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  1. Don't move the goalposts. It is not vague and incorrect WRT HOW MATTER CAME ABOUT. Jeez. Quit arguing about nothing and move on already.
  2. No, he is replying to stuff you did write. I would have said the same thing. The BBT is not vague and incomplete whether you are expecting it to clear up the riddle of infinity or not. amshion's understanding of the BBT is what is vague in incomplete. The BBT is just fine, thank you very much.
  3. That is correct. But then again, it was not meant to. It is not "incomplete and vague" in these areas, it is simply not within its scope. Saying is is incomplete and vague in these areas is like saying my sourdough bread recipe is incomplete and vague because it does not explain how wheat is grown.
  4. Let me be the first to disagree. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang
  5. Based on your comments of course. What some see as simple disagreement you see as "tense" and "hoped for friendly discussion".
  6. Our version of "friendly discussion" means courteous. Your versions seems to mean "agree with what I say".
  7. Like I said previously, it is like we are debating with a child. You should have stuck with your decision to leave this thread.
  8. Not according to the link you provided.
  9. Also a slightly different reason the father was jailed. From the link provided:
  10. I'm not referring to the law, I'm referring to the fact that you want others to respect your preferences, but you refuse to grant them that same courtesy. It seems this is more of an emotional issue for you rather than one derived from reason. That has got to be the biggest red herring I've ever seen. Oh for God's sake...
  11. So perhaps you can see the confusion that causes when you refuse to call others what they would be preferred to be called.
  12. You continue to dodge questions. It is getting old.
  13. So you don't care if I call you 'they', and you will call someone born female 'he' if requested? I've got to say that talking to you has become very difficult.
  14. Did you not really mean the posts I quoted from you?
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