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Cap'n Refsmmat

Coming soon: SFN upgrades to new forum software

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Cap'n Refsmmat    1331

This weekend -- likely on Saturday afternoon, Eastern time -- we will be upgrading SFN to the latest version of our forum software, IPB. It's a big update, from version 3.6 to 4.1, and will involve big changes to the look and features of SFN. The theme will be upgraded to look better on phones and tablets, the text editor will be upgraded... basically everything will change.


Naturally this will involve some disruption. We'll try to minimize it, but SFN will likely be down for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, followed by a period with some bugs and kinks we'll have to work out. As always, you can post here or in the Suggestions, Comments and Support forum if you experience problems after the upgrade. We'll keep you posted on the process as we work through it.

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