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  1. I was reading it can cleave off the following tRNA. Some people do have a mutant form with a stop codon causing excercise exhaustion.
  2. We should go back to circular dna and call it a day.
  3. Not trained in this area specifically, but maybe a pipe or valve left open to the atmosphere on our imaginary oil rig and a pump left running on the shore. Be really hypothetical but somehow we manage to pull off crazy hypotheticals regularly. Weight of the pipe was the other big peice Swansont had covered. There's actually a buoyancy calculation for vessels that is similar, upward buoyancy force minus downward weight. I always like it when we are able to help people out. Sometimes teaching via questions feels like pulling teeth, but then there's times like this where it works wonders.
  4. lol, your professor definitely didn't make it obvious, even throwing in a red herring by providing oil density. A good question there, glad we could help you find the right result.
  5. What happens if we assume the oil supply has been disrupted, leaving air?
  6. Yeah, we still possess advantages but China has been far more proactive in strengthening themselves economically and building relationships. Yeah, I was thinking that too, the promotion of the college lifestyle. I know optimism of youth isn't going to go away anytime soon, but I feel we could educate people better as to the reality. Should be a course by itself.
  7. With Bitcoin, you also have the blockchain (giant transaction ledger). All currency works on faith though. A dollar has value because you have faith the government won't print out a googleplex of them overnight. New fork BitCash looks more promising longterm. Kind of interesting that they are making progress towards something more broadly usable. Gold's value is mostly based on how financially (in)secure the world is feeling. See this with BitCoin too. We use up some each year but we are also mining more, so we are stuck with this monstrous surplus. Periodically dips down to its true value. Do your homework if you ever look at buying it as an investment. Either price can drop or you can end up buying something like coins at a markup.
  8. It was decent here. Could have been less cloudy but were enough clear areas we could still watch it. I had hoped to have the day off, but it was real quiet at work. Some folks had eclipse glasses they were nice enough to share. Everyone taking part was nice to see. Weather was a bit odd. Seemed like the wildlife was reacting as well. Thought that was oddly interesting to see along with eith the celestial event taking place.
  9. We don't really need as much these days honestly. Some the of 'the dream' was nothing but materialism. I do hate to see people in so much student debt. Hearing about parents still helping out with the debt of their grown, professional children. Uterly wrong.
  10. Storage vessels would make sense.
  11. Talking about antifreeze. I'm not sure how workable it will be for us, though there's a dessiccation based method that might work instead. Strictly only need hibernation rather than freezing. Sometimes we pull this off in accidents, but needs to be reliable rather than random.
  12. This link has a bit more info. https://kimmikong.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/the-making-of-alfred-hitchcocks-the-birds/ Sounds like cast and crew were living the movie they were making.
  13. Really depends. Check the type(s) you have. Thermoplastics are pretty safe up to a point. Others you should be careful with.
  14. Yeah, have a feeling it is like Maxwell's demon.
  15. I think I remember reading we mine far more than industry uses. Necessarily there is also a cost to store it, so rationally you would expect the value to fall. Mostly propped up and rises due to belief, until eventually falling. http://www.macrotrends.net/1333/historical-gold-prices-100-year-chart