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  1. Your Heart's Desire

    Rarely utilized them whenever I was reading posts and I don't think I ever used them when I posted. Back of house, I'm sure they're just looking at which posts are claiming thread #123 as their parent and then organizing via timestamp.
  2. Kurzweil

    Please provide evidence or a source. Right now you are defaming a guy. That ain't cool.
  3. Kurzweil

    What is this in reference to?
  4. dna evolution

    Main issue is that there is no way to be sure of how everything started. We know of various forms of self assembly that can occur naturally, but we will never be able to say for sure what happened in what order. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-assembly Like Phi mentioned Evolution doesn't actually cover the start of life, abiogenesis. Evolution itself is rock solid. I think more focus is going into decoding existing genetic material and synthetic biology at this point. If the specifics of abiogenesis haven't been nailed down yet, then at least we have a good outline.
  5. Compostable food packaging

    There's been some progress made. Beeswax based products for dry goods and agar(seaweed based) to store liquids. I think they are going to take time to catch on. Very different looking than what we're used to.
  6. Density = Mass / Volume Hypothetically in the center you have a finite Mass with Zero volume. The term "mathematical singularity" sums it up better now, as we don't know if this what actually occurs. Someday someone will figure out a more descriptive Theory, until then we can wonder. Black holes can be massive, but ultimately still limited in how much gravitational force they can produce. Does make for a very impressive and much more active accretion disk though. Otherwise yes, we would all be heading down the proverbial drain
  7. Inbreeding

    Thanks. Was curious and the topic hasn't been covered any here. Pretty sure lose about half each time.
  8. Inbreeding

    ~12.5% for first cousins. 0.5^3 That's assuming all the sets of parents are not themselves related though. Yeah, it is the blind repetition that causes the problems. Has there been any hard numbers released as to what extent this is actually an issue in the UK?
  9. Inbreeding

    No, not a huge concern, repeated inbreeding is the main source of problems.
  10. The Origin of Energy

    So... what do you wish to discuss?
  11. Encephalartos woodii also know as E. wodii

    I wonder if you could swap out chloroplasts, like we're doing with our mitochondria in some treatments.
  12. How Does Mercury Really Look Like?

    Described as a false color image composite. https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap130612.html Most vivid colors look to be from the IR and UV ranges. Probably first couple of images posted would be closer to true.
  13. Length Contraction

    Could you clarify?
  14. Length Contraction

    Been talked about before here, but an Odometer(mileometer) readout would disagree with what the homebody twin considers the distance to be. If something can serve as a record for how long in terms of time or distance the trip was, that record will remain after coming back. There may be a natural equivalent to an odometer, not sure on that one.
  15. You could pump it full of heavier than air gas and then use standard AC. Like John was saying earlier though, cost will be an issue. There might be some endothermic reaction you could use. Not sure on that one though.