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In Topic: I hereby challenge Relativity and promote Aether.

Today, 03:39 PM

my argument is that relativity changes aging, but not time.

You started from reading about, hard to grasp for layman, twin's aging thought experiment, and immediately you were put off.

You should start from much easier to grasp decay of unstable particles,
where are used Special Relativity equations to predict something which you can actually see on your own eyes in particle detector (which you can build literally today for couple dozen usd)..
I wrote example equations here:
Using them you can predict decay energy, velocity, kinetic energy, momentum of newly created particles.
Then compare with what you have in particle detector.

A famous person once said "If the first time you hear of quantum physics, the concept does not immediately shock you, then you are not understanding it correctly."

In quote it was "quantum mechanics", not "quantum physics".

Special relativity is widely used in particle detectors like CERN/LHC, in computer software, to recreate impact of particles with other particles, and production of mesons, baryons, and leptons 2nd and 3rd generation, high energy gammas, etc. etc

In Topic: I hereby challenge Relativity and promote Aether.

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

I'm going to cook up a visual GIF example of what I'm saying, and it's going to be nice.

Currently I have to deal with a lot of annoying and enraging social entities outside of these forums. It is making my anger levels astronomical. My extreme anger is slowing down my ability to make these GIFs. But I am going to try to make these Gif examples.


Nobody needs GIF here. It's science forum. Scientists want to see calculations and equations which can be tested against experimental data..

In Topic: Why Hitler proclaimed war on US?

Yesterday, 05:01 PM

In my reply, I was not judging actions of politicians of these countries, but presenting raw facts.

Their actions and reactions were quite predictable.

One offensive action was replied by another country predictable in advance reply.

Tense between countries were arising to the level war was inevitable.


The fact that Germany had conquered France somehow makes this OK? And that a US response was undeserved? The US should not have aided an historical ally, in any way?


May I reply with questions:

Did US declare war with Germany after conquering France.. ? Attacking England? Attacking and occupation of eastern countries in '39 ?

Did US freeze German's assets after conquering France.. ? etc. etc. like above..

Freezing German's assets happened in June'41, 2 years after the first attack (without including overtaking of Austria and occupation of Czech..)


What is so special in taking little Vietnam by Japan, from taking entire Europe by Germany,

so freezing assets happened exactly just because of this action.. ?


In Topic: Why Hitler proclaimed war on US?

Yesterday, 04:01 PM

And Japan's occupation of French territory was the US's fault?


Obviously not "fault of US". But you are missing bigger picture.


You have to remember that France didn't exist at that time.
Half was taken by Nazi, and half was under political control by Nazi.

France surrendered 25 June 1940.
Japan invaded Indochina in September 1940.


France was occupying these territories, didn't own them.
For people living there it was replacement of one occupant by another occupant.

The First Indochina War began just a bit later, to liberate from French occupation:

Freezing assets as part of diplomatic maneuvers is not war, and not unheard of.

Some call "killing other country leader" as "aggressive diplomatic".. ;)


In Topic: Blasphemy (Aether, really)

Yesterday, 02:31 PM

It's not my area, but what galaxy (or galaxies) are approaching us at enormous speeds?

Andromeda (together with its satellite galaxies)

"The Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way at about 110 kilometres per second (68 mi/s)." (lucky for us, not really fast though)
"This makes the Andromeda Galaxy one of about 100 observable blueshifted galaxies."