conditions that will affect a persons likelihood of experiencing poverty or their chances of gaining places in educational institutions among other things. Colour, sex, disability are some of them. They are not identities .They are conditions of humanities sum. Equal parts of that sum. The act of dividing that sum according to perceived differences in value is, to me, racism or bigotry. The poor are not lumped into a group identity. Poverty is seen as human condition. Not an identity that can be defined in any way other than the broad and diverse definition of the word itself. Conditions of humanity are fluid and diverse. They thrive or not based on environmental demands and expectation. Their definition and manifestations are clearly understood. there are no qualifications other than a loose but clearly understood word. We all know what poverty is . What white or black is. what sex is. or what illness and disability are. We know they manifest in diverse ways. Human conditions are evolving and not yet fixed, one would hope. Identities though are characterised. They have fixed margins. Those must be maintained to uphold the integrity of the identity. If you are going to assign characterisations to human identities they have to be maintained internally for the integrity of the identity.... No true Scott. But the line between what is environment and what is identity is blurred because there is no separation! Its a Human environment. Science is defined by its practice, what ever form that presently expects. A woman is defined by her chromosomes, however they manifest. You can address the conditions as they present, in poverty or lack of opportunity. I see no need to address a persons colour sex or disability as a problem in itself, or as in any way defining of a persons value or potential to their goals or the whole of humanity. Not even in an historic context, because that implies inherent inequality which is some thing I don't think we want to promote. I recall a post on this forum where a black woman was discredited as unrepresentative of her black identity, because she did not fit the characterisation we are being taught to accept as 'truth'. It went unchallenged. Yet clearly she is black. Clearly she is representative of a black woman. Identity politics can only divide and marginalise Humanity because thats what identity infers, margins of acceptance or qualification. I doubt any one can claim Humanity has become less divided with the promotion of identification with distinct human conditions, over humanity itself. Yet we are told to double down on our intolerance to Human conditions in opposition. And an identity separated or marginalised from the whole by our characterisations can only be maintained in opposition. As opposed to... Thats a rejection of our human environment.
  16. But the impact will be less for those making more than the federal minimum. The scale was the point I was making. The population, and economy, is much, much larger today.
  17. It would make sense. However I think the hypothesis from the authors that certain developments (such as the bow) may have caused increasing job specialization. It does seem to make sense that pregnant women are out of the hunting game, too. Conversely, it is likely that folks would do whatever is most beneficial given the circumstances. E.g. if foraging provides most of the nutrition in a given area, hunting may not be seen as a top priority.
  18. For that reason, and many others. I have to agree that it isn't a valid comparison.
  19. It’s fascinating watching this story evolve and unfold in real time.
  20. Think ideally your output temperature should vary based on heating load. If return temperature isn't low enough you won't be able to steal back the latent heat locked away. Does take the correct setup to really see the benefits.
  21. Seems Poland is not alone. The left wing Mexican Government is looking at a similar proposal. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/01/16/mexico-poland-social-media-trump/
  22. I would think it likely that these early people were often in small nomadic groups where co-operation was essential and a persons abilities were encouraged and exploited, regardless of the 'gender issues' modern man seems to assume are inherent.
  23. At least on its website in 2021, Isar Aerospace alleges that its Spectrum launcher will have 9 engines at the first stage, identical to the second stage engine with a shorter nozzle. But if I reveal that the Soviet N-1 did it before SpaceX' Falcon 9, maybe it wasn't such a fabulous idea after all, and we can consider other options. Ariane 4 too used the same Viking engine at the first and second stages with different nozzles. But it had only 4 engines at the first stage, which wasn't filled in this configuration. As strap-on boosters added up to 4 Viking, the first stage started full. O2 instead of N2O4 saves Ariane's third stage. On light and low missions, Ariane 4 cost 5 engines, not 9. On heavy or high missions, the strap-ons were discarded when their thrust became unnecessary and their tanks empty. The central stage was more efficient by ending lighter with fewer engines and smaller tanks. 4 nozzles at the first stage can be wider than 9 as they should have atmospheric inserts. Widening from 0.45m to 0.8m gains at once 23s Isp, wow! Around 10% more payload. 4 or 6 engines at the first stage? Only a more detailed analysis would tell. Engines slightly stronger than in the 1+9 configuration help also push the second stage when it starts early, but they must throttle more at the end. How many strap-on locations? Room is plentiful, more locations allow a wider adjustment. 6 evenly spaced locations balance the thrust of 2, 3, 6-2 and 6 strap-ons. 12 locations balance 2, 3, 4, 2+3, 6, 12-2-3, 12-4, 12-3, 12-2 and 12 strap-ons. 4 and 8 are less flexible. With 12 strap-ons, especially if the first stage ignites or reignites later, I expect the second stage to reach efficiently Gso and the planetary transfers, and the first stage may reach Leo marginally. By the way, I doubt that Leo and Sso suffice to constellations. All companies have abandoned propellant transfers from the strap-ons, but they would bring performance. Marc Schaefer, aka Enthalpy
  24. 15/hr minimum will capture everyone making less, not just those currently at minimum wage. (exemptions aside) Of course it would still differ, for a multitude of reasons. It's really not a good comparison, morally or economically.
  25. More than twice as many people were freed by 1865 (~3.9 million, out of a US population of about 31.5 million) than are working for the minimum wage (1.7 million in 2018, out of a population 10x larger than in 1865), so I would expect the economic impact to differ https://www.bls.gov/opub/reports/minimum-wage/2018/home.htm#cps_mw_whe_hist.f.1
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  27. IIRC the plantation owners ( and those in favor of the situation ) tried very hard to leave the Union, and keep their way of life. Modern businesses, on the other hand, operate in a global economy, and have no problem leaving, and taking their business and factories overseas. Haven't you noticed ? All you've done is given an example ( equating slaves with employees ) of a very low threshold min wage increase that killed jobs 150 years ago.
  28. First of all it's not slavery. It really should not be compared to it. Second, if you are making a moral argument for it, you can't use that as evidence that $15/hr across the US will work. In fact I will repeat you can't have evidence that 15/hr will work in any State (I also can't have evidence that it won't work....it simply hasn't been tried. All the links we've posted only have projections, or evidence where much more marginal increases will work. Third, if you want to make it a moral argument...if it doesn't work...and hurts poor areas the most after you've insisted that no one without the ability to find themselves a $15/hr job is allowed to work....then you've hurt every State where it doesn't work and there ability to support social programs and welfare....where now they would need it more than ever. There are only about 15 States with minimum wages over $10/hr, and none at $15. Yet almost half the States have Democrat Governors. Maybe evil is not the only reason none of them have moved it to $15 already?
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