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  1. ! Moderator Note To add. Under the speculation rules you need to give evidence. If you don't I'm going to close this.
  2. This isn't a theory as modern physics would consider a theory. It's not even a hypothesis. We (the physics community) are working towards better mathematical models of cosmology. It's not incidental at all, it's completely irrelevant.
  3. ! Moderator Note Mike, of the last 2 posts of yours that I can find that had negative reputation points these were given by different users. Not one with a vendetta. I would assume these have been given to you as your are resistant to other people's evidence and have provided none in their view.
  4. Even a pretty cheap pair of binoculars can give you some amazing views of the sky. Especially if you're somewhere dark. Definitely worth trying!
  5. Hi Ted, A few thoughts before reading what you've got here. 1. There's no maths, physics uses the language of maths to make quantitative predictions. Without it you're just telling stories. 2. That's a big wall of text, it's unlikely anyone is going to be bothered to read it. Especially after he preamble. 3. The preamble is not positive. You've got to remember some of he smartest people who are alive have spent lifetimes on trying to understand this. Just being a member of mensa etc... Isn't going to swing it. I strongly suspect that people will read it and then not bother to read the rest. People in science care about the content not who's saying it. (see the logical fallacy of appeal to authority).
  6. ! Moderator Note Hi Ted, We don't like it when people reply to other people's threads with their own speculations and ideas. Especially in the mainstream fora. It's considered thread hijacking. I'm therefore going to split your post off and put it in the speculations area. Please read the special rules for that forum and you may also want to reread the rules you agreed to when you signed up here. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Tim Peake, the ESA astronaut ,told me an interesting story a few months ago. One of the people he knows was desperate to become an astronaut, he joined the USAF, trained as a fighter pilot, became a test pilot and applied. He failed the tryouts. A few years later he left the air force and retrained as a medical doctor. A couple years later NASA advertised for doctors to become astronauts to support the longer duration missions. He applied and was successful. A route to his dream that didn't even exist when he started out and one he never thought would happen.
  8. Then you're unlikely to get help in a public forum. Sorry but without even the most basic information that you've failed to supply we cannot draw any conclusions.
  9. Stay, ask questions about the things you've read. You'll be amazed by what you can learn, I am almost every day. You've got a great attitude
  10. Certainly a careful control should have been run at the same time. Along with careful handling (gloves as a minimum). Also reversing by completely removing the data would have been a sensible step.
  11. Thank you for filling in some of my unknowns. Flash memory is something that seems to have fallen through things I've learnt about over the years.
  12. Some reading that you might find interesting: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/black-hole-computers-2007-04/ (I first read about this concept years ago it may have changed but I cannot find anything more recent). https://arxiv.org/abs/1309.7889 does information have made? The answer is situation dependent it seems. I've only read the abstract so it might be dross. I did wonder about this as the SD card is already full of data, it's just not useful? This might be my missunderstanding of how we cards work. I'm far more comfortable with hard disk physics.
  13. Mathematics isn't terribly specific and wouldn't tend to include observations. What would you be observing?
  14. ! Moderator Note Hi Lasseff, We expect our membership to be able to participate without having to go off-site. Your first post broke the rules which you signed up to on joining by only posting a link. We do not expect new members to post any links. If you want to open a topic to discuss your idea please do so in the e speculations area (after reading the special rules for that area) and supply enough information before people to join in without having to leave. Over many years of running this site that is how we've found people get the most benefit from a thread.
  15. Government research establishments is an interesting 3rd way between academia and industry. Normally less teaching than academia but also less freedom to explore your own direction. These are often quite confined and less inclined to do the big blue sky research than academia. But rather the next step somewhere before industry might pick it up.