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  1. Even if the speed of light varied, the numerical value of c wouldn't actually change in the metric system. But, yeah, for the time being the Kilogram's definition is still tied to a chunk of metal.
  2. Introducing the Piangle

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Measurement_of_a_Circle He didn't give it a name though.
  3. Disappeared Argentine Submarine

    Sad, hopefully they'll find something. Subs are used more for intelligence gathering, operating as a part of a carrier group or remaining on standby with the Nukes now. Do still rig for Ultra Quiet on occasion. About the same procedure used for night. Turn off the lights in Control, dim others nearby. Only big difference if you are not on shift(6 hours) you should be in your rack. Sleep, read, play on your devices; fond memories. It's mostly smaller guys actually. Physical fitness standards + narrow passage ways and overhead pipes. We generally try and train not to panic though. Rapid response is more useful. Most emergencies are time critical. Yeah, probably was beyond crush depth for that sub. If I recall correctly, subs used to do that on occasion if it was shallow enough. Think some ended up stuck or damaged as a result, so they moved away from it. They do seem to be looking at the batteries as a primary cause now. Know that it wouldn't have helped matters if something else happened too though. Hydrodynamic lift and pumping water are both tied to having power. Pressurized air backups for both but if one of them wasn't working as well could end up going down.
  4. CRH - Cell Regeneration in Humans

    Not sure it would work like you are imagining. Even if compatible, the new DNA will direct things going forward. We do have cells that can replicate indefinitely already. Basically the risk of one becoming Cancer requires their numbers to be limited. You'll want to look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomerase It's the primary way these various cells manage immortality of a sort.
  5. JCVI-Syn3.0

    Evolution/Abiogenesis isn't about it happening by chance or accident. What doesn't reproduce or replicate dies out. You end up something that is really really good at it. You can obviously duplicate the spaghetti code the process spat out. Why nobody really finds it ironic here. I'll find it cooler once they do it from scratch, but we're getting there. There are issues with making a genome smaller(JCVI-syn3.0). Additional length provides a degree of redundancy and a repository for the future evolution. Main issue with the 'designer idea" is that there are many cases where things could be better done. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_poor_design#Fatal_flaws You could make a point that the bad design is deliberate or stems from ineptitude, but that doesn't exactly inspire me to worship this being.
  6. Somalia and Aid?

    Main thought is that without stability they definitely won't get anywhere. A number of diseases are also easily thwarted via good governance. During the Irish Potatoe Famine there were also international relief efforts. http://irishamerica.com/2009/08/international-relief-efforts-during-the-famine/ Quite a number of Irish Immigrants to the US during that as well.
  7. Intelligence test

    That's subjective, not objective. IQ tests are dubious at best. For no reason I can tell you're trying to link this already dubious concept to birth date. Understandably people are responding negatively here.
  8. Myopia

    This help any? http://www.math.ubc.ca/~cass/courses/m309-03a/m309-projects/lo/Corrections.html
  9. Apple rejects order to unlock gunman's phone

    https://nerdist.com/heres-why-the-fbi-cant-hack-an-iphone/ Knew I remembered something to that effect. Been awhile and they got in anyways so...
  10. A bridge between physical and computer world

    They have before. https://www.damninteresting.com/on-the-origin-of-circuits/ You'd have to give them alot of time and be ready for a ton of failures. In some cases the definition of 'success' can also differ between man and machine.
  11. May want to look at a simple phone app(IP webcam). Does depend on what all you are looking for. Sensors can be off the shelf, if they can be placed so they can be read via the camera.
  12. Hive minds, Fermi paradox...

    That is a really good book. One of the more realistic takes on how technology might have developed for another species. Cant recall the details now, but I was actually looking for East of Eden and picked that up by mistake. Thought the Dinosaurs were a bit odd, even for Steinbeck.
  13. some people can hear a silent gif

    Saw this the other day. One explanation was that internal noise is caused as the brain is trying to dampen the loud sound it expects to follow. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensor_tympani_muscle Hear it myself, pretty cool.
  14. Dewey Decimal question

    Neutralized it. Some votes are seemingly random, who knows though. Anyways yeah, I'll ask. See what kind of response I get.
  15. Dewey Decimal question

    Looked into it some more. Didn't fully consider how Dewey Decimal wasn't public domain :/ Apparently there are more classification levels but the full system is only made accessible to subscribers. The first and last bit I should be able to get right at least. Middle I think I'll have to reuse an existing number or make an educated guess.