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  1. dimreepr

    Canadian Election

    I guess that depends on what food is available. Sorry, now I'm yanking the thread off topic...
  2. dimreepr

    Canadian Election

    What is bad debt in this context?
  3. dimreepr

    Canadian Election

    The two are so precisely interrelated that, I don't think you could.
  4. We got lumps of it out the back...
  5. Next, crusifiction? Good, out of the door line on the left one cross each...
  6. Crucifiction? Yes, good, out of the door one cross each, line on the left...
  7. He shoulda beared left from Luton.
  8. I'd say, "you're welcome", but I'm sure you ponderance is one of revenge, rather than learning; I hope I'm wrong. A bacteria that's easily killed... And?
  9. LOL, that's a heapin helpin of straw, man. But if we run with your analogy, what you're saying is, when we selectively breed, we can create almost any shape dog we want, right? I'll leave you to ponder...
  10. Yep, that's your MO. What you're suggesting is the exact reason why there's antibiotic resistance. You can't preemptively strike an evolutionary process; it's like trying to punch smoke...
  11. Wales were lucky France was true to type, they had the only red card, in this tourny, that would be a red in any previous tourny. If this world cup had happened 2 years ago I think the final would have been Wales v Ireland, but in this one I think the final is England v New Zealand and I'm optomistic...
  12. Correlation does not imply causation, having said that the Koran does mention Jesus.
  13. There was a young man from tring who thought this might be a thing he was sadly mistaken when someone forsaken imagined an imaginary ting
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