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  1. Well, it doesn't bother me. I'm tired of wasting my breath on those who refuse data and reason. I've got better things to do.
  2. Good point! The conspiracy theorists are making money off this, why can't we?
  3. On the other hand it doesn't really bother me to let the willfully ignorant wallow in their fears.
  4. Is your world different than the one Marx envisioned when he said "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"?
  5. Then don't deny you said something. Just say you are changing the rule. That way we can avoid wasted effort.
  6. My cousin is 6' 3" and probably 240 pounds. My niece is about 5' 1" and I doubt she tops 105 pounds. Neither have kids. If she works and he doesn't, you said she will get more food according to you. ("if he doesn't he will take a lot less than those who does") You are changing the rules as you go.
  7. That's not what you said earlier. You directly tied how much you get to how hard you worked.
  8. Exactly. The way it works for me is I'm allocated a certain quantity of 'numbers' from my employer; the harder I work the more numbers I get. When I go to breakfast they check to see if I have enough 'numbers' for the amount of food I'm taking. If I don't have enough numbers, the restaurant receives the following message from the place they checked my numbers: "Insufficient Funds".
  9. Agree with both of you. How science works, and the up-front fuzziness of the future benefits, makes it a relatively hard sell for the average citizen. Road repair on the other hand is well understood. If you are trying to put together a sales pitch for public funding of a science project, you need to get people to understand long term benefits. If the people think you are trying to create jobs so that highly educated people can do stuff like examine the mating habits of dung beetles, then you are not going to get much support. But if you want funding that will make sure your neighbor gets off unemployment and you no longer ruin your tires on that crappy road, people will be all for that.
  10. If your goal is to create more jobs you should aim a bit lower than the LHC. A billion dollars devoted to growing and harvesting potatoes, or road repair, will generate a lot more jobs than a highly complex science experiment.
  11. I do. I just don't remember this part...
  12. I don't remember this from the Bible. It sounds more like you are asking us to interpret your interpretation of a metaphor. Where is that going to lead us?
  13. Dig in your heels. Never give in. Never concede a point. It will make you look weak.
  14. How is that not fair? It will look exactly the same to observers from any of those other billions of galaxies as it looks to us.
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